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University Startup Ideas

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The University of New South Wales presents the Startup Genome annually.


The Startup Genome is a biannual report on the state of entrepreneurship. It is produced by a team of researchers from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. The report is based on interviews with founders about their businesses, the challenges they face, and their plans for the future. The report is intended to give entrepreneurs, investors, and other stakeholders a comprehensive overview of the startup ecosystem in a particular country, and to help predict trends between countries.


A team from Stanford University’s Computer Science Department is building an app to help college students study and stay on track. The app is meant to help students learn by learning with others, while also helping the company recruit more students.


A way to track and pay for university teaching gigs in India. The company says they already have payment processing partnerships in place in India and are looking to expand to other countries. SENSEI is one of the only companies that offer this kind of service in India.


This startup is building a platform for college students to manage their finances. It was built for students at a New York university, but the startup is raising a seed round to expand into more campuses.


A community that helps students of the University of California and beyond get the finance and career capital they need to start their own business.


A way to sell high-end items like luxury cars and art on an auction site. The startup is currently working with the University of Washington to create a marketplace for school auctions.


A tool to help connect students with secondary education with students in a similar grade at a university. The startup helps with translation and registration, and says it has successfully helped one student find a roommate for her roommate’s apartment.


A startup that brings the “higher education experience” to students by connecting them with tutors. Notable alumni include Sarah Lawrence College, Harvard, and the University of Michigan.


An online marketplace for university students where they can find internship opportunities, research and a community.


A startup that worked with a university to develop new materials for 3D printing that are conductive and conductive-free.


A startup that helps businesses market to high school students, instead of relying on the university market.


The Startup Grind Philly Meetup is a group of local entrepreneurs, investors, and other startup enthusiasts who regularly gather to talk about entrepreneurship, funding, and startups in Philadelphia. The event is organized by a variety of organizations including the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, The Foundry and the Philadelphia Technology Alliance.


A platform for low cost college housing. The startup is now working with one university, and plans to expand to many more in the coming years.


Working with a team at the University of Pennsylvania, this startup is building a way for companies to create personal journals in which they write and share their thoughts about different topics. The startup is also working with scientists to help people record their medical histories.


A platform for quickly getting and paying for the right medication. The startup has raised $10,000 from the University of Pennsylvania Startup Weekend.


A tool that helps university students use social media to share and learn.


A company that helps students pay for tuition with a prepaid debit card, available to any in the US. The startup has built a “pay to school” system that works with any college, university, or trade school. The startup doesn’t operate in Brazil.


A platform for doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel to manage patient records. MediCloud provides a secure way for medical staff to access and manage patient records. Clients include Kaiser Permanente, Partners HealthCare, and the University of Washington.


Winners of the first annual Venture Challenge will get a $1,000 cash prize. The event is being held at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School.


In October 2015, an app called "SparkPeople" was released by a team of developers from the University of Cincinnati. The app allows users to track their daily health and fitness goals, as well as providing personal and social health tips.


The Specialized Technology Fund (STF) is a $25 million venture fund hosted by the University of California, Berkeley, where it was founded in 2011. The fund is meant to facilitate the creation of new technologies that can improve the lives of people in developing countries. It is the first university-backed venture fund focused on developing technologies for developing countries. The fund is run by the university's Haas School of Business.


On 2 June 2015, an app called "YouNow" was released by a team of developers from the University of Southern California. The app allows users to broadcast live videos to their friends, and allows viewers to tip the broadcasters. The video is only viewable for 24 hours, but viewers can re-watch them at any time.


Idea: App store for university social groups