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Visualize Startup Ideas

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A simple way to visualize statistics and make them actionable.


A tool that helps people visualize and visualize their data.


A startup that helps you visualize your credit score and quickly access information on your credit report and credit score.


A startup to help companies plan, visualize, and track their marketing efforts. The startup partners with companies to help them see what works, where they should invest their time, and what they need to do next.


A company that develops a system that allows people to visualize and enhance their dreams to “increase focus and mental clarity”.


A tool for teachers to visualize and understand the student body


A company that helps users visualize their health data. It’s an app that helps users visualize their health data. It’s an app that helps users visualize their health data.


A tool that helps you visualize your data and stay organized. They help you create graphs and dashboards to help you make sense of your data. They’ve worked with companies including NICE and Intel.


A software company that provides a mobile app to help people find the best parking spot at their destination. The company uses machine learning to optimize parking options, and then tracks and visualizes that data.


This is a company that makes a way to map the physical world of information. The startup is building a suite of open data products and services that will allow users to visualize and understand the world around them.


A startup to help people better manage their money. The startup is trying to make budgeting and saving easier by helping users visualize their spending habits.


A former McKinsey consultant is building a visual search engine that allows users to search for and visualize data. The startup has raised $20MM since August.


A startup that builds apps based on data from the real world. For example, the startup has a tool for data scientists to visualize the conversation of a crowd and see what words and concepts are trending, and a tool for the government to monitor traffic.


A startup that helps businesses better understand their data and make data-driven decisions. The startup is building a platform for businesses to aggregate, visualize, and visualize their data.


This startup sells a device which allows you to use the power of your smartphone to map out and visualize the power consumption of any device connected to a power grid.


A company that helps companies aggregate and visualize their suppliers’ product data. The startup is based in the UK and was founded in August.


A tool that lets employers collect and visualize employee feedback, as well as uses that data to guide organization-wide employee performance.


A startup that wants to use mobile devices as a way to track and visualize illicit activity.


A startup that offers a tool for store owners to visualize their inventory on a single platform.


A startup that sells a monthly subscription for B2B companies to access a single dashboard to track and visualize all their sales data in one place.


The startup is building a tool that helps people visualize and share data from video clips. The startup has raised $4.5 million to date, with most of that coming from Y Combinator.


A digital tool that helps users visualize their finances in terms of debt, retirement, and savings.


A tool for people to track and visualize their financial transactions. The startup is building the platform around the idea that people don’t want to track everything, but they want to track their finances.


A data visualization tool for account managers and growth teams. The startup wants to help salespeople visualize their accounts and see where their best prospects are.


A tool to track and visualize a person’s social media activity. It’s a hit with marketers who want to see the impact of their social media campaigns.


A product that helps people visualize how their social media presence is being used by brands. It’s built for small businesses, and is pitched as a way to help them manage their online reputation.


A Y Combinator alum that allows you to visualize the traffic you get from events you’re attending


A startup that makes it easy to visualize and track what’s happening with social media engagement, as well as what’s happening within the organization.


A software company that helps companies visualize financial data to help them make better business decisions.


A “business intelligence” tool for government agencies that aggregates and visualizes data from disparate sources so they can make better decisions and make the best use of limited resources.


A visual programming language designed for chip design, intended to allow engineers to quickly prototype and visualize their designs.


A startup that helps users remember and visualize things like their childhood, their favorite foods, and the time of day. The app is like a visual scrapbook and helps users keep track of important memories and events.


A platform that tracks and visualizes data from a variety of sources.


An AI-driven tool for helping banks detect fraud and other financial crimes, and for the public sector to visualize and understand their finances and data.


The product of the Design Accelerator, this startup is building a tool to help people visualize their finances.


A software company that provides a visual tool to visualize and understand communication flows.


An AI-powered platform for visualizing data that allows users to visualize and interact with data using simple drag-and-drop.


Idea: A platform for chatbots that can visualize and interact with data