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Whole Startup Ideas

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In addition to making new sodas, this startup is looking to take on the soda industry as a whole by introducing healthier alternatives to soda, such as carbonated teas and fruit-flavored water.


A startup making it easier to buy and sell wholesale, for companies that want to buy in bulk.


 A tool to help you set up your own business without having to learn a whole new system.


A platform that helps people find jobs that they can work from home, where they don’t have to pay for a whole office.


A platform that helps restaurants manage their supply chain and order inventory to keep the stores stocked. The startup was acquired by the parent company of Whole Foods.


This startup is looking to make organic food shopping for the Whole Foods shopper a little easier. They’re working with farmers to create an easy-to-use app that allows users to buy produce from their smartphones. They’re currently working with three farmers in the Midwest and hope to add more in the future.


A home energy service software company that helps users track and manage their energy usage in real-time. Anyone can install the service, which allows users to subscribe to a specific time frame or a whole week and pay $5 to $8 per day. Meant to help people save money on their energy costs.


App that helps travelers find and book carpools. The startup is equipped with a whole suite of tools for drivers looking to share the driving costs with others in the car.


You want to find someone to build you a website, but “the whole process of finding someone to build a website is so cumbersome”. You want to do the hiring, but you’re not a developer and you’re not a designer, so you need a tool that gives you a few options for each step. That’s what the startup is building.


Platform that helps you build your own personal brand, including a social network to help you make connections with others. The startup is taking the “personal brand” concept to a whole new level.


A loyalty app driven by a points system. Loyalty points can be earned and redeemed at over 3,000 retailers including Target, Best Buy, and Whole Foods. The startup says they are adding new retailers every week.


This startup is building an automated ERP for wholesalers and distributors to streamline operations and keep track of inventory.


Skim is a service that lets people save articles to read later, while still seeing the whole article.


A platform that connects local shops with brands looking for wholesale deals through a one-stop shop.


The company is building a digital marketplace for people who want to buy and sell their used goods at wholesale. The company is focusing on the US but they plan to launch internationally.


A cloud-based billing software company that wants to integrate with wholesalers.


Directs and optimizes customer interactions with brick-and-mortar stores. The company has developed a proprietary virtual assistant software which has already been integrated into 88 retailers, including Barnes & Noble, Petco, and Whole Foods.


A B2B startup that’s building a SaaS platform for wholesalers to help them manage inventory — allowing them to identify mispricing, under- and over-supply and other issues that could affect their bottom line.


A startup that sources and purchases organic food in the US at wholesale prices, delivering it to customers for a small fee.


A platform meant to help companies in the wholesale apparel industry better manage their inventory.


A wireless charging pad that looks like a credit card. The company wants to create a whole ecosystem that combines charging stations, wireless charging pads, and a mobile app.


A way to organize and manage the various marketing campaigns that happen in a company’s life cycle, giving a bird’s eye view of the whole campaign. The startup says it’s currently serving over 100 clients.


A startup for selling used cars, selling cars wholesale and at a lower cost than dealerships. The startup has partnered with dealerships in the US already, and is adding an auto insurance product to help offset the cost of rental cars for customers.


A tool for real estate agents to manage their listings better. They aim to make the whole process faster and easier.


A B2B company that offers tools for wholesalers to manage their supply chain and produce manufacturer catalogs.


A travel booking service for customers who prefer to stay in a more local or independent hotel. The company wants to make the whole booking process faster and more intuitive.


A company that provides an API for businesses to be able to sell custom branded cryptocurrency gift cards to their customers. They say their customers include Whole Foods, Sephora, Target, and other major retailers.


A platform that allows retailers to sell their products online without buying wholesale, lowering costs and maximizing margins. They’re building a marketplace that connects retailers directly with manufacturers.


A start-up that wants to replace the messy and outdated process of filling out tax forms with a website that will do the whole job for you. Taxcobo’s CEO says his company can save you 10 hours of work a year, or about $1,000, and its employees are former tax professionals.


This is a web-based HR platform that focuses exclusively on startups, allowing them to manage their whole operations. The startup wants to help startups build their companies and build their teams.


This startup wants to replace the inefficient and often criminally-run trucking industry with a new way to move freight that’s better for consumers, the environment, and the economy as a whole, by using autonomous vehicles.


This startup is looking to replace the whole process of writing a paper from a researcher to publishing it in peer reviewed journals, using artificial intelligence and machine learning.


A company that wants to “create the next generation of architecture” with “sustainable, sustainable” buildings. The company uses the idea of “architecture as a verb” to help people think about their buildings as the sum of the parts, not just the whole.


A software platform that allows IT to design and develop, then automate the whole process.


A startup that allows you to grow a whole portfolio of assets with one purchase, such as a website, business card, email, etc. The startup allows users to mix and match different products to create a single portfolio, while driving down the cost of all of them.


A startup for restaurants that allows them to create menus and send those menus to partners like catering companies and delivery services. The startup wants to help restaurants “monetize” the in-between area of their menu by letting them send a whole menu with price information and order details to partners.


A real-time data visualization platform that lets you build a dashboard to monitor a whole bunch of different metrics or events. This allows companies to monitor or forecast various metrics for their business.


A B2B company aimed at connecting wholesale and retail companies with their suppliers.


Patagonia has been in the YC program since 2010. The company sells backpacks and other outdoor gear through retail and wholesale channels in the US and internationally.


This startup helps brands sell their products wholesale on Amazon by applying the Amazon Prime model to their own brand.


The company wants to build a global wholesale platform that enables small businesses to trade cash in and out of their digital wallets.


The first platform for wholesale drug purchasing, connecting drug companies with distributors. The startup is already profitable and has 1,000 customers.


A startup aimed at making the whole process of filling out job applications easier.


This startup wants to remove complexity from the process of booking flights by connecting airlines directly to hotels. The startup currently has a pilot with 10 hotels in Philadelphia, and plans for expansion to the whole of the US by the end of 2019.


A wireless charging pad for your smartphone. The company is working to make the whole process of charging wirelessly faster, and also plans to work on a spot-on version in which a charging pad can be placed on any surface and a smartphone can be placed on top to charge.


A B2B company that aims to connect manufacturers and wholesale distributors in the US.


A product for education companies that helps them connect through online training programs. It’s used by companies including Whole Foods, Warner Brothers, and the United Way.


A tool that helps businesses “manage their digital presence”. It’s a web platform that helps people manage their whole business.


Idea: An online marketplace for wholesalers and small businesses to get access to low-cost goods in bulk.


Idea: A startup that creates a marketplace for intellectual property. The startup’s pitch is that there’s a whole market for IP like patents and algorithms that’s currently untapped.