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York Startup Ideas

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In 2018, the firm moved its headquarters from San Francisco to New York City.


A New York-based startup that’s building a tool for health insurance companies to streamline claims processing and increase speed for submitting claims.


A company that helps users schedule, organize, and share their ideas. The startup currently has a few dozen customers in New York City and San Francisco.


A New York-based startup that sells t-shirts that have a QR code embedded on them to track where the item was shipped.


A “global prescription drug purchasing company”, with offices in New York, LA, and London.


The startup is an online marketplace for local services. Currently it’s focused on New York City.


A global B2B company that provides “Digital Marketing, Web Development, and Digital Marketing Consulting,” with offices in Sydney, London, and New York.


New York City’s drone delivery startup. The startup wants to get packages from warehouses to homes in a half hour.


A mobile app that helps people find the best and cheapest public transportation in their city. Called "Uber for Transportation", it's already in beta in New York and San Francisco.


A startup that lets users order and send takeout in New York City.


A platform for letting people work remotely from anywhere. Currently working with three companies, including one in New York City.


HousingBridge is building a new kind of mortgage broker, which essentially performs mortgage origination services for large banks. The company is headquartered in New York and has offices in Chicago and San Francisco.


The concept of the accelerator is a young one, with the first accelerator programs emerging in the late 1990s in Silicon Valley and New York. In general, accelerators help startups get off the ground, providing capital, mentorship, and networking opportunities.


A New York-based startup that claims to be the first in the world to offer a virtual reality-based storytelling course designed for the music industry.


This startup is building a platform for college students to manage their finances. It was built for students at a New York university, but the startup is raising a seed round to expand into more campuses.


New York City-based startup that helps schools manage their online course catalogs and payments.


A platform for outsourcing work to freelancers in the UK. The startup helps businesses and professionals find freelance workers for different jobs. The company is based in London, and has offices in Berlin and New York.


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A startup that allows you to create an “Airbnb for Food”, allowing you to find and discover local restaurants that also allow you to book tables in advance. The company says it has already helped to book a hundred tables in New York City.


A startup that makes it fun for anyone to submit a link to a site they’ve created, have it reviewed by real people, and feature on the site. They’re currently working with a few sites, like the website for an artsy bar in New York City.


A conference in New York City on blockchain in the energy sector.


New York - New York City is home to the largest financial district in the world, but the cost of living for interns in this area is so high that it’s difficult for companies to entice young talent to stay. This startup, known as Give, wants to make it easier for companies to hire interns.


A social network for subscribers of the New York Times to share content and engage with one another.


A startup that lets you buy, organize, and sell artwork from artists around the world, with the option of searching for art by artist or subject. ArtGen is based in New York City.


With the help of a $500,000 grant from the New York City Economic Development Corporation the company is building an app that lets companies share the same schedule in one place, regardless of whether they’re centralized or distributed.


Baker, Justine (2017, August 27). "How These Two Women Are Driving the Future of Tech", The New Yorker, .


This company, based in New York, is building a system that allows people to create and share all kinds of visual content, and then get paid for it.


A company that maps the world’s urban areas using satellite imagery. It’s currently working with six cities: London, New York, San Francisco, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Hong Kong.


A startup that makes a sensor that attaches to the outside of buildings and measures the humidity and temperature for every room. The startup is currently working with a handful of commercial buildings across New York City.


A B2B platform that helps restaurants manage their food delivery operations. The startup, in operation in San Francisco and New York, has raised $5.6 million to date.


An organization for entrepreneurs and start-ups in the New York area. The startup is building a digital community with a curated marketplace for mentors, events, and funding.


This startup works with agencies to help them find workers, and then helps them manage that workforce. The startup has already worked with The Onion, the New Yorker, and others.


The accelerator is based in New York's Brooklyn neighborhood, and was founded in February 2015. It is sponsored by MasterCard, and has attracted companies from around the world, including Colombia, Kazakhstan, Spain, and the United Kingdom.


