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Vacation Startup Ideas

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A startup that makes it easier for employees to access corporate benefits like insurance, vacation, and retirement plan.


A startup that provides a service to hire someone to watch your pets so you can go on vacation


A startup for employees to manage their vacation time and allotment of paid time off.


A startup that provides a service where you can hire a professional to watch your pets so you don’t have to worry about them when you are on vacation or at work for long stretches of time


A startup that sells a service where they help you plan a vacation and then they arrange all of the flights and hotels for you


A startup that produces a checklist for people who are going on vacation Gives them a list of things to do before they leave and things to do when they return


A startup that provides a service where people can rent out their unused vacation home for 2 weeks a year and make extra money


A startup for short-term rentals. The startup helps vacation homeowners skip the traditional agency process and run their own rentals on their own terms.


Trunkable wants to build a web-based home that can be rented as a vacation home.


A mobile app for managing your vacation time. The startup helps employees take vacation and track their time.


A startup that provides a service to help people who are about to go on vacation to plan it out so that they don’t miss out on anything


A platform that helps people find the right property for a vacation or retreat. The company is focused on creating a full-service vacation rental in every coastal rental market.


A startup that is a directory of places to go on vacation and where you can do activities (IE A startup like TripAdvisor but for all sorts of activities)


Idea: Schedule, organize, and pay for a group vacation


A platform for companies to sell and manage their employee vacation time, incentivizing employees to take it when they’re able.


This startup wants to use its data to help people decide where to vacation, and where to live. It’s a bit like other startup like TripAdvisor — but it’s also a concierge service that wants to help show people the best places to vacation and live.


A product designed to make it easier for employees to take short vacations


A startup that’s building a platform for managing and tracking employee data, from vacation days to sick days.


A tool that helps companies manage their employees’ vacation time. The startup currently has $750,000 in funding from investors including Allen & Company, SV Angel and 500 Startups.


This is a travel-based insurance service that aims to help vacationers abroad claim on health insurance they already have in the US.


A startup that helps you figure out how much money you should save for a vacation or a house.


A startup that’s looking to help people in South America get vacation packages. It’s similar to the service SkipTheDishes does for the US.


A tool designed to help remove the complexity of planning and managing your next vacation


The startup’s goal is to make it easier for people to shop for vacation homes. They’re building a platform for people to search for vacation homes that they can then book and pay in one place.


A company that makes a system for keeping track of the things that need to be taken care of while you’re on vacation


Online discovery service focused on solving the problem of finding the right home for your next vacation. The startup uses data and algorithms to help vacationers find the right home for their next trip.


A new type of business that helps workers set up team settings more easily. It helps people coordinate meetings, handle vacation schedules, and link up with other workers.


An AI tool that aims to make it easier for users to research and buy travel, hotel and vacation packages


This company is building a way to add gender-neutral language to websites and applications. It’s a way to extend the gender-neutral language that’s already been created for things like vacation rentals or the LGBTQ community by defaulting to “them” whenever they’re not specified.


A tool that helps you plan your next vacation


This startup is building a dashboard for your business that helps you see and predict the best times to work and take vacations.


A startup that will make it easier for companies to take their vacation time. Founders say it’s designed to be a more affordable alternative to the likes of Voyageur, which charges $50 for the service and $99 per person.


A travel booking tool for people who want to book a vacation with a single click.


A startup that helps businesses manage HR on the go, allowing them to keep track of employee benefits, vacation time, and wages.


A startup that aims to bring a “cabin-type” experience to vacation rentals.


A startup meant to help people find the best rates on apartments, vacation homes, services and more.


This startup wants to be the Airbnb of after-hours travel for dentists. Dentists can use the service to help students and interns for practice trips, and offer their own services to travelers looking for a dentist while on vacation.


A platform that lets users book vacation rentals around the world.


This startup is building a new brand of “personal concierge” for the rich and famous that will help them choose the right house to buy, which groundskeeper to hire, and which type of vacation to take.


A way for employees to get paid to take vacation


A ridesharing app that will pair people with drivers who have a car that can fit the rider’s luggage. The startup wants to make it easier for people to visit the city on vacation.


A platform that allows you to book your next vacation, find a place to stay, and find other travelers to share the trip with.


This startup is building a “digital” tool to help people with things like vacations, travel, or spending money. The startup is on a mission to make saving money as easy as booking a trip. They have an Android application and a web app.


A startup that enables people to track their vacations, including the cost of flights, hotels, and rental cars.


A startup that wants to make it easier for people to offer paid vacation time to their employees. It has funding from an angel group including Y Combinator alum Jonah Peretti.


A virtual reality headset that can show you a 3D map of your home when you’re on vacation.


A company that aims to be the “Google Maps” of the sharing economy — a place to look up and rent everything from homes to cars to storage units to vacation rentals.


A startup for finding and sharing vacation rentals — especially those with unique features — and connecting renters with renters.


A startup that sells a tool that lets you simulate a vacation you want to take so you can decide which destination you want to go to


Idea: Data-driven process to help people use all of their vacation time


Idea: This company is building a personal finance management tool for women that includes a feature to help them plan for their next vacation The startup says it has 5,000 weekly users who have created more than 10,000 budgets


Idea: A web-based hotel booking platform for vacationers in Asia, built natively for mobile. Their models includes a monthly subscription service for hotels, allowing them to focus on customer service and other features.


A startup that provides a platform for people to buy and sell excess vacation time from their co-workers


A startup that helps people find people who want to split the cost of a vacation rental


A startup that helps people plan trips to vacation destinations


A software company that helps companies give their employees more vacation time. The startup makes it easy for employees to take time off, and it gives managers more information about how many days they’ll have to fill.


A startup that allows people to browse a map of the world to help them choose where to go on their next vacation