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A startup that helps people figure out the best way to buy a house (e.g. whether to buy an older home or to renovate an existing one)


This startup is building a platform that lets anyone customize a pair of shoes for any use, whether it be running a marathon, doing yoga, or just trying to look cool.


A new way to evaluate performance, using machine learning to predict whether a team will meet goals before they’re even met.


A way to help human resources departments get a better picture of how workers are doing and whether they are happy in their jobs. The startup is looking to help HR departments with new tools to reduce turnover and better focus on employee retention.


A startup that wants to help people manage their debt, using a predictive system that helps them know whether they’re spending too much or too little.


A company that helps match people who have the same taste, background, and interests to make it easier to find collaborators, whether it’s for a band or a new home.


Builds software for the retail industry that monitors security cameras in stores, then tags and collects data about those customers, whether they spend money, who they are, and what they’re looking at.


A digital service that uses facial recognition to verify whether a person is who they say they are.


A startup that helps people pay for things, whether it’s a ride or a cup of coffee. The startup charges a fee of $5.95/month to charge and pay for things, and there’s an option to opt in for free.


Helps users find the best deals on flights, hotels and car rentals. The startup allows you to search for flights, hotels, car rentals and more, and then allows you to filter the results by price, location, amount, and whether you’d like to pay with cash or credit card.


Media startups are often built on the back of a single product, such as Skype or YouTube. The company’s founders say its technology can help companies figure out whether a new product is worth the investment.


A startup that powers the internet of things by allowing any connected device to be programmable for voice control, whether that be a home security system or a self-driving car.


This startup is building a tool for banks to determine whether their customers are likely to pay back their loans.


A company that helps people find the right healthcare provider when they need it, whether that's a doctor or a lab. Their product is a directory of doctors and their practices, with the ability to add doctors, review and edit information, and even schedule appointments.


With the help of a $500,000 grant from the New York City Economic Development Corporation the company is building an app that lets companies share the same schedule in one place, regardless of whether they’re centralized or distributed.


 A tool for artists, record labels, and venues to find out how to better monetize their content, whether it’s a song, a TV show, or an event.


A parking app that matches drivers with parking spaces based on availability, demand, and proximity to events. In this case, it’s a pop-up that shows up in the app when there’s a space available, whether that be in a lot or garage.


A startup that helps you communicate with your team remotely, whether it be a conversation, a live video call, or a collaborative whiteboard


A tool to help you decide whether you can afford to buy a house or car.


A company that wants to help companies track whether they are being targeted for insurance fraud.


This startup is looking to help companies find and hire the best team, whether they’re a startup or an established enterprise. The platform is built around identifying and assembling the right people for the job, helping employers quickly find and hire the right employees.


A startup that lends out the tools necessary to set up a basic office at home, whether it’s for a small team, an individual freelancer, or even a single room. The startup has a platform for users to manage and share their work books, collaborate with other team members, and track team progress.


A concept that stores up to 1 million possible “ideas” in the cloud, and allows anyone to access them, whether to brainstorm, test new product ideas, or find inspiration.


A company that helps connect users with movers, whether it’s for students moving into a new apartment or for people moving out of an office.


A “pre-purchase” platform that helps people make decisions on whether or not they should buy a particular item. The goal is to help people save for the future without having to waste time or money on unnecessary purchases.


A platform that will allow users to access their credit scores and other financial information, whether or not they’re currently signed up with a bank.


The startup is looking to help people who are disabled take advantage of the online world to improve their lives, whether it’s a wheelchair-bound person who needs more information on how to use YouTube or a blind person who needs better search tools for the web.


A machine learning startup that helps companies predict whether their sales will meet their forecast.


A social media tool that allows users to upload selfies and then tag them with certain details. The startup wants to make it easier for people to tag a photo with information, whether it be the date or a description.


A startup that wants to help “thrive in an era of automation and cheap labor”. It’s a platform that helps businesses pick the right type of machine for the task, whether it’s for a B2B company or a manufacturing facility.


A startup that builds affordable, durable, lightweight solar panels that can power devices whether or not the sun is shining.


Matchmakers for the gig economy. The company is building a platform to help people find and hire gig economy workers for specific gigs, whether it’s a ride share, delivery, or a nanny.


A platform that lets people shop for health insurance without worrying about whether they’ll sign up for the coverage they want.


A company that wants to help companies and their employees work together after hours, whether that’s an early morning meeting or a weeknight hack.


The idea is to create a platform that allows companies to manage large expense accounts and seamlessly track whether they are being used for legitimate business purposes.


This is an “automated” loan application process for small business borrowers. The startup says its technology can analyze the financials of a business in minutes and make a quick decision on whether or not to give them a loan.


This company is building a way to track the financial life of a real estate property by using machine learning and artificial intelligence to help people decide whether to sell or hold onto a property.


A platform that engages users with content that’s relevant to them, whether they’re fans of an artist or a topic they’re researching. It’s a software-based approach to human curation.


There are hundreds of small companies and startups that help businesses find partners for all kinds of things, whether it’s for data analysis or marketing. Liminal thinks it can be more of a middleman, helping businesses find more opportunities to partner with other companies.


A tax tracking software that helps businesses track whether they’re compliant with tax laws.


A startup to help people find the best rate for an apartment, whether it’s to rent or sell. The startup wants to enable apartment search for people with low to no credit, helping them get the best rate.


An AI-powered product that helps you determine whether you’re likely to succeed at something, like getting into a top university.


A startup that wants to make it easy for anyone to publish content, whether it be text, photos, or video.


A startup that wants to use AI to figure out who has a change in behavior is an addict and who has other underlying illness like depression. The startup uses data science to work out what’s causing changes in behavior and figure out whether it’s a symptom of a mental illness.


A mobile app that uses the phone’s accelerometer to detect whether a user is walking and provide immediate feedback on how to improve eating and exercise habits.


A tool for determining whether a person is a good fit for an internship or a job. The startup has had over 100 job profiles posted, with over 500 people applying.


A tool for school districts to track their student populations, including how many absences are being taken and whether those absences are needed.


A social platform for users to connect with each other about their favorite brands, whether it be their favorite brand of coffee or their favorite brand of washing machine


This startup is looking to make it easier for people to share their ride requests, whether it be a ride with friends, a ride to the airport, or a ride to a restaurant.


A startup that helps people decide whether they should buy more of their favorite products.


A travel concierge service to help people book trips, whether they are traveling or are booking stays for others. It currently has over 1,000 people signed up.


A tool for managing your business’s mobile strategy, whether that’s using your phone to order food, barcode scanning inventory and tracking sales, or conducting business from your phone.


Redis Labs is building a way to have a single point of access to a user’s data, whether it be from a web browser, mobile phone, or desktop computer.


A travel startup out of Silicon Valley that helps you find the best deal on your travel destination, whether it is a hotel or an airport.


Idea: An automated platform for “in-app” marketing and advertising. Essentially, the startup lets brands advertise inside of other apps, and then track whether those ads successfully inspired users to install the sponsored app.