This startup is building a system that helps companies recruit and retain high quality talent. With a $100,000 investment from Andreessen Horowitz, the company is working with companies like Hubspot, Zendesk, and The New York Times to do so.


New York based startup that is taking the stress out of managing your own private cloud, allowing you to manage your own servers, backups, and other essential infrastructure.


A physical marketplace for selling and renting used cars in New York City. The startup wants to build a “supermarket for second-hand cars” and focus on luxury cars.


A company that helps athletes and other team members make sense of their training data. The startup was founded in November and is currently available in San Francisco, New York City, and Boston.


The startup has built a software platform that gives brands the ability to create real-time webinars through web browsers or mobile applications. The company is based in New York City and is backed by a $3 million seed round from investors including 500 Startups, Forerunner Ventures, and Lerer Ventures.


A company that helps hot dog vendors in New York City sell their hot dogs by linking them to their Instagram accounts. It’s meant to make the process of selling hot dogs more efficient and profitable.


This startup helps small businesses build websites from scratch using HTML5, CSS, and Google Fonts. The startup takes care of things like a logo, social media, fancy blog posts, and of course, the website itself. The startup is based in New York.


A company that aims to help people who don’t have money invest in mutual funds. It’s based in New York City.


A companion app for the cloud-based version of the New York Times that lets you save articles to read later, annotate them, and share them with your friends.


Jeeves is a service that lets people reserve rooms on Airbnb, post photos, and chat with hosts. It’s currently running in San Francisco and Los Angeles and has plans to expand to New York City, Chicago, and Washington, DC.


A startup that aims to help companies find the best talent for each job. They are based in New York City.


A platform that allows small businesses to create and manage their own online store. The startup, which is based in New York, is looking to help small business owners avoid the pitfalls of other e-commerce platforms while scaling their business.


A startup that helps make buildings cool. In the past two years, it’s built a community of more than 60,000 people who have collectively built more than 100 buildings in more than 35 countries. The community is a nice complement to the three office buildings that are open to tenants in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.


A mobile app that helps people track their exercise and lose weight. They are looking to expand into new markets, possibly in New York.


A startup that helps people find affordable housing in cities like New York City, Los Angeles, or San Francisco (and other cities too).


New York-based startup that’s building a marketplace for bike parts. They want to disrupt the market by making their own parts available and making it easy for people to find and buy them.


A map of New York that acts as a digital billboard, providing advertising and location-based services. It was one of the winners of the NYC Tech Challenge.


This startup is building a platform to help small businesses find the right staff for their specific needs. The startup said that they have now launched in Boston and New York.


VentureBeat is an American technology news and media company based in New York City. It was founded in 2009 as a print publication, and has since expanded to include a website and mobile apps, and became a venture-backed startup.


A startup that helps bars, restaurants, and retailers engage customers with digital menus and order-ahead functionality. It’s currently running pilots in Chicago and New York.


A meat delivery service for restaurants. The startup, which has raised a $500,000 seed round led by Khosla Ventures, is working with restaurants and chains to deliver lunch and dinner to customers in San Francisco, New York City, and Boulder, Colorado.


A startup that’s building a platform that connects you to freelance “artisans” in your local area, allowing you to commission custom craftsmen or other professionals. It’s based in San Francisco and New York.


A startup that helps people with travel planning For example, I need a hotel for my trip to New York, so I go to a travel planner and tell them that I want to go to New York and they find a place for me and then they also find me a flight and maybe even a rental car


A health care startup in New York City that provides home care to seniors.


Idea: Tastemade is building a platform for brands and media to upload, organize, and distribute videos The startup has two offices right now — one in New York and one in LA, with a few employees in each


Idea: Take the New York Times model and apply it to content for developers


Idea: A startup that connects consumers with local, sustainable food products The startup says it’s already working with over 50 local food producers, and has customers in New York City, San Francisco, and Montreal


Idea: We all have a hard time picking a restaurant to eat at in busy cities like New York. The startup is coming up with solutions to make that experience easier.