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A startup that helps young job candidates get a sense of what’s going on within the company they’re applying to so they can tailor their cover letter and resume toward what’s expected.


A tool that will help you build your own e-commerce site within minutes.


A platform for sending and receiving money within the United States


A food delivery business that uses an app to make a restaurant delivery within 15 minutes.


A startup that hires and trains drivers to deliver groceries and other items within a 20-minute window.


A tool for helping people find a ride within a certain time frame.


This is an application that lets you set up a credit card and apply for a bank loan instantly, within a few minutes of signing up.


A mobile app that helps people donate blood when they’re within a certain distance of a blood donation center.


Deliveroo is a food delivery service that allows restaurants to use their app to take orders for their customers, with the option to customize the meal or package it for individual delivery. It already has 2.4 million users within the UK and a service that is growing more than 100% year-over-year.


A tool for developers to make modals for their apps, which are like mini-windows within their app.


An online marketplace for digital goods and services, built on the premise that a closed loop market can be established within an existing open market (e.g. Facebook)


Builds a platform for businesses to share and compare information about their products, services, and employees. It has partnerships with companies like Linkedin, Mailchimp, and Stripe, allowing employees to upload their resumes, manage their accounts, and receive paychecks directly within the platform.


A startup that helps small business owners get started in the insurance market. By creating a simple contract, it allows small startups to get a quote for insurance and get coverage within a few days.


A Facebook Messenger bot to order groceries from local stores and deliver them to your home. The company launched in 2017 as a way to increase delivery speeds, with the goal being to make deliveries within 30 minutes of the order being placed.


A tool for visualizing 3D objects within a computer’s memory.


A bike-sharing startup that has raised $5 million and launched in Seattle. The company bills itself as the Uber of bikes, and promises bikes that arrive within five minutes of being requested.


A startup that creates a marketplace for companies to outsource their recruiting to on-demand recruiters, with the promise of matching candidates to available jobs within a week


An internal startup within Forte to create a series of products for the company. They wanted a brand that was fun and modern, but not too distracting for customers. The new app was designed to be a reward for people who were servicing Forte’s customers.


A startup helping companies that use a lot of data or have a lot of data. The startup is looking to offer 24/7/365 support, with an automated phone call within two hours of an issue being raised.


A startup that wants to bring the benefits of a big-box retailer’s store-within-a-store model to small businesses.


This software startup is building a tool that will help users manage their beauty orders and have them shipped to their door within a few days.


This is an application to help people find a doctor and get an appointment within 24 hours. The startup is seeking to partner with hospitals to help users find doctors for in-person visits.


A dead simple, easy to use app that lets users track and manage their expenses. It helps users keep track of spending and stay within their allowances.


A mobile app for small businesses to find the best deals for their products. The goal is to get people to comparison shop within the app itself, rather than using Yelp, CVS, or the Amazon Alexa hub.


A delivery service that gives customers the option to order a dozen or so items from a list of popular restaurants, which will be delivered to the customer’s home or office within an hour.


A company that helps companies find the right HVAC contractors. They currently have 5 employees, and live within Y Combinator.


The startup wants to make it easier for people to invest their money. They’re currently working with a few banks, and their goal is to have a fully working product within a year.


A tool that helps you visually approximate the distribution of code within a project and can even show you how much time you’ve spent on each line of code.


A tool built for building mobile apps and websites that integrates with the Wordpress dashboard, allowing users to build content and manage the site from within the Wordpress interface.


A startup that allows retailers to use existing technology to create a shop-within-a-shop experience.


A retail solution that allows customers to order groceries from a variety of retailers and have their goods delivered to their doorsteps within a few hours. In the first year of operations they had 10,000 customers and raised $1 million in seed funding.


A subscription-based service that allows people to get their medical records from their primary care physician to a specialist at their choice for a fee. The company also claims that it can help people find specialists within a certain time frame.


A mobile shopping app that hopes to make managing your online shopping easily accessible by letting you order products from within the app.


Solair is building an open network for connecting local businesses and the people who shop within them. Its engine is based upon the idea of a “sharing economy”, in which people are rewarded for their contributions.


A check-in system for hotels and other lodging services, using a “frictionless check-in” platform. The platform allows guests to book rooms from their phone, and lets them track the status of their room within their app.


Nota is building a tool that helps companies calculate their cost of goods sold on on each unit of product they sell. The startup built a tool that can predict and measure the cost of goods sold within an hour.


A company that allows you to buy and sell goods on eBay directly from within a mobile app. Founded by former Facebook exec Justin Kan, Hangers was started in 2014 and has raised $5.5 million. and has over 30,000 users.


A startup that connects merchants with vendors to help grow their businesses. Merchants can request products and orders and have them delivered within a few days. They have also opened up an API for other companies to integrate into their product.


A software company that helps retailers predict when to restock a product’s shelf. The startup’s software helps retailers forecast demand and restock in a way that fits within their current inventory.


The startup is looking to build a platform that will allow organizations to “build, launch and track a new app within minutes”. The startup built a demo app, called “the app builder”, that allows users to build and launch an app within minutes. The startup has raised $2.7M in seed funding as of September 2019.


A startup that helps health care organizations make more effective referrals to specialists. It’s currently being used by a network of 20 hospitals in Boston, with plans to expand to the rest of the US within the next six months.


A toolset for companies to set up a custom, easy-to-use digital product. Rely on a team of consultants who are literate in your industry and can build a custom product within 48 hours.


A company that aims to improve the process of buying insurance and getting it reimbursed by insurance companies. The startup claims they can save companies $2,600 in one-time expenses, and up to $2,000 annually within three years.


A startup that allows business owners to share their expense reports directly within their business app.


A company that helps people keep track of their health, fitness, and medical records by offering a scheduling and appointment system within the iPhone app. It’s been available since March but has only recently started gaining traction.


An AI system that helps content marketers predict how their content will perform and optimize its placement within their marketing campaigns, based on data from their own previous content.


A platform that lets users manage their e-commerce stores from within Shopify. It allows users to add products, create and manage inventory, and commission a team of retail employees to help manage the store.


This little wearable sensor makes it easier to find your phone when you lose it. The device is supposed to vibrate if it’s within a certain radius of your phone.


Idea: A 20-person startup that’s building a platform to help real estate agents and brokers share leads within a network and manage them


Idea: A customer engagement platform for retail banks. The startup helps banks build online communities that allow customers to chat about products and services from within the bank’s website.


Idea: A platform for streamers to earn money for playing games within Twitch and other apps