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Unique Startup Ideas

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A free library of “crowd sourced” electronics repair instructions, with a database of more than 100,000 step-by-step guides for common problems with over a million unique parts.


A company that manufactures unique air filters for the home.


A platform for sending money in the Philippines that offers a unique way to pay for goods and services.


An online marketplace that has a very different approach to selling than Amazon or eBay. The startup focuses on selling unique items and brands, and is based on a marketplace model that is increasingly popular in China.


An online marketplace for quirky, unique, and one-of-a-kind items.


The startup’s unique approach to the problem of finding a G Suite admin. It employs a screener algorithm to automate the process of hiring a G Suite admin.


This startup takes a unique approach to the software industry, building a platform to help customers manage their accounting.


Allows teachers to create lesson plans for their students, and customize them to their unique needs. The founders are hoping to recruit teachers to be the company’s first customers.


A company that helps users find and book lodging for a unique event in a city. Right now, you can book a flight, but you can also book a hotel for a one-night stay or a week.


A design studio that helps companies create engaging, unique, and user-friendly websites. They have a portfolio of clients, including Liberty Mutual, and are looking to expand their market.


A platform for building art, where anyone can create a piece of art in minutes. The app uses a unique algorithm to make it easier and more accessible for people to make art, and it’s often seen as the most unique aspect of the platform.


An AI-powered platform that allows artists to create unique video content, and also that provides a way for them to sell their videos for revenue. It is based on an idea for YouTube-based video sharing that was pitched in 2016, but has been in development since then.


A startup that makes social media accounts for businesses/brands and posts unique content


"Idea" is a series of articles that provide a comprehensive overview of the startup scene in a given area. The goal is to highlight the most interesting and unique startups in a given city.


A new company that builds a unique device for kick-starting engines in cars.


This startup’s idea is a combination of a travel guide with an Instagram feed where you can find unique places to eat and stay. The company is working on bringing in new geographies and businesses to get more exposure.


A platform for artists to share their work, connect with fans and find gigs. It’s a storytelling platform, but what makes it unique is that it’s open to everyone.


This startup wants to create a unique way to pay for items online that goes beyond a checkout. It allows payment to be made with a phone’s fingerprint, and will allow merchants to accept payment in-app. They have released a beta app which has been downloaded by 2,000 users. It plans to release a full app in the fourth quarter of 2019.


A startup that builds apps for the military to manage their supply chains. The military has developed a unique supply chain management process that needs to be made more accessible to civilians.


A startup that’s building a unique product for the retail industry, an online marketplace for bringing in contractors to remodel your home or help you get around town.


A “uniquely-designed” home security system that’s supposed to be “very simple to install and use”. Its price is low, and it’s meant for smaller homes.


The idea is to be an online marketplace for companies to buy and sell their parts. Each part has a unique identifier that allows them to track their whereabouts. The founders say they have raised $8.5 million to date and are already working with over 10 companies.


Canvas is a Y Combinator company that creates “smart” pillows that “take advantage of the unique wireless signals from your body to automatically adjust your sleep position”.


There are a few challenges that are unique to Y Combinator:


A health app that helps people track their food intake from the point of purchase to the point of consumption, using a unique algorithm to allow users to get a sense of how much of their food they’re actually eating.


The startup is building a point-of-sale app for boutique retailers. It’s surprisingly unique in that it’s the only one I can find that’s a “grocer” app.


An AI-based solution for managing HR. HR24 claims to have a unique process for hiring, which they say is 15x faster than the average hiring process.


This is a company that makes a screen printed t-shirt with a unique, personal message on it.


A millennial-focused startup that wants to create a locally-sourced and craft beer-friendly alternative to “traditional” craft beers. LocalBev will work directly with a brewer to create a unique beer style, with each batch brewed on an on-site system.


 An HR startup that helps companies hire and manage software engineers. They focus on a unique interview process of tracking answers and listening to the answers and use machine learning to sort candidates, give feedback, and determine how to move forward.


A unique, third-party app that helps you track your shipping from UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, and Aliexpress. The company has sold $20,000 in products since October 1, 2016.


A company that helps recruiters, called “instaCandidate,” compete with LinkedIn by posting candidates in a more fun and unique way. InstaCandidate has a branch in India, and is looking to expand to the United States.


The unique thing about the startup is the way it uses AI to create new content (the company was recently named one of “Coolest Companies in San Francisco”)


A personalized VR/AR experience that lets you physically interact with objects to create a unique experience.


A startup for finding and sharing vacation rentals — especially those with unique features — and connecting renters with renters.


The following startups were selected because of their unique and innovative approaches to building businesses.


A business designed to help musicians market their music and manage it across the web. It’s a unique approach, but the founders say that they’re already working with over 150 artists.