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Wallet Startup Ideas

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A startup that aims to create a “digital wallet for the home”, allowing you to pay for products and services using apps on your phone.


Idea: A smart wallet that understands how you spend your money


The app acts as a digital wallet for your car, helping you use your phone to buy gas and get directions, and to pay for parking and tolls in the city.


A hardware wallet that allows users to store and use any cryptocurrency.


A startup that allows small businesses to sell their products online, and pay vendors with a digital wallet, and only with verified credit card.


A cryptocurrency exchange that focuses on private investors. It uses a system of “certified wallets” with a touchscreen interface to allow investors to manage their holdings.


A startup that’s creating a novel way to buy and sell sports memorabilia. The startup is building a “sport wallet” and hopes to have a “sport wallet” inside the Google Wallet app. The startup is also trying to build an ecommerce marketplace for sports collectibles and memorabilia.


A “smart wallet” that uses crypto to make purchases and payments. The startup has raised $11.5M to date.


A digital wallet for more than 200 countries, looking to integrate digital payments into businesses that don’t yet have them.


A digital wallet that’s designed to serve the needs of women in China. Currently, the platform does not offer features that are common in the US, such as peer-to-peer payments, a feature that is required in China for transactions to be legal.


The company’s wallet app includes a rewards program that allows users to earn points that translate into gift cards and other discounts.


A new kind of “smart wallet” that aims to make it easier for people to use crypto. Their goal is to build a better, more secure, and more convenient wallet.


A digital “wallet” for rideshare drivers (that’s UberX, Lyft, etc.) to pay expenses like deductibles, gas and maintenance. The digital wallet eventually will allow drivers to take rides anywhere and pay their expenses without having to have cash on hand.


A company that makes digital wallets for vending machines, allowing users to pay with credit cards and cash.


A startup that wants to let you check your bank account online without leaving your computer — and even pay bills — without going to the bank. It’s a bit like Google Wallet, but with banks.


A digital wallet for the workplace, with a rewards program that allows companies to pay their staff with their own money.


A digital wallet for micro-businesses that allows them to accept payments online and get payment cards in the mail. It provides a merchant account and payment card.


A company that wants to let people donate some of their income to charity through a digital wallet, and giving themselves a tax deduction to boot.


A B2C online platform that helps people look up the prices of products and services without having to use a phone or computer. It uses the Apple Wallet API to pull up prices from thousands of retailers and automatically applies a coupon.


a mobile payments system for India. The startup is pitching itself as a cheaper alternative to the likes of Google Wallet and Paytm.


The startup's "mission is to make it easy for people to create and share their bitcoin and crypto wallets with their friends and family."


Zach wants to help people who don't want to use a traditional bank — they don't want to install an app, or they want to use a specific app for different financial needs. Zach is a mobile application that lets you do this, with a free service called Zach Wallet.


A cryptocurrency wallet. The startup’s goal, as with other wallets it offers, is to make it as easy as possible for people to buy and sell cryptocurrency, and to help them use it securely.


A cryptocurrency wallet with a brand-new design.


A digital wallet that allows merchants to accept a variety of digital payments with the same phone-based experience.


A platform for all digital currencies. Their goal is to provide a universal wallet that allows users to exchange between digital and fiat currency directly.


A digital wallet to keep track of expenses and payments, with monthly fees and a range of plans. Some competitors include Wirecard, Revolut, and Revolut Pay.


A new kind of digital wallet that helps people plan and track their finances, manage their spending, and get support from their bank. The startup wants to be a “one-stop shop for financial services” that includes a portfolio, banking, investing, and insurance.


A digital wallet for people who need to make international transfers. The startup, which has raised $7.5 million to date, says that customers can now use their accounts to transfer funds to other countries while paying lower fees.


A company that wants to automate the process of converting a crypto wallet into a standard bank account over the phone.


A platform for managing secure crypto wallets. The startup is making it easier for small businesses to manage their digital assets.


An AI-powered chatbot that helps consumers with their payments, including mobile wallets.


A startup that is building an "enterprise-grade" Bitcoin wallet for enterprises. They hope to eventually provide enterprise-ready tools for other blockchains, as well.


A mobile payment system for mobile commerce, which supports pay-as-you-go mobile wallets, cash on delivery, and mobile carriers. The startup has partnerships with mobile carriers in India, Indonesia, and Malaysia.


A self-lending service with a digital wallet and chatbot integration.


The company wants to build a global wholesale platform that enables small businesses to trade cash in and out of their digital wallets.


An open source digital wallet for fiat currencies.


A startup that makes a shared, portable USB charger that’s small enough to fit in a wallet, but can still power smartphones and tablets.


A company that’s building a “digital wallet” for the US military.


a startup that lets customers pay for products online with a digital wallet


A smart wallet that syncs with your phone to pay for purchases at NFC terminals in stores.


A startup that aims to build a “digital bank vault” for mobile consumers in India. The startup plans to allow mobile users to store funds in their phones in the form of mobile wallets, with secure storage in escrow.


This is a tool that helps companies create and manage a government-approved and regulated compliant digital wallet for their consumers.


A startup that acts as a digital wallet for frequent flyers.


A tool for crowdfunding on the blockchain, where the funds are held in a wallet, instead of a bank or payment processor, and can be transferred to multiple investors.


A digital wallet that helps people in developing countries get access to products they can’t access otherwise, like cell phones or internet access.


 A startup that aims to bring the world of cryptocurrency to the mainstream. The company has already built a mobile wallet and the company is now working on an exchange platform that will make it easy for people to buy and sell their digital currencies.


The startup is building an online platform that allows users to send and receive money in the US and China without having to go through a bank. Users can also set up a virtual wallet for storing and spending in different currencies.


A digital wallet for small business owners that keeps everything in one place and lets them create recurring billing and recurring payments.


Idea: A new consumer-focused mobile payments app to replace credit cards The company aims to reduce friction by letting users buy things with their phone instead of having to pull out their wallet They want to replace everyone’s credit card information The startup has processed over $1MM in payments


Idea: A startup that wants to replace your wallet with a digital payments card, with one card that works everywhere. They charge a fee for the card, and also receive a cut of the fees merchants pay for the transaction.


Idea: A digital wallet that assists in the shopping experience at supermarkets. It helps you keep track


A startup that helps people who have lost their wallets to find their money and credit cards