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While Startup Ideas

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A startup that aims to take care of your apartment while you’re away. InstaHome provides cleaning services, maintenance, and security for your apartment, with plans starting at $16 per month.


A startup that helps people find a new job while they are on unemployment


A platform that connects people looking to travel with people looking for people to do things while traveling.


A video games-focused startup that has created a “fitness tracker” for gamers. It’s a patch that attaches to a gamer’s sleeve and tracks their movements in real time while they play.


 A micro-funding platform for entrepreneurs, reducing the cost of startup capital for high growth startups by providing a mechanism for investors to match their own funds with the startups they care about. The goal is to save startups money on the front end while generating real returns on the back end.


 It’s a way for people to donate to a cause while they sleep.


A platform that allows people to rent out spare bedrooms and/or spare bedrooms with other household members. It’s designed to help people earn additional income from their homes while also giving their families the chance to stay in their homes in times of need.


This startup wants to make it easier for companies to take credit for their employees’ achievements, while also helping workers use their data to get more from their employers.


 A “kind of Tinder for hiring”, matching people who want to work together and those who might not be a good fit with each other. Its goal is to help employers find and hire better talent, while helping job seekers find the perfect fit.


Shopify's Indian subsidiary is helping build an "online-only" (so no offline sales) marketplace that will sell goods made by small artisans and craftsman. While a combination of Alibaba and Amazon, the market size is expected to be between $500 million to $1 billion in 2023.


A self-serve platform that connects independent contractors and clients across North America. The startup says their platform helps to reduce the overhead of managing a workforce, while providing an easy way for employers to find talent.


A team from Stanford University’s Computer Science Department is building an app to help college students study and stay on track. The app is meant to help students learn by learning with others, while also helping the company recruit more students.


A platform for people to sell their old belongings on Craigslist. The startup wants to take the pain out of selling your things while also guaranteeing that they’ll show up at your doorstep.


A platform that helps restaurants provide better service while still being able to spend less on labor.


A simple tool for cafes and restaurants to manage and track the flow of their daily payments, with the ability to see trends and gain insights. The team came up with the idea while working at a local cafe in San Francisco.


A company that wants to make it easy for large companies to take advantage of technology and automation to save money, while still ensuring employees have access to human resources, benefits, and security.


“A safe investment wrapper for cryptocurrency savings accounts”. The company is building an account that lets people invest cryptocurrency, while also automatically tracking the value of the investment and sending out monthly statements.


A video conferencing app that allows people to talk with their team members and clients, while also watching each other’s screens so they can see how they look and react.


Real Democracy is a platform for elections, designed to make voting more accessible while improving the quality of elections.


A startup that helps people find the best, most reliable care for themselves and their loved ones. The company is looking to partner with employers and large patient-specific care providers to improve the quality of care, while also being a resource for medical professionals.


The startup, based in the Netherlands, has built a device that turns any Android smartphone into a camera. It promises to ease the process of sharing photos, while also allowing users to take photos that are harder to take with a traditional camera.


A startup that helps people get paid for their time. By giving users the ability to keep track of their time in the app and being able to check off of it in real-time, the business aims to help users be able to make better money while they’re on the job.


A mobile app for recruiters and job seekers who want to get paid while they get ready for a job interview.


A digital platform that helps young professionals find a way of earning extra income while also spending time with their families.


 A two-sided marketplace for artists and clients to make work together. The idea is that artists can make money while building their client list, and clients can get access to a large network of artists.


A company that helps companies create software that allows them to sell more online while keeping their costs down.


A San Francisco-based startup working to make it easier for people to share their photos, videos, and other media while on the go. The startup has an iOS app and plans to launch an Android app soon.


A company that provides software to help people make money while they sleep. The company has raised $2.6 million from a number of investors, including the founder of Origo.


A software company that offers a way for people to create and manage their health and fitness goals, while tracking and sharing their progress.


An automated subscription service that promises to send you a box of the best things it finds on the internet for you — and it’s free. It’s based on a Reddit post from early January in which the founder said he was “unemployed and bored” while on a trip.


