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Value Startup Ideas

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A tool for assessing the value of real estate assets like buildings, parking lots, and more.


A b2b startup that aims to help companies find and hire people that match their culture and values.


Academic research: “We are in the midst of a digital revolution, where the ability to extract value from data is rapidly outpacing the ability to create it.”


This startup focuses on the monetary value of freelance work.


The company is looking to raise a round of funding that values the company at $1.3 billion. The round is expected to close in February 2019.


Seed-stage, early-stage, and pre-seed stage seed-stage companies are typically those that are less than 2 years old, and are valued between $500,000 and


“A safe investment wrapper for cryptocurrency savings accounts”. The company is building an account that lets people invest cryptocurrency, while also automatically tracking the value of the investment and sending out monthly statements.


A startup that uses a software program to crunch open data to predict land value The startup claims that it can predict land value more accurately than appraisers and cheaper than buying survey data


A "grocery delivery and store-of-value" app, allowing users to order groceries, have them delivered to their door, and then sell them for a profit.


A tool to help co-working spaces find land to build on, while helping them assess the value of that land.


A chatbot for your team. It’s a way to automate what otherwise might be a time-consuming, low-value process for your team.


A company that is building a “digital proof of concept” for the drug industry. The company is developing a platform that will allow pharmaceutical companies to test the safety of their clinical trial drugs and track the performance of their products, data that would be of great value to the FDA.


A startup that provides a service where you get a $200 gift card to an online store and you get to keep 10% of the value of the gift card


Software that helps users extract additional value from images like Instagram’s new “Stories” format.


A platform that provides data-driven analytics to help guide companies in making the right decisions. They’re currently in early seed, with the founders describing their value as helping companies “make better decisions with less data”.


A project management platform: “Many small businesses are managing their projects themselves,” said CEO Ben. “We want to help them have access to the same data and value proposition that large companies have.”


A platform that helps people who are selling their homes sell quickly for maximum value.


A software company that helps businesses better define and measure the impact of their marketing campaigns. The company’s founders say their platform has already helped businesses like Blue Apron and Fandango “get more value for their marketing dollars.”


A company that helps improve the efficiency of service delivery for restaurants. Their model is to use automation to eliminate the costs of inefficient or underutilized staff and equipment, allowing restaurants to focus on creating more value.


A startup that builds value-added solutions for the e-commerce industry, helping online retailers optimize customer experience and build better sales.


 A platform that embeds video chat and SMS into video conferencing tools to add value.


A value-added reseller that helps small businesses with their marketing strategy. The startup aims to help small businesses that don’t have marketing budgets.


A company that helps retailers, manufacturers and distributors run promotions that are tailored to the specific needs of their customers, with the goal of increasing the lifetime value of customers.


A company that helps people get a loan based on the value of their business. The company is currently working with seven small businesses in the UK.


A startup that helps artists understand the financial value of their works, the value of their brand, and how much they should charge for their work.


Data is the new oil, and the oil of the future is data. And with the rise of AI, the data is becoming more valuable. The startup is meant to help companies extract value from all that data.


A B2B company building an app that helps companies get into government contracts. Their app helps companies get contracts that are in line with the company’s core values.


A B2B company that aims to offer an alternative to payroll services that is based around the value employees bring to companies.


"The Definitive Guide to SaaS for CMOs: Understanding the Business Model and Marketing Value of Software as a Service" (2018)


A startup focused on helping non-profits make better use of their data. It’s early days, but that’s one of the key areas where non-profits are struggling to get value from their data.


This blockchain-based protocol enables the creation of new digital assets that can be traded on a peer-to-peer basis. It is designed to support the issuance of new assets and the transfer of value between existing assets, and can be used to provide financial access to unbanked individuals.


A real estate startup that helps customers find the best value on homes. It’s currently testing a model where customers can set their own price and get paid 20% of the difference between that and the property’s actual value.


A company building a $10,000 smart kitchen device that can track and measure food production, helping people get to know the nutritional value of their food, and making it easier to cook healthier food.


A way to measure the “value” of a company’s work.


A SaaS startup that helps small business owners by providing value-added services to their customers.


This startup has a cryptocurrency that stores value, making it a valuable digital currency


A startup that wants to use AI to help you increase the value of your product photos. It wants to be a sort of digital gallery, with a tool to help you decide between multiple options for a given photo.


A startup that tries to deliver a “return on investment” for security, allowing businesses to get a lot of value out of a physical security guard.


An email marketing startup helping small businesses gain new customers. The startup sends customers a free sample for every high-value email they send.


A platform for improving product quality by reviewing and correcting all of a product's components. It’s a service for manufacturers to make sure each step of their value chain is performing to the best of its abilities.


A tool for real estate agents to help clients make smart decisions about buying houses. The startup is building a toolkit for agents to help their clients follow the market, understand the value of different homes, and make smart decisions.


This startup is building a system that can help a central authority know a lot about a given community, including the political, religious and social values of a particular population.


Idea: A company that is building a platform that helps people manage their cryptocurrency holdings. The startup helps people track the value


Dash is an app that helps you save money on gas by combining your gas usage with your car’s fuel efficiency. It’s a way to put a real dollar value on your gas usage.


This startup helps save money by letting commuters access value-added features for free on their commute. The startup takes a cut, but the idea is that it will be a better business model than other ride-hailing companies.


A startup that wants to help non-profits find sponsors, from high-value companies that have $100K+ to support, to local businesses that have $100 per year.


The company believes in a privacy-preserving model for storing and sharing user data to add value to their users, and is building a platform to let users control how their data is used.


A B2B company that builds software to help companies manage their “value-at-risk”, an estimate of how much money they could lose each year if things go awry.


The startup is using app design and marketing startups to build an app that helps investors find value in publicly traded companies.


A tool for breaking down customer personas into customer value propositions.


An online service for finding and recommending top quality, value for money restaurants.


Idea: A startup that helps companies manage their data The startup believes that data is the new oil and wants to help build the infrastructure to help companies unlock its value


A mobile app that helps users make healthier food choices by providing a basic food nutritional value guide and suggested meal options.


A startup that tracks the value of your car, and sends you a text message anytime the value of your car has depreciated by a certain amount


Idea: A web app that makes it easy for people to sell the stuff they don’t want anymore. It’s an “eBay for the rest of your stuff”, meaning it’s not just for things with a high value.