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Worked Startup Ideas

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A startup that provides financial planning for high net worth individuals and families, and which has worked with the likes of Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, and Fidelity.


This app helps users manage their time, organize tasks, and set goals. Users can track their hours, hours worked, and hours remaining, and be alerted to when they need to be at work. Users can also set goals, like working more or less, or getting more tasks done everyday.


A tool to manage employee time, allowing workers to see what they’ve worked on, as well as the location of their coworkers. It’s also built in a way that allows workers to block out time for personal projects.


A company that helps companies book tours and events at museums and galleries. The startup’s founders previously worked at the Louvre, and want to help them grow their business in the UK, US, and Canada.


A startup that helps people stay motivated to stay off social media (like Facebook) for healthier lives. The startup has worked with over 1,000 customers, with over 1,500 employees using their product.


A tool that helps companies automate their financial and operational reporting to ensure that they’re on track. The company is selling the software to businesses that aren’t online, and has worked with companies like Google and Target.


A tool that helps you visualize your data and stay organized. They help you create graphs and dashboards to help you make sense of your data. They’ve worked with companies including NICE and Intel.


This startup works with agencies to help them find workers, and then helps them manage that workforce. The startup has already worked with The Onion, the New Yorker, and others.


In the summer of 2016, Y Combinator opened a office in London to focus on Europe. The office is headed by Laura Simpson, who previously worked at eBay, and has joined the Y Combinator London team. Y Combinator London is focused on advising and investing in European startups and is led by Stephen O’Grady, who previously worked at Twitter, Google, and Yahoo.


This is a tool that helps companies better manage their supply chains and track the movement of their products, which can lead to a reduction in fraud and theft. It has worked with companies like Walmart and General Electric.


A mobile payments startup, focused on helping the unbanked in India, that’s created by a team of MIT grads that previously worked at a mobile payments company.


A market research and recruiting tool for the beauty industry. The startup’s founders say they have already worked with brands like Revlon and L’Oréal.


A startup that worked with a university to develop new materials for 3D printing that are conductive and conductive-free.


A company that helps small businesses gather data about their customers, and is now expanding to help retailers do the same. The company’s founding team previously worked at Google Analytics.


A tool built for companies to manage and monitor all of their marketing on one platform. The company says they’ve already worked with a variety of Fortune 500 firms, including Qantas, Lululemon, and Tesla.


A new startup that wants to provide a way for investors to connect with companies in the early stages of development, with a focus on B2B companies. The founder said it has around $24 million in funding so far, and has already worked with companies like TaskRabbit, Instacart, and Stripe.


An animal behavior startup that’s using “machine learning and natural language processing” to analyze the behavior of animals and use that data to train animals to perform in new environments. The startup has raised $1.4 million and has worked with organizations like the National Zoo, Smithsonian, and National Geographic.


A tool for the hospitality industry to manage attendee profiles. One of the founders previously worked at Airbnb.


A health care company that makes it easier for patients to manage their health options. The startup has worked with large insurance companies and hospitals to build the platform.


A shop where you can buy custom-designed fashion. It comes from a team that worked on the biggest startups in the fashion industry, including Rachel Zoe, Rag & Bone, and Tory Burch.


A platform for helping small- to medium-sized businesses run their sales, marketing, and customer service. They’re currently in beta and have worked with a variety of companies, including Johnnie Walker and Net-a-Porter.


A startup that seeks to solve the problem of employees jumping from company to company, working with different managers in different departments. The company lets employees create profiles, giving the main manager a chance to see who they’ve worked with and what they’ve done in their previous jobs.


An on-demand software development shop meant to help companies build, maintain, and grow their apps. The company has worked with companies like Uber, Warby Parker, and GoFundMe.


A tool for helping over-worked employees set aside time for work-life balance.


A chat app that lets you order food at home and pay ahead of time. The startup has already worked with two restaurants in New York City to demonstrate the concept.


A startup that provides a way to store and manage patient records, with a focus on the overworked physician.


A startup that pulls live market data into a dashboard for investment and trading. The startup says it has $1.2 million in funding and has worked with the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq.


An e-commerce platform for speciality retailers, which worked with a B2B company to get a project off the ground.


Idea: This startup is building a telemedicine service that lets people consult with doctors via video chat. They’ve already worked with a few dozen companies.


A platform that helps companies build and manage travel and expense management apps. One of the founders, who worked at Expedia, was frustrated by all the apps and services they used. So they built a better expense reporting system


The startup helps companies build and manage their customer loyalty programs. Rewardly has raised $4 million and says it has worked with over 50 companies and has more than 45,000 users.


"We just let people be creative, and it's worked out so well." The company has partnered with the DoD to create geospatial maps for military personnel.


A company that builds software for mobile app developers. The company has worked with companies like Warby Parker, Kobo, and Maker Studios.


Idea: A remote digital marketing agency for high-growth tech companies The startup has worked with a few dozen clients since launching last year, and is currently available to startups that are a $1 million in revenue or less


Idea: A startup that takes information about a company’s users and uses it to customize the in-app experience based on that company’s products For example, if the user has a subscription box service, the app might show them relevant articles or tips The startup says that, in testing, they’ve seen an average of 10% more engagement for the companies they’ve worked with


Idea: An online platform that helps companies post jobs in Africa and screen for the right candidates It was created by two brothers, one who had worked at Google, the other who had worked at Uber in Nigeria, where they were inspired to make it easier for companies to hire in Africa


Idea: A B2B company that helps pull financial data from multiple sources and makes it available inside a CRM-style interface. The founders say they’ve already worked with a few dozen companies.


Idea: A startup that helps brands and agencies plan out their Instagram marketing strategies. The founder is a former head of marketing at Instagram (who worked on its mobile app) and says that brands still have a hard time figuring out how to adapt their advertising to the platform.