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Visualization Startup Ideas

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A data analytics and visualization tool aimed at people who want to make better marketing decisions for their business. It helps small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs use data to make more informed decisions about marketing and sales.


A company that builds a visualization tool for doctors to track long-term health data.


A free and open source data visualization tool for business intelligence and analytics.


A “shareable” version of Microsoft Word, with a story, an audio component, and a visualization component.


A data visualization tool for account directors to track their customer’s key metrics, like revenue, customer service, and churn.


For over two years, the company has been working on a platform that allows teams to track the sales process and view it as a movie, with data visualizations and a dynamic timeline. Users can pull data from any source, and the company’s been working with a number of clients, including the White House, to do this.


Data analytics and visualization platform for high school and college level teams and departments.


A data visualization startup that combines data visualizations with haptic feedback to maximize the impact of its product.


A company selling data visualization and analytics tools for account/growth teams.


A cloud-based data visualization and analytics platform, which allows businesses to keep track of and analyze all their data at once.


Open-source data visualization tool that connects together email, web, and desktop. It also integrates into Slack and other tools.


A company aiming to bring the power of machine learning to networks with a visualization tool that can show how networks are connected.


A tool for organizing and sharing information, and for creating visualizations of data.


Open data platform that lets people create and discover data visualizations. The startup has built a platform that allows people to create data visualizations and share them with the wider world.


A company that uses data visualization to help companies make sense of their customer data.


A developer of software that teaches programmers how to be better at data visualization, developing and releasing new courses in the field.


This startup is building a data visualization platform for retailers to better understand how shoppers browse, use product tags, and make purchases.


A tool to help scientists and mathematicians track what they do and why, with a focus on data visualization.


A B2B SaaS that provides data visualization and analytics for organizations, allowing them to quickly create and analyze reports and charts.


A data visualization tool for account managers and growth teams. The startup wants to help salespeople visualize their accounts and see where their best prospects are.


A real-time data visualization platform that lets you build a dashboard to monitor a whole bunch of different metrics or events. This allows companies to monitor or forecast various metrics for their business.


A data visualization tool that offers individualized reports for each user, combining data from multiple sources and presenting them to an end user in a way that is easy to digest. The company’s first product, released in 2019, is for healthcare and financial services.


A company working in the field of data visualization, visual data mining, and data stream processing.


A tool for designers to create interactive visualizations in a fraction of the time it would take with traditional software.


A visualization of wages in the US for any given job.


A natural language interface to allow users to use multi-dimensional data to create and explore data visualizations.


A company that makes data visualizations and dashboards for use by marketers and other companies.


Piling is a way to make data visualizations more interactive, helping users make sense of their data


A startup that wants to make data visualization tools like Trello easier and more intuitive for businesses to use.


“A data visualization tool for sales, marketing, and operations teams”, meant to help companies visualize their own data more effectively.


This startup is building a way to see and explore the world’s natural wonders and landmarks through data and visualization, and is partnering with the National Geographic Society to curate and track the most iconic and historic places in the world.


A visual data visualization tool that makes it simple to create interactive stories and marketing campaigns.


A Milwaukee startup that’s building a platform to help firms like Lyft and Uber make sense of the data they’re collecting on their customers. It’s a tool for taking real-time information and turning it into data models and visualizations.


A visualization tool that can be used to easily compare things like health savings account benefits, retirement savings and credit card rewards.


Idea: A data visualization company for enterprise companies It helps them understand data through graphs and charts so they can make better decisions