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Usage Startup Ideas

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A startup that’s helping power outages by letting people share their homes’ energy usage with others and get compensated for it.


A startup which helps users track their homes’ energy usage, helping them to plan how to pay for energy and save money.


The startup helps companies scale their drone usage by allowing flight data to be transferred from one drone to another and to the cloud.


A startup that uses sensors and a cloud service to track car usage, and then charges people for the fuel they use.


Home automation startup that wants to help people manage their home energy usage with a mobile app.


In the past year, the startup has raised $1.5 million. The company’s clients include Nestle and Samsung. The company’s platform allows companies to monitor and control their customers’ mobile data usage.


A startup that helps companies track and manage their energy usage through a holistic approach, rather than through a series of individual utilities.


A company that is creating an open-source platform to track employee time, and then charging employers for its usage.


A home energy service software company that helps users track and manage their energy usage in real-time. Anyone can install the service, which allows users to subscribe to a specific time frame or a whole week and pay $5 to $8 per day. Meant to help people save money on their energy costs.


A tool that helps people track their usage of the internet


A new app that turns your phone into a high-tech thermostat so you can set it and forget it. The app talks to the temperature sensors in your home and adjusts your system to your energy usage and comfort level.


A digital health platform for employees that allows them to book medical appointments, track usage, and get feedback from a doctor. The company wants to use machine learning to predict when employees are likely to need care, and to allow for more timely and personalized care, making it more efficient for employers.


A device to help people manage their energy usage, with the goal of making it easier to track, and incentivizing efficiency.


This is a tool for businesses that want to reduce their carbon footprint. The company is focused on helping companies reduce their energy consumption, and plans to launch a product that does this by helping them track energy usage and then offset the usage with cash.


A device that allows people to sync and manage their home energy usage, with an app to help users understand their energy usage and plan expenditures.


A “smart” home that uses your smartphone to monitor your energy usage, giving you a report on how much heat you’re putting out and how much your bill is going to be


A product for energy companies that tracks energy usage in buildings.


Helping its customers to find the best rates on energy usage for their own home. EnergyIQ is building a platform to help its customers save money by offering personalized energy rates.


A fintech startup built for natural gas industry. It allows users to collect and monitor their natural gas usage, and allows companies to monitor over their entire natural gas network.


A startup that’s working on building a “smart home-building platform” that uses AI and sensors to optimize energy usage.


A startup that builds apps for the home to help consumers track their energy usage.


A company that tracks and lets users track their own electricity usage, to help them save on their monthly bill


A startup that helps businesses spend less on electricity costs by managing their energy usage (through usage monitoring and energy saving measures.)


A HVAC company that services residential and commercial buildings, with an app that lets users track their energy usage and save money


Idea: A way to track the usage and performance of digital ads The startup has already sold several $15,000 contracts


A community-driven platform for sharing product usage data.