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Tv Startup Ideas

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In January 2018, Instagram launched IGTV, an app designed to let people watch longer videos.


A digital university that offers classes on devices like Roku and Apple TV


A crowdfunded service that helps people get their photos on the TV screen with their voice.


A tool that helps developers build apps for Android TV.


A startup that allows you to broadcast live video from your smartphone to a TV via your phone’s screen


A streaming TV app for college students that manages a library of TV shows.


A startup from a company called Popcorn Time, which allows users to stream free movies and TV shows. It's now a part of Netflix.


A company that lets you watch TV on your phone, using a smart speaker.


A tool to let people know when their favorite TV shows are on,


A startup that wants to add interactive games to a TV broadcast of a big game, and bring sports fans to the game and keep them engaged for longer than the halftime show.


A company that will allow you to stream your favorite TV show to any TV device in your house. The company is building a platform to stream video from any streaming platform to any device, including TVs, computers, game consoles, mobile phones, tablets, and anything else that can play video.


 A tool for artists, record labels, and venues to find out how to better monetize their content, whether it’s a song, a TV show, or an event.


A community of users who are willing to pay $1 for a service in which they can stream movies and TV shows (about 1,000 movies and 2,500 hours of TV) using their mobile phones.


A startup that builds software solutions for companies that want to develop for TV, but don’t have the resources to do so.


A startup that aims to make it easier for newsrooms, news publishers, and TV channels to collaborate on sharing content and distribute video. They focus on sharing video content, and do so in a way that Twitter and Facebook can’t.


A platform that allows users to find out what Netflix customers’ thoughts are about any movie or TV show.


This startup is building a new version of the Apple TV. The new device will be a small, small sized device that will turn the TV into a smart TV.


A chat platform that allows teams to connect to discuss work, exchange ideas, and collaborate. With the pitch, the company says it’s like Slack, but for TV.


A software/hardware company that builds AI-powered IoT devices like TVs and speakers.


A company that makes it easier for developers to build apps for every device they can imagine: phone, tablet, tv, car, etc. The business is bootstrapped and has had a $1.3M in seed funding.


A social platform for a new generation of sports fans. The company wants to attract the casual sports fan who never watches their local teams on TV, but enjoys following them online. The startup is currently in YC Summer 2019.


Ex-Google engineers are building a new living room device they call the “Echo” that’s essentially a giant voice-controlled speaker. The device is a stripped-down, Google-made version of the Google Home, and can be controlled by voice, music, and TV apps. It’s set to launch in November.


As Seen On TV is a YouTube channel that reviews and shares videos from the shows that air on TLC, the Discovery Channel, and History Channel. It was founded in January 2015.


With this startup, you can get a custom, one-of-a-kind shirt, crewneck sweater, or a onesie with your favorite movie character’s face on it. They want to build a brand for fans of a particular movie or TV show to wear with pride.


The startup is building a tool to help people find the best TV deals in their area. It’s a list of TV channels and websites that aggregate the best prices for TV channels. The startup is based in the UK, and is also looking to expand into Europe.


A device that can act as a second screen for your smartphone, beaming to your TV or a projector. The startup is focused on the touchscreen issue, as the screen is often the weak link in smartphone use.


A system that helps people watch TV online


A 4-year-old company that makes a programmable, connected-home appliance that can be programmed to do things from turning the AC off and on to turning lights on and off to listening to music and turning the TV on and off. The company has raised $7.3 million in funding.


A company that brings together the wide range of services that people have to install to get a TV to work. It currently has 300,000 active users, with plans to launch in Canada and the US.


A smartphone app that helps people take better notes and organize their knowledge about their favorite movies, TV shows, books, and more.


A platform for books, movies, games, and TV shows to be sold online. They’re a startup of a publishing company, who are using it to build their digital catalog.


A web app that allows people to watch movies and TV when and where they want, using a library of content from various sources.


This is an app for finding music, movies, and TV you haven’t heard of. It’s currently in beta.


An education startup that teaches users how to interact with smart TVs in order to manage their Netflix, Amazon, and other videos.


 A blockchain-based solution for streaming Chinese TV to the world


This SaaS company is creating a platform that lets mobile developers build apps natively for two of the most important devices people have, their phones and their TVs.


A platform for building products faster. The company has a number of clients already, including the Smithsonian, HuffPost, MTV, and the National Football League.


A company that wants to be the Amazon of TV. They’re building a marketplace for TV shows, movies, and sports programming with a focus on providing the highest-quality programming to customers.


A startup that connects consumers with their favorite TV shows in a more intuitive way.


A location-based entertainment platform that allows for 100% pay-as-you-go consumption of music, video, and TV. The startup says it has over one million users and has raised $20 million in funding.


A company that wants to help companies and individuals save money by giving them a way to get better prices for a range of products, from auto insurance to cable TV.


A startup for people to get online-only TV channels. They currently have 1,000 subscribers.


When you buy a TV on Amazon, the company takes a big cut of your money. You can buy a Roku and use a third-party app to stream Amazon content.


A project management platform for film and TV professionals –


A search engine for TV shows that they say will be a “Netflix in a box” for cable customers.


A video platform for TV and film that wants to help people find and learn new and interesting content and build a community around the content.


A company that focuses on the needs of the global entertainment industry, by helping to manage the licensing process for music, films, and TV.


 A company that helps people find and sell their old HDTVs, turning them into augmented reality products.


A platform that allows users to see how much they are being charged for cable, phone, and Internet service. The startup plans to build a cable TV-like platform, including a searchable database of prices, but built with a startup budget.


Marathi version of the popular web series Watsi, and continues to air on Jaihind TV.


A startup that aims to build an app that is a mix between the GPS device from your phone and the ability to see a Google Streetview of your destination.


A subscription-based service for facilitating sales of digital goods (music, TV shows, etc.) to customers over a data plan.


A flexible wand that lets you control your phone, your TV, and your lights using different motions


Idea: Our solution is a device for the living room that uses machine learning to capture the attention of kids and young adults, while at the same time, it also monitors and protects them The device allows parents to stream media to the TV, including YouTube and Netflix, while also monitoring TV time and detecting any inappropriate content


Idea: A way to buy TV advertising through Facebook Messenger


Idea: A startup that’s trying to make it easier for large companies to do product placement in film and TV by providing a single platform for all their deals The startup was founded by three Hollywood veterans


Idea: A company that helps brands manage their “influencers”, a new media channel that has emerged alongside more traditional ones like print, TV, and radio. There aren’t many tools for brands to use to manage this new channel, and the team wants to solve that problem.


Idea: This startup wants to be the Netflix of foreign TV shows and movies. As a B2B company, it’s already working with digital distributors like iTunes, Google Play, and others.


Idea: A video editing platform that is building an automated editing tool, meant to save time for movie and TV editors.