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Unbanked Startup Ideas

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A mobile-first banking app, with a focus on individuals in emerging markets. The startup wants to empower the unbanked in emerging markets.


A new kind of “bank” for the unbanked, where people can create savings accounts, send and receive money, and borrow short-term from peers.


A platform that offers financial services, with a focus on the unbanked and underserved.


Fintech company for unbanked and underbanked customers in Latin America and Brazil.


A mobile payments startup, focused on helping the unbanked in India, that’s created by a team of MIT grads that previously worked at a mobile payments company.


A consumer loan app for the unbanked. The startup aims to scale its startup base, paying them to lend to unbanked consumers.


A VC-backed startup that is looking to bring financial services to the unbanked in India. The company has started piloting its technology in Chennai and Hyderabad.


A personal finance tracking app for unbanked women in Africa


This company wants to make the process of getting a business loan easier for the unbanked. It’s currently testing in the US, but they’re looking to expand internationally too.


A French startup that wants to bring a more accessible way to access financial services to the unbanked in developing countries. The startup is building a mobile app that connects to the bank account of the unbanked, and then allows them to make international transfers and even cash out to a local currency.


A digital banking app for the unbanked in Latin America. The startup is building the “first true digital bank for the unbanked”, working on integrations with traditional credit unions and banks.


This blockchain-based protocol enables the creation of new digital assets that can be traded on a peer-to-peer basis. It is designed to support the issuance of new assets and the transfer of value between existing assets, and can be used to provide financial access to unbanked individuals.


A financial services system for the unbanked, intended to be much cheaper and less complex than existing options. The startup is building the product for users in India and Nigeria.


Making payments easier for the unbanked, this startup says it is building a crypto-enabled, off-the-grid payment system that will let users send and receive money to their phones.


A banking app for the unbanked in India


Another Fintech company looking to bring a bank of tools, platforms, and services to the new generation of the unbanked.


A credit card that pays you back with a percentage of the fees you pay when using the card. The startup is building a credit card for the unbanked in the US.


Micro-loans for the unbanked, with a minimum term of 9 months, a maximum term of 20 years, and a minimum interest rate of 2%. The goal is to offer a lifeline for the unbanked, who often have a hard time obtaining a traditional bank account.


A startup that turns your phone into a bank for the unbanked. It’s looking to bring financial services to the 15% of people who are unbanked.


A platform for the “unbanked” in developing economies, this startup is building software to allow people to get loans and make payments without using traditional banks.


Walnut Ventures is building a digital banking alternative that is designed to be a bank for the unbanked.


A micro-banking startup focused on helping the unbanked in low-income, remote areas of rural Kenya.


This startup is building an app that allows “unbanked” consumers to borrow money from people in their network of friends and acquaintances.


This startup is building a platform to bring better, more efficient financial services to the world’s unbanked. They’re currently in talks with a major bank to launch their service in the fall.


Idea: A new kind of digital bank for the unbanked that doesn’t require a smartphone or a bank account