The startup is looking to pair the benefits of a collaborative economy with the efficiency of a shared economy. The company offers a system that can match the right person with the right job while also providing them with a flexible schedule.


While we can’t currently tell you which companies are the most successful, we


A ride-hailing app that combines peer-to-peer carpooling with the convenience of Uber. The startup wants to build a system that lets people get around for less money while reducing traffic and pollution.


The startup is building an e-commerce platform that allows customers to buy flowers and plants online, with an emphasis on freshness. The plant and flower merchants use the platform to sell their wares, while the customer is incentivized with loyalty points and coupons.


A new type of event registration system, which is a hybrid of Google Apps and Eventbrite. The company’s founder says that while it currently is free, it will be a subscription model in the future. The startup was founded in June.


A startup that offers a tool for consumers to use to shop for and compare real-world products. The startup says it is the only shopping service that allows users to buy online-only products, while also allowing customers to see products in person and try them for free.


Skim is a service that lets people save articles to read later, while still seeing the whole article.


A company that helps people hunt for and find the right home for them. The B2B business takes a more detailed look into the details of a home’s design and location, while the B2C service takes a more granular approach to the home’s amenities and location.


A company that makes a system for keeping track of the things that need to be taken care of while you’re on vacation


A fingerprint-based unlock system for phones. The startup is trying to make fingerprint sensors more secure by having users open their phones in a certain way and secure them. This is a startup that has been around for a while, with a version known as SnapLock, but it is now rebranding itself as Fingerprint Lock.


A tool to help users learn English, enabling them to follow along on a video while a native speaker reads the text.


A social network for people who want to maintain privacy while using the internet


A company looking to build a better version of the “wish-list”, where items can be added and removed while shopping.


A software platform that helps buyers get quotes for their homes from multiple companies in the same day, while also giving the seller a price for what they can get for the home and how quickly they can close.


A data platform that allows brands to buy and sell customer data in a decentralized way, while protecting consumer information.


A startup building a search engine for products and services. The idea is to make it easy for them to find the products they want, while giving them information about the products they are buying.


A new company that makes it easy for people to order from their favorite restaurants while they’re away, and have them delivered. It started in 2012 and announced a $1.3 million Series A in 2017. They’re growing fast.


An on-demand e-commerce marketplace for consumers, like those found on Etsy and Shopify. The startup wants to help consumers buy the right products and get the right discounts, while helping businesses manage their online sales and inventory.


An online platform that allows people to rent out their homes while they travel. The company’s founders say that the business is growing rapidly.


A startup that helps employers to cut down on errors and save money while hiring, and also helps job seekers find employment. The company is in the early stages of a $3 million seed round and has been in beta since July.


A platform for helping customers shop online while managing their financial data


This startup is building a tool that lets companies charge their employees for taking time off or for using the company’s own time. The service is meant to make work more flexible while also giving companies a way to track time.


A company that wants to get people into yoga while helping them get more flexible.


A YC company that makes a mobile app that detects when someone is texting while driving.


While the idea of a self-driving car might look like far-fetched science fiction, the reality is that the technology is already at work on the roads of the United States and Europe. However, it is still too expensive for consumers to access. The startup, which is still in stealth, is working to make the technology accessible at a consumer level.


A chat bot that helps people find the best financial services for their needs. The startup has been around for a while, and is still selling its services via a web-based chat-based platform.


A platform that allows small businesses to create and manage their own online store. The startup, which is based in New York, is looking to help small business owners avoid the pitfalls of other e-commerce platforms while scaling their business.


One of the most important parts of the mission is to create a platform that allows workers to generate a living wage while keeping them connected to their friends and family.


A way for students to learn about the world’s best universities while earning college credits.


Byju's helps students set up learning programs and track their progress. The startup has been around for a while, but the recent YC batch saw a big spike in students signing up. Byju's has a $5 monthly subscription.


A fintech company that creates portfolios for companies to manage their employee retirement savings. It allows companies to track employees’ investment performance while offering a platform to help them manage their own retirement savings.


