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by @levelsio

Vision Startup Ideas

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A startup that allows users to draw straight lines and then automatically create a 3D model of the object with a computer vision model.


A startup that sells a USB-connected device that allows you to remotely control your home’s lights and television, and allow users to launch and log into apps on their phones.


A computer vision startup that wants to make it possible for medical devices to “see”.


A startup that wants to help you get the most out of your eyes and vision.


A computer vision startup that’s building AI to help monitor and improve plant health. The startup wants to take the burden of plant health monitoring off of the farmers and onto an AI platform.


A startup that goes after the 5 million small businesses that have yet to accept payments online. Their vision is to be able to “complete, manage, and reimburse small business invoices”.


A startup that’s building a computer vision platform to help people scan products for defects at the factory level.


A company that sells a device to keep your television screen from interfering with the signal you’re watching.


 Using computer vision and machine learning, this startup is building a tool that can automatically identify and deliver relevant customer service via text or email.


Unisex clothing brand that envisions a future in which energy consumption is decentralized, and you can just charge up your clothes.


A company that uses computer vision to identify objects and provide a simple way to find products that people are looking for. The company is launching on Amazon Web Services (AWS).


A startup that sells an “HDMI board” that sits on top of a television (or other display) and allows you to plug in a USB drive and use it to show content from a computer.


A computer vision startup that wants to use machine learning and image recognition to make product photos more complete. The startup says their technology can improve the accuracy of product photos 40% with claims to be able to identify colors, shapes and other features of products.


A health insurance company that covers “no-care” expenses for patients with chronic illness. Keeps health premiums low by covering expenses like dental and vision, with a background check.


A company that makes it easier for businesses to adopt and use technology. They’re currently working with 10 customers, including two large enterprise customers, and offer solutions in computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing, and machine learning.


A company that develops a computer vision system for manufacturing equipment to reduce downtime to 15%.


A company that creates digital prints from the images of people, who upload their own images and the company’s prints are then rendered by using a computer vision. The prints can be sold as prints, clothing, or art.


A company that wants to help people store medical records. Medtronic shares the same vision, but has been unable to land deals with hospitals and doctors. Medtronic has raised $1.7 million in funding from investors including GE Ventures and the National Academy of Medicine.


With the ability to take stock of all the different tools and platforms that a team uses, it’s difficult to create a shared vision. Bopp is a platform that helps companies set up a shared vision around their tools.


A group of young filmmakers with a collective vision to build a film studio from the ground up, and will use the Y Combinator seed money to hire a chief operating officer and other staff to help them do it.


A company that uses computer vision to detect objects in the real world and allows the user to zoom into them to see a live-updated model of the object.


A provisioning company that allows for free lunch, coffee, and snacks for employees.


A startup building a computer vision platform to help businesses more efficiently identify and track the performance of their products.


 A company that helps providers manage their own dental, vision, and life insurance needs. It doesn’t offer a traditional insurance product, yet covers 100% of a doctor’s out of pocket costs if they’re hospitalized.


An online learning platform that uses computer vision to teach people how to code


 The company with the combined vision of Google, Facebook, and Uber: A new kind of messaging platform that allows you to send and receive a message with a set of actions. An example: You can send a message to a friend and then order them a pizza, with the message automatically being routed through the app and then to the pizza chain.


This startup wants to bring the vision of autonomous cars to the world of batteries and energy.


A startup that enables users to create a ‘vision profile’ and share it with friends. Created by a couple in their twenties who wanted to know how other people were making it in the world.


A startup that wants to bring machine learning to the world of financial trading, using advanced computer vision and AI to help traders make better investment decisions. It's raised $3.4 million to date from investors like GV and Flatiron.


A company that helps users figure out the best way to share their vision for their movie with investors. They say their platform can attract $1.3M in funding.


The company’s vision is to make the process of creating a video game “as simple as making a PowerPoint presentation”. It wants to make video game creation accessible to non-programmers, and today’s software for that is too difficult to use.


The founders have a vision of a world where everyone can pay rent or a mortgage, and have a constant stream of income without having to get a job.


This startup is building a vision-enabled augmented reality tracking tool for wearables. The product, which launches this year, will be able to track eye movements, and allows users to see through the lens of another person’s smartphone.


A startup for health care professionals offering concierge medical services, including home health care, mental health care, and the provision of medical equipment.


A digital platform for the organic food industry to sell directly to customers, with its current focus on e-commerce fulfillment. The founders envision a future where they can send one of the world’s most trusted brands of food directly to your doorstep.


A startup that wants to use computer vision and AI to help guide surgeons in the OR.


Idea: A business that provides an experience platform for making and organizing all kinds of lifestyle plans Co-founder Dan is the former head of product at Maker’s Market, the private label division at Walmart


Idea: This startup is building a service that uses computer vision to verify that a politician is actually at an event.


Idea: A company that converts real estate listings into interactive videos to help people better envision what a home would look like in person.


Idea: A startup that helps small businesses build websites that look like they were built by a big company. Envision helps businesses upload a logo and other elements that look like they belong on a big-name site.