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by @levelsio

Waste Startup Ideas

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This startup wants to help companies get a better handle on their waste. It’s working on ways to monitor what they throw away, and to recycle more of it.


This company is building an app that aims to help cities with data, allowing them to run services like parking and waste collection more efficiently.


The startup makes on-demand cleaners available for home services, largely to help cities manage their waste. By putting the service in the hands of users, it helps cities cut costs and be more efficient.


If you’re the kind of person who really doesn’t like to waste money, this startup is for you. The company is building a tool to keep track of your spending and show you where to use your money more wisely.


A B2B platform company that helps healthcare and insurance companies gather and use patient data to improve care, manage costs, and reduce waste.


This startup is building a “sugar factory” that will use a patented process to turn sugar beet waste from the food industry into ethanol.


A startup that wants to connect the world’s waste to buyers.


A platform that helps restaurants manage their food waste, cutting down on food waste.


A startup that turns waste into compost, fertilizer, and fuel through a patented process.


This is a messaging app for food delivery workers, with the startup promising to cut down on food waste.


The team behind @TOH, a restaurant recommendation app, is building a system to help restaurants track their food waste and find solutions to it.


A startup that helps users keep track of their groceries throughout the week, with the goal of saving them money on waste.


A startup that mines data from the trash dumpsters of companies in order to help them manage their waste, save money, and avoid fines


This is an article about the idea that mobile gaming is a waste of time


A startup that uses AI to help companies identify and eliminate wasteful expenses by learning from previous transactions.


A company that helps companies achieve sustainability in the workplace by encouraging sustainable procurement and waste management.


Using AI to help companies identify and eliminate loan fraud and waste.


This startup wants to be the Uber of medical waste, connecting different waste disposal companies for pickup and billing.


A startup that wants to build a “green” power plant designed to burn trash. They want to build sustainable power plants, using waste as fuel, and keeping energy costs low.


The startup creates a tool for tracking food and waste. The company wants to help people feel more in control of their food and waste.


A way to help fast food restaurants manage the waste they produce in their kitchens and on their premises. For every burger they’re able to cut, the startup is able to feed a human in need.


The startup is building software for waste management companies that allows them to track, manage, and channel their waste, from the moment it’s generated to the moment it’s disposed of. The startup is working with clients like Recyclart and others.


A Canadian startup that has been testing a new way to deal with the waste of Canadian food waste by using what they call “a great bed of lettuce”.


These compostable cups are meant to help coffee shops reduce their packaging waste. They can be full of coffee or tea or soup and you can recycle them, but they don’t break down in landfills.


A startup that wants to help companies and businesses grow by working with them to eliminate waste and reduce costs.


A “pre-purchase” platform that helps people make decisions on whether or not they should buy a particular item. The goal is to help people save for the future without having to waste time or money on unnecessary purchases.


A startup that will take waste from 3D printers and turn it into bricks.


This startup is building a tool for restaurant operators to track their food waste online


A startup that helps log your food so you’re not creating waste.


A startup in MIT's Media Lab is building a system that can help detect and put a price on the different types of waste materials in a community.


This startup is building a digital revolution in the world of trash. Trash2Use converts waste into useful products, and gives you the opportunity to pay for the items you use.


A startup that is building a way to tackle the issue of the generation of toxic waste in the home. The startup’s product is a way to turn your water waste into a nutrient solution.


A startup that sells an innovative model of “waste-to-fuel” that turns waste into electricity.


This is a way for restaurants to manage their food waste, using a mobile app


In the past year, the startup has built an in-house production facility and is rolling out a new production line that will allow it to produce larger batches with less waste and lower costs.


A tool that allows employees to track and collaborate on projects. The company says the average person wastes nearly an hour each day on email, so it’s designed to help people get more done.


A startup that tracks the food that ends up in your recycling bin, planning to create a new market for recycling food waste.


A mobile app that helps users take pictures of their food waste, then turns them into compost.


Waste management startup, building a ‘shrink wrap’ container to reduce garbage.


A startup that identifies problems in the supply chain and helps businesses reduce waste.


The startup provides software to help reduce food waste by connecting retailers with nearby farms. The startup has sold $115,000 worth of the software since its launch in January.


A food delivery app for restaurants and food trucks, with the goal of helping them cut down on wasted food by bringing it right to the front door.


This startup wants to turn food waste into a commodity. It is developing a process to turn used food into a liquid waste product for use as a fertilizer for farmers.


This startup asks the question: “What if you could make your kitchen more efficient” If you want to save money on electricity, the company says, you could make your kitchen more efficient, cut down on your food waste, save time, and eat healthier.


A startup that’s building a way to make it easier for people to waste time on social media. The startup wants to make social media less addictive and more impactful.


“A tool that helps you optimize your restaurant's food waste.”


A startup that helps the cannabis industry manage its supply chain, maximizing cannabis quality and minimizing waste.


The startup is building software that helps manufacturers track raw materials from supply to finished product to improve supply chains and reduce waste.


Idea: A software company that helps restaurants, grocery stores, and other food businesses manage waste data and track what gets thrown away.


A startup that’s working with the EPA to make sure companies are getting proper permits for toxic waste disposal.


This startup is building a platform that makes it easier for restaurants to manage staff schedules, getting them up-to-date with their shifts and either reducing the number of wasted hours between shifts or giving employees more hours.


A company that works with food producers to “transform activities that might otherwise be wasteful”


A startup that aims to help companies manage their supply chains to reduce waste and improve efficiency. They’re currently offering a free 7-day trial.


A company that is building a platform to help restaurant owners and workers manage logistics and inventory. The startup’s founders say their focus is on reducing waste.


This startup is building a tool that lets cities and companies tag where their waste goes, so that it can be recycled more efficiently.


A startup that helps people clean up after their pets by selling an all-in-one tool that cleans up pet waste and then converts into a bag to carry it