A micro-task marketplace to help people find work, and help businesses manage the process of hiring and paying, while getting more things done.


While many startups have been building virtual reality products to help improve cognitive or physical therapy, this startup is specifically built to help people with mental illness. The app works as a video support system to help people with anxiety and mood disorders.


A startup that aims to reduce the cost of renting out a house while also making it easier for homeowners to rent out properties through apps and online portals.


A startup that aims to connect the world through the Internet of Things at a global scale. It aims to use the Internet of Things to enable the connected devices in homes and businesses to communicate with each other and the world while offering new services for consumers.


A digital platform that makes it easy to book flights for consumers, while also providing information on flight delays, prices, and more.


A digital wallet for people who need to make international transfers. The startup, which has raised $7.5 million to date, says that customers can now use their accounts to transfer funds to other countries while paying lower fees.


A platform for businesses to pitch their services to event organizers, while also making it easier to manage them.


While all of these startups are doing great things, are they actually doing anything


This startup wants to be the Airbnb of after-hours travel for dentists. Dentists can use the service to help students and interns for practice trips, and offer their own services to travelers looking for a dentist while on vacation.


A company that takes care of your travel insurance while you’re on the road, getting you quotes from insurance companies for you.


A startup that makes it easy for businesses to give employees access to their work computers while they’re on the road.


A video-based learning platform where students can ask questions to their teachers, while the teachers’ answers are displayed as video lessons.


Helping people find the next job opportunity, while also helping the employer find the right employee.


A crowdfunding platform for retired athletes, the startup wants to help people who want to give back to the community while providing innovative ways for athletes to get funding.


A social network that allows users to chat and play games with their friends who are currently hanging out in the physical world. Users can also play games against friends at home, meanwhile.


A startup that allows you to get access to a private concierge while you’re in a public place. The app wants to make it easier for people to get private help when they need it.


A workplace collaboration tool that seems to be built to compete with Slack, while building on the instant-messaging functionality of Riot.


This startup is building an AI tool that helps in-home care providers monitor and log their work while still being able to be hands-free. Caregiversoft currently has a small contract with a big company for $50k.


A new way to deliver medications to doctors. The startup makes it possible to communicate with physicians while they are on the go.


A software platform that helps companies create an online presence. It helps businesses manage their websites and online marketing campaigns while making it easier for customers to contact them.


Campus Labs’s goal is to help students find low-cost and free apartment rentals while still providing professional service and quality amenities


Idea: Removing the need for server administration while keeping


Idea: A startup that wants to help people find a better fit for their jobs. Using an algorithm, the startup wants to improve the hiring process for companies, while helping people find their ideal jobs.


Idea: An automated platform that helps small businesses manage their finances and bookkeeping. The company is looking to help businesses reduce time spent on administrative tasks while automating a lot of the accounting side of things.


Idea: The startup has developed a way for people to share live video with each other while also seeing what others are seeing in real-time. It’s an app where viewers can see what’s happening, but the creator of the video is in control of what they see. It’s modeled a bit like Instagram Stories, but the app wants to become a hub for live video streaming.


A startup that helps online businesses sell merchandise through Walmart. Their pitch is that it costs $5 on Walmart to sell every $100 of merchandise, while on Amazon it’s $20/100.


Idea: The startup is building a tool that automatically writes a person’s will and will updates, letting you track wills from multiple users in the same account. It’s built on top of a free service that lets you write a will once and store it with them. They’re aiming to replace legal representatives with their software, while still giving users the option to use a lawyer.


Idea: A startup that wants to bring an end to email spam. It works by helping companies send their email marketing campaigns through a sort of whitelist system where known email addresses get through, while spam goes straight to the junk folder.


Idea: A startup that provides a way for customers to order a wide variety of items while reducing shopping time.


Idea: A home security company for Latin American households, primarily in Mexico. The startup is focused on providing internet-connected cameras that allow users to see and talk to visitors while they’re away from home.


A startup that supplies a webcam that displays your desk for you so you can keep an eye on your work while you work on your computer


A startup that helps people find others to share an apartment with while they are abroad