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Turning Startup Ideas

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A tool that simplifies the process of turning a Kindle book into an audiobook.


A machine-learning based platform that can predict the likelihood of you turning into a customer by looking at your behavior on other sites.


This is a startup that aims to help entrepreneurs raise money by turning to friends and family for loans.


A startup that helps you repurpose your personal photos and videos by turning them into memes, gifs, or even videos


A platform that helps small businesses manage their coffee orders online. It’s free to use for customers, but the company hopes to make money by turning the system into a recurring subscription.


A group of designers who create custom UI/UX mockups for companies, turning their ideas into real product or website designs.


A visual tool for turning product prototypes into wireframes for developers.


A startup that allows you to create a “move” between friends, effectively turning a video call into a video-text-chat.


A software company that makes it easy for organizations to save energy with their buildings, turning off lights when the room isn’t needed and using the heat generated by other machines.


A location-based service for turning people into mobile baristas


A startup to help people make money by turning their run-down car into


This startup is building a platform for turning the data generated from social media posts into leads, and then pushing that data out to sales teams.


The following startups are no longer in YC but will be returning for the 11th batch in June:


A 4-year-old company that makes a programmable, connected-home appliance that can be programmed to do things from turning the AC off and on to turning lights on and off to listening to music and turning the TV on and off. The company has raised $7.3 million in funding.


A company that aims to create a unified market for global enterprises to buy and sell global inventory. The startup is taking a basic model of eBay for sourcing global products and turning them into a full-service marketplace.


A tool for turning large images into small GIFs that can