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Unused Startup Ideas

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A place to buy and sell unused books.


An AI with a mobile app that helps homeowners sell their unused real estate.


 A startup that turns unused kitchen appliances into bitcoin mining rigs


A startup that hopes to help people save money by getting them to share their unused parking spots with strangers with the goal of getting more free parking spots for more people.


A startup that allows you to “sell” your unused holiday or vacation days to other workers so they can use the days to shore up their own schedules.


A startup for selling or buying other people’s unused shipping boxes.


A startup that provides a service where people can rent out their unused vacation home for 2 weeks a year and make extra money


A startup that’s building a marketplace for the sale of unused construction equipment.


A Paris-based digital marketplace for people who want to sell their unused items.


A platform that enables people to buy and sell things like furniture, cars, and apartments, and rent out unused rooms. Borrowers can use the platform’s software to manage the loan, and borrowers can access the property remotely. The platform is currently focused on the UK.


A platform that enables users to buy and sell their unused iPhone parts.


A platform for companies to rent out unused office space when they don’t need it, for instance during a conference.


A startup that is a marketplace for healthcare providers to rent out their unused medical equipment


A startup that helps companies rent out their unused space, so that they can get paid for it.


A startup that provides a service for renting servers, using a model similar to Airbnb Users can rent a server by the hour, day, week, or month They rent out their unused servers, which helps keep them up to date, and clients get cheap hosting


A blockchain-based, peer-to-peer platform allowing people to rent apartments and rooms in unused retail space to travelers in need as a means of earning extra income and paying for rent.


A startup that wants to make buying gift cards more efficient by allowing gift card holders to sell unused cards online.


Fostr is a marketplace where people sell their unused clothes. The company has raised $1.5 million in seed funding and says they’ve sold over 30,000 items in the last two years.


A business that lets people take their unused gym equipment home.


Building an ecosystem of companies that help people make money on their unused belongings.


This startup is creating a way for people to make money by sharing their unused software licenses with others.


A startup for people who want to donate their old home appliances, furniture, and other items for reuse. The startup says that in the US alone, more than 10 million items go unused in storage every year.


A platform for individuals to sell their unused equipment.


A San Francisco-based startup that operates a marketplace for people to rent their unused devices like computers, cameras, and drones.


a startup that allows people to sell each other their unused gift cards, with the proceeds distributed to charity


A company that helps businesses buy back unused inventory from itself, then resell those that are still in good condition.


A new service that lets people offer their unused airline miles to friends and family. Recipients can redeem the miles for airline tickets, and the sender gets a payout.


An online platform for renting out unused rooms in houses and apartments, and letting guests stay in them for a night.


A company that allows people to find and rent out their unused furniture and appliances. The startup wants to upend the industry by offering a way to sell the stuff you own while making money on the stuff you don't.


A platform for users to sell their unused gadgets, with buyers paying with a single click.


Idea: Online marketplace that allows people to rent out their unused stuff


A startup that is building a marketplace for people to sell their unused electronics, and have a chance to get a new device in exchange.