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Understanding Startup Ideas

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The startup is building a platform that is able to recognize a set of facial expressions and, in real-time, translate them into emotions. It also translates any other language into emotions. The company promises to keep an eye on emotions in real-time, helping businesses avoid misunderstandings and improve customer service.


A tool that helps companies in the green economy get a better understanding of their carbon footprint.


A platform to help companies build working group meetings that promote collaboration and shared understanding.


A startup that helps companies get a better understanding of their customers by using read receipts, call recording, and pop-up notifications to get real-time feedback.


A tool for understanding the human impact of a new product


A system that tracks a person’s location and data for the purpose of health management. The startup wants to make it easy for people to have a better understanding of how their data is used.


A web app and blog aimed at helping companies and people with a “better understanding of their political beliefs”.


This is an app that aims to help people understand their credit score and how it can affect their future. “The app provides a user-friendly credit score calculator that is designed to give you a quick and easy understanding of your score. The calculator gives you a score based on your credit history and helps you understand how your credit score is calculated, how it will change, and what it means to you,” the company says.


A “non-traditional” startup that focuses on the aftermarket. It focuses on a market that’s typically difficult to reach because of the need for a deeper understanding of a customer’s business and needs.


A platform for tracking and understanding the health of small businesses. The platform incorporates data from disparate sources like patient feedback and third-party surveys to provide real-time insights into the health of a business.


This startup is building a way to connect merchants and consumers to their products and services through a deeper understanding of their personal needs and habits.


An HR startup that wants to help companies optimize their HR workforce by giving them a better understanding of their talent pipelines.


"The Definitive Guide to SaaS for CMOs: Understanding the Business Model and Marketing Value of Software as a Service" (2018)


A startup that helps people get a better understanding of their sleep habits and why they should be sleeping.


A software platform for financial services. The startup aims to make the process of understanding numbers easier.


A system for collecting and organizing data from multiple sources to help people get a deeper understanding of how their customers respond to different offers.


A SaaS platform for digital advertising, which allows advertisers to manage their budgets and deliver more personalized ads by understanding the intent of the consumer. The startup says they have $5-6k in revenue since launching in May.


A tool for understanding the many different ways in which people can make money online, such as blogging, affiliate marketing, and paid video production.


A company that combines data and knowledge to give people a better understanding of their personal data and what they do with it. The startup helps consumers better understand the data collection and usage involved with services like Amazon and Facebook.


Borrower.io is a platform for lenders to manage their loan portfolios, helping them get a better understanding of their loan data and the performance of their loans.


 A platform that helps brands engage with their customers by understanding what they are looking for, their needs, and what they are willing to pay for it.


Plaid is a startup that wants to help companies get a better understanding of their customers through social media like Twitter and Facebook. The company wants to build a product that helps companies understand who their customers are, what they like, and if they should be spending money on ads.


Idea: A startup that helps companies manage their tech stacks to ensure they stay on the bleeding edge of tech trends and have a clear understanding of their tech spending


Idea: A startup that is trying to provide a framework for understanding the “hidden” data that companies have about themselves The startup