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Vehicle Startup Ideas

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A company that builds vehicle tracking devices for businesses like car washes to help them better understand their workers’ locations.


Software that is designed to make it easier to use the state's Department of Motor Vehicles


A startup that makes a mobile app for vehicle purchase and lease with 1/3 deposit.


Unload is a frictionless way to share your vehicle.


A tool for distribution of food and groceries to people in need, in the form of a vehicle equipped with a fridge, a microwave, and a coffee machine, and that can travel down the street from a central hub. The startup’s founders are veterans of the American military.


P2P platform that enables car owners to rent out their vehicles to others. The startup is looking to build a network of users that would rent out their cars when they are not using them.


A self-driving car platform for developers and auto manufacturers. The startup wants to make it easy for carmakers to integrate self-driving technology into their vehicles.


A digital platform where people can buy and sell cars and vehicles.


An IoT startup that uses sensors and algorithms to predict when a vehicle is getting a flat tire, and then alerts the driver.


A hardware startup that is building a fully autonomous delivery vehicle


A startup that has invented a new way to charge for electric vehicle charging stations.


A different kind of charging station for electric vehicles, focusing on the home. Rather than wirelessly charging vehicles, the startup's stations are stationary and have a separate charging port for plugging in phones and tablets.


A web app for managing the rental of vehicles.


An AI-powered service that helps streamline the process of buying, selling, renting and managing a fleet of vehicles.


Connecting the bike-sharing market in China to the local electric vehicle market. The Startup offers a low cost electric car battery that can be swapped into an electric bike.


This app is designed to help users learn to drive new vehicles and learn in a way that’s more visual and less boring.


The startup is creating a digital, and automated, way to check the status of your vehicle’s maintenance, like a car recall, or a recall on your tires or windshield wipers.


Initially built to help people get around their cities without buying a car, Carpool is now a decentralized ride-sharing app that acts as a matchmaker for people who want to share their vehicles with a stranger.


A platform for fleet managers to manage their vehicles, with a mobile app to issue lane changes.


A B2B Internet of Things platform for the construction industry that offers a platform for construction companies to make products that can be automated, from construction vehicles to buildings. The company is building a “smart factory” that offers a low-cost manufacturing model that can be automated, allowing construction companies to run on lean manufacturing principles.


A free car valuing tool that gives sellers a price for their vehicle and tools to find buyers.


A platform for managing and operating autonomous vehicles without the need for a driver to be on board.


A startup that helps electric vehicle companies buy batteries, with the goal of reducing time and money spent on batteries.


A social network for the connected car. It aims to make car ownership more accessible by providing access to smartphone-based services that include vehicle diagnostics, maintenance, and selling services.


A blockchain-based platform for driving and sharing autonomous vehicles, akin to Uber and Lyft but for cars.


A startup that’s building a “person search engine” for all the people in a particular location, including registered business, registered residents, and registered vehicles


A “tech startup” which, in their words, “builds and operates a network of high-speed automated parking garages for self-driving vehicles.”


The company is building a startup for car-sharing and ride hailing in India. The product is a fleet of tiny electric vehicles that are part of a shared ride service.


A startup that builds a cloud-based service to help companies get their vehicles to a service center for maintenance when they’re out of warranty.


A company that provides vehicle and driver safety solutions. The startup helps people find insurance for their cars by matching them to their driving habits.


An online platform for people to sell and buy their own cars. The company has already sold over $200,000 worth of vehicles, and has signed up over 400 sellers.


A company that makes solar-powered charging stations for electric vehicles. The startup has built an entire flexible solar panel that can be connected to any car.


A platform for people to rent their personal vehicles to strangers using a mobile app, similar to a ride-sharing service but for personal vehicles.


A company that provides a way for customers to buy and sell vehicles on Facebook Messenger


A startup that works with transport companies to make it easier for them to integrate their vehicles into the sharing economy.


This Israeli startup is building a self-driving vehicle that, unlike Uber's autonomous cars, is purely electric and doesn’t need a human driver at the wheel. The company is planning to launch a service in Tel Aviv in July.


A shared vehicle rental service where drivers can split the cost of a ride.


