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Utility Startup Ideas

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A startup that wants to help you find low cost utility companies that provide better service.


A startup that sells a tool for people to help them save money on their monthly utility bills


A mobile app that helps you pay your utility bills and read your meter data.


Chargeback is an online platform that helps users dispute utility bills. It’s a B2B startup catering to utility companies. The founders hope to build a worldwide network of users.


This startup is building a network for the more than 60 million people who don’t have bank accounts — but are still expected to receive a loan, rent payments, or pay utility bills. As a result, they often don’t have access to the basic financial services they need. Envelope lets them become a platform for next-day payment, and offers payment-by-phone for small transactions.


Builds and delivers smart meters for solar farms in India. The startup claims that it’s the lowest cost alternative to utility-scale solar.


This is a startup that’s building an app and platform to help people in countries like India save money on their utility bills by installing solar panels on their homes, which are already building excess energy into the grid.


A desktop application that allows people to quickly and easily pay their bills, from utility companies to credit card companies.


This startup’s utility is powered by the sharing economy. The app allows people to connect with local drivers and couriers to take care of what can be a labor-intensive activity, like moving a couch to a new apartment or delivering art to a new home.


A data-driven company that makes a program that helps people pay their utility bills every month. The startup is focused on helping customers keep their utility bills at a minimum.


A utility-scale solar plant in the US that stores excess power and sells it into the grid.


A utility that allows you to control your home appliances remotely and with an app. The company wants to use the same tech to let you control your car like you do your computer, so you can remotely lock and unlock your car (like BMW’s ConnectedDrive feature) or even get notifications when it’s being driven.


An API for the U.K.’s government’s Open Data platform, which is released under a Creative Commons license. It allows users to interface with the data in a variety of ways, including filtering by utility.


A software company that helps businesses figure out how much they’re paying for electricity, and then sets up a cash flow model to ensure they’re using less electricity. The company has a database of over 1,000 utility companies that it uses to calculate the cost of electricity.


A utility bill management service for apartment owners.


A credit app that allows you to save money on your utility bills by charging you for times when you don’t use your home.


A utility for "smart" homes from the makers of Nest, Dropcam and Honeywell. Eko is a new company that aims to bring more automation to everything from thermostats to security cameras. The company started with a thermostat that can be programmed through an app and communicate with a connected garage door, but it’s now also trying to develop a home security system that will stop someone by recognizing their face and sending a message to their phone.


A new app that lets people in the US track the cost of their utility bills. Energy management platform, YieldClerk, aims to help people save money by giving an overview of their bill and what they could be spending on other things. It also gives them a way to request service credits from their utility companies.


A utility token for the global ride-sharing and car-sharing sector. The startup wants to bring a new level of transparency and collaboration to the industry, by creating a platform for drivers and riders to manage all their accounts on one platform.


A payment app for the UK that lets customers pay their pre-approved utility bills without a bank account.


A chatbot designed to answer all of your questions about how to reduce your carbon footprint, which they want to do by partnering with your utility company.


This company wants to help companies to optimize the utility of their employees by identifying their employees’ biggest challenges and to provide them with the tools to overcome them.


Idea: A business that monitors utility meters for homes and businesses, and sends real-time information on consumption to users


A startup that enables businesses to manage energy consumption, meant to save customers money on their utility bill.