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Water Startup Ideas

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A device that can measure how much a plant needs to water its roots and send that data to a mobile app.


A startup that provides a service to help people in poor countries get access to clean drinking water


In addition to making new sodas, this startup is looking to take on the soda industry as a whole by introducing healthier alternatives to soda, such as carbonated teas and fruit-flavored water.


A startup that wants to make it easier for communities to keep track of their infrastructure (pipes, water, etc).


This is a water purification company that wants to provide clean, safe drinking water to poor people in the developing world.


A startup that allows you to rent kayaks and other water sports equipment in your local area


A web and mobile app that helps people learn which service providers offer the best deals on electricity, gas, and water.


An AI-based machine learning project to help identify specific threats to the public water supply in a specific area.


A way to for people to track their water consumption and saving goals in real-time.


A startup working on a program to prevent water damage in homes.


Taps is a startup that helps you get the most out of your tap water. It monitors the water quality and even has a specialized filter that improves taste.


A clean water startup that wants to help rural areas access their own clean water. The startup currently has a beta version of their product in the Amazon rain forest and plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign for their water technology in 2021.


A new product that adds a watermark to videos, which helps users monetize videos on platforms like YouTube and Facebook.


A wearable that tracks when you’re thirsty, and provides an alert when you’re close to a water bottle so you don’t have to keep looking for it.


This is a water filtration system that claims to remove 99.9% of all bacteria, viruses, and cysts, using FOSS technology.


This startup is producing the next generation of technologies that can detect and remove water in buildings to prevent mold, bacteria, and other harmful microbes from growing.


A company that makes biodegradable water bottles. The startup wants to build a business around breaking a water bottle back down into its water-carbon components.


A laundry detergent that provides all the benefits of dry-cleaning, in a low-water, low-energy, biodegradable form.


A simple solution that allows people to track and pay for their electricity, gas, and water bills. The company wants to make paying bills easier than it is today and aims to cut costs for customers as a result.


A startup that’s building a system of sensors that’ll let it deliver the right amount of water for plants.


A company that aims to make it easier to pay utilities like electric and water bills.


A platform that allows people to see how their city compares to others in terms of access to safe drinking water and sanitation. It’s currently in beta and launching in San Francisco.


A crowdfunding platform for cities and countries that want to fund infrastructure like clean water, sewer, and roads.


A startup that manages the maintenance of rental homes using a mechanical arm that moves the oil and water that oil and water, and then cleans and inspects them.


A shower scene with voice and motion that turns the water off and on when you turn around.


 A maker of waterproof backpacks for the outdoors, a market that’s worth $1.2 billion and growing.


A startup that is building a way to tackle the issue of the generation of toxic waste in the home. The startup’s product is a way to turn your water waste into a nutrient solution.


This company is building a pipeline connecting the cities that are most in need of food. The company says that it’s selling a food and water delivery system that is working in 12 US cities, and is now looking to expand to China and the Indian Subcontinent.


The startup founded by a former General Electric executive, wants to use AI and a custom-designed nanotechnology solution to make drinking water taste better.


The startup’s goal is to build a $500 device that can be used to produce electricity from small amounts of water, such as rainwater.


Similar to the idea of saving money on your electric bill, but for water. This service connects people who live in the same building and have the same water account in the same city.


An e-commerce platform for water management and management of natural resources.


A non-profit that is building a strategic communications and social media campaign to help bring clean water to the world’s poorest people.


A tool to help guide and monitor a company’s sustainability efforts. It hooks into a company’s internal systems to track the amount of water and energy used.