A digital directory for buying and selling used cars. The company has a deal with dealerships, allowing them to sell their vehicles on the platform.


This startup wants to replace the inefficient and often criminally-run trucking industry with a new way to move freight that’s better for consumers, the environment, and the economy as a whole, by using autonomous vehicles.


A charging station for electric vehicles that includes charging stations for both Tesla’s and Nissan’s vehicles.


A platform for connecting electric vehicle owners to people who can take them on longer trips.


The company aims to build a digital platform for self-driving vehicles that will allow users to manage their vehicles through a mobile app using a dashboard-like interface.


A BoxCar is an online marketplace for buying and selling used equipment and supplies, including furniture, construction equipment, industrial machinery, and vehicles.


A ride-hailing company that uses autonomous vehicles.


A startup where sellers can search and advertise used vehicles in real time.


A startup that wants to build a network of pay-as-you-go electric cars. LightBlue wants to break down the barrier between electric vehicles and cars, allowing people to make monthly payments and switch between models as they need to.


A platform that helps saving for retirement, based on the idea that many Americans’ retirement savings come from old-fashioned and not so old-fashioned vehicles: cash deposits, a Roth IRA, or a 401(k).


This startup wants to build a new, more sustainable way to build roads for autonomous vehicles.


 A startup that allows people to sell, lease or trade their electric vehicle and get money back.


A startup for buying and selling used cars, part of a larger company that also offers car-sharing services. Their customers can use the company’s vehicle for their work, then turn it back in when they’re done.


A company that sells a system for autonomous vehicles to detect traffic and road hazards. The company is also building a self-driving car platform called Drive.AI


This is an online tool that allows companies to schedule and track vehicle maintenance and repairs.


The idea: a data platform for the sharing economy. The startup wants to take a lot of the manual labor out of the process of sharing things like vehicles, pets, or tools.


A $15,000 tool to help people purchase and sell their cars, alongside their current vehicles, and get the most money for both. The founders of this startup say that people are willing to spend up to $80,000 to get a new car, but are not willing to spend the same amount on their current ones.


There are two ways to get around the city. The first is the conventional private vehicle. The second is a bicycle. EcoBike wants to connect users to their bicycles via apps, and provide a software platform to allow the bikes to talk to each other.


 A maker of solar-powered vehicles


A company that works with electric vehicle owners to provide maintenance services.


A startup that helps travelers rent cars for a day or a week at a time. The startup wants to rent vehicles from manufacturers like BMW and Mercedes Benz.


A self-driving, electric vehicle startup. The startup is building an autonomous electric vehicle that can be used in public transit. The cars are currently in beta.


A computer for your car. The startup is in the process of prototyping a car computer that replaces the car’s in-dash screen. It’s compatible with most vehicles and smart home systems already on the road. The startup has raised $1.5 million to date.


A company that wants to build a platform that allows users to run their own autonomous transportation service. The startup has raised $2 million in seed funding. Their first product is the Dragon Ride, a micro electric vehicle that can carry up to 40 pounds of cargo.


The startup aims to help brokers and sellers of used vehicles and vehicles for sale deal directly with each other.


This startup aims to help fund the development of autonomous vehicle technology.


A startup where people can list, sell, and buy used vehicles online. In the United States roughly half of vehicles are cars that have been owned for less than a year.


Idea: A self-driving car company that aims to give its vehicles to auto manufacturers for use in fleet operations and shuttle services


Idea: A customizable, machine learning-driven planning engine for autonomous vehicles


Idea: A software company that’s building a consumer-facing interface for the up-and-coming world of automated vehicles The company is meant to help people understand how to interact with driverless cars


Idea: A market for people who want to rent their vehicles to others for a few hours or the day The company has grown to 15,000 drivers in the Boston area They’re aiming to be a trusted marketplace that makes it easier to rent cars, and more profitable for their drivers


Idea: A B2B startup that provides a logistics platform for businesses that ship vehicles (or anything that requires a flat-


Idea: A way to make warehouse robots more efficient, by helping them grab items from shelves and move them to delivery vehicles more quickly.


A startup that provides affordable vehicle insurance to people under 25. The startup wants to become the go-to resource for young drivers and disrupt the current auto insurance industry which targets only the high-risk demographic.