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Warehouse Startup Ideas

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New York City’s drone delivery startup. The startup wants to get packages from warehouses to homes in a half hour.


This startup is building an app that connects farmers with their local food bank. The farmers will use the app to schedule deliveries of food, and the food bank will use the app to get the food delivered to their warehouse. The startup is building the platform with the help of a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.


A tool for managing warehouses and fulfillment, with a focus on the US East Coast.


A warehouse service that can provide a complete solution for small businesses that need to store inventory, with a focus on fulfillment and shipping.


A one-stop solution for warehouse management, with an API to help schedule and track movements of goods from order to delivery.


A startup that helps companies manage their inventory across multiple warehouses and retail locations The company says they have $82,000 in monthly recurring revenue with 60% gross margins


A new kind of online marketplace that takes on the Amazon model, without the warehouses. Carousell is the type of site that sells things in person, like a swap meet.


A startup building an online marketplace for used trucks. The company is currently operating out of a warehouse and wants to build a larger, more permanent headquarters.


A software company that helps companies make better decisions by using data from their sales team, warehouse workers, and other employees. It has raised $1.7 million to date.


A digital warehouse that helps artists store and stream their work.


A startup that builds software that helps automate physical inventory tracking at warehouses, helping companies lower costs and increase efficiency.


A B2B company that helps clients manage their warehouse operations, selling warehouse management software.


The startup wants to bring the cloud to the world of physical data. It claims it can build a data warehouse out of any physical machine in the world — even from a broken down machine.


A startup that wants to help companies around the world use robots to move goods from warehouses to retail stores.


A startup that helps startups sell their products on Amazon and other marketplaces, providing access to Amazon’s warehouse and fulfillment services.


A company that builds software for warehouse management, enabling warehouses to manage their inventory according to various business needs and constraints.


and Founded in 2011, it’s a cloud-based platform for managing enterprise data; a startup that’s building a data warehouse for the government


A startup that helps businesses put in place nightly automated processes. The founders say their product helps companies be more efficient and automate processes like payroll, warehouse operations and inventory control.


To help the fresh produce industry, which is worth $100 billion in the US, Farmako hopes to build a “smart warehouse” that uses artificial intelligence to track when and where fruit and vegetables are grown, to help ensure they’re grown locally.


A startup that helps companies get energy-efficient lightbulbs into their warehouses. They’ve already sold over 1,000 LED bulbs in a few months.


A startup that helps businesses manage their inventory in real-time, including the ability to add and remove items from a warehouse in real-time.


 A company that’s building software that can help companies with data science tasks, like building machine learning models, building data warehouses, and otherwise automating the data science process.


A new company that solves the problem of building and managing data pipelines and data warehouses. Founded in 2014, the company is still based in San Francisco and raising its Series A.


A software company that helps retailers manage their inventory and stock levels. The idea is to create a centralized warehouse management system for retailers.


A software company that helps companies build a “digital warehouse” that lets them organize and access their entire warehouse from a single interface.


An online clothing warehouse delivering to local boutiques and independent stores in the U.S. A recent move into the UK has brought in $100,000 in sales in their first month, while they say they’ve already received interest from other retailers.


A tool for e-commerce companies to manage inventory by routing it through warehouses.


A reinterpretation of the concept of a data center, which is to warehouse all of your data, monetize it, and sell it to other companies.


A platform for restaurants to streamline their entire food supply chain from farming to delivery. They’re a bit like a cross between a restaurant registry, a restaurant marketplace, and a logistics warehouse.


Idea: A company that provides a network for warehouse workers which manages logistical information and provides them with payments for their work


Idea: A text messaging-based service that helps companies keep track of their warehouse inventory


Idea: A startup for “last-mile delivery” to help customers get packages from warehouses to their door The startup has been live for a few months and has $6,000 in revenue per month


Idea: A data management product for businesses to manage their data warehouses and process data. The startup is working on a way to help companies build their data warehouse for $200 per month.


Idea: A way to make warehouse robots more efficient, by helping them grab items from shelves and move them to delivery vehicles more quickly.