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Workplace Startup Ideas

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Provides employees with a way to share their workplace preferences with their team so they can maximize their efficiency.


The startup is looking to “help people make the switch from their personal funds to a workplace 401(k) retirement plan”, by allowing employers to build automated 401(k) plans for their employees, and giving employees the ability to move their 401(k) funds to their own bank accounts.


Share3X is a platform that lets people store, share, and manage their work and financial tools. The startup offers a “Workplace as a Service” for companies to house their employees’ tools.


A startup that helps manage your personal and professional life by managing your schedule, email inbox, calendar, contacts and workplace.


A location-based messaging app for the workplace


A Slack competitor for workplace collaboration.


A web-based tool for managing, organizing, and connecting the various tools that teams use to share files throughout the workplace.


A startup that helps workplace wellness with activities like yoga, personal training, team bonding, or even leaderboards for photos of employees’ healthy lifestyles.


A company that helps companies achieve sustainability in the workplace by encouraging sustainable procurement and waste management.


A digital wallet for the workplace, with a rewards program that allows companies to pay their staff with their own money.


This startup aims to overhaul the way employees are evaluated and compensated in the workplace. It’s designed to eliminate the “rat race” and create a better environment for those who want to work hard and see their contributions recognized.


This startup makes a workplace calendar that automatically syncs with a company's online calendar, and is integrated with Slack.


This startup is building a web-based platform for companies to create and implement workplace policies. It’s already working with Amazon, Starbucks, and others.


The startup is looking to create a new type of workplace that features coworking spaces, shared workspace, and on-demand services.


A tool for finding better vendors for the workplace, to help companies save money and streamline processes.


A workplace for remote teams that includes a Slack-like messaging system and a shared knowledge base


A suite of tools to help prevent workplace stress. The company offers a virtual office, a health coach and a network of wellness experts to ensure employees are staying on track.


This startup is aiming to bring an app with a social feed into the workplace. It’s like a Slack, only with the news and is free.


A startup based in New York City building a “personal assistant” for the workplace.


A workplace chat solution that syncs your calendar and files from your desktop or mobile devices to your corporate network.


A workplace collaboration tool that seems to be built to compete with Slack, while building on the instant-messaging functionality of Riot.


A workplace chatbot that helps employees collaborate, stay motivated, and handle workplace crises. It’s currently working with 1,500 companies.


A startup that’s building a “Facebook for the workplace”, where employees can comment on and rate each other, and managers can see who’s being productive and who needs a raise.


A secure, encrypted platform for file sharing in the workplace and outside of it.


A company that helps companies track and manage health and safety in the workplace. The startup is designed to be cheap, cheap, cheap.


A tool that helps make sharing a central focus of a workplace environment. It’s essentially an internal messaging system for companies that use Slack.


A virtual workplace for freelancers


A workplace culture survey system. The startup is building a platform that helps recruiters recruit better by pulling together data from a variety of sources, including surveys, transparent reviews from past employers, and social media.


A platform designed to help businesses manage employees via integrations with other popular workplace tools like Slack, Asana, and Confluence. It also offers 30+ support agents to help businesses with problems.


A software company that creates software that helps companies adjust to the changing landscape of the workplace. They do this by working with companies to build out their hiring and retention strategies.


This company is building a workplace safety app that alerts staff about dangerous situations.


Workplace software that aims to make teams and companies more productive. The company, which launched in May, says it’s already working with over 1,000 companies and has grown its team from 14 to 30 in just four months of launch.


This company wants to help people better utilize their workplace lockers, by giving them an app that can scan their key card for them.


Idea: A workplace scheduling product for remote work teams


Idea: The team is building equipment for the workplace, like medical supplies. It’s trying to scale into a high growth business by partnering with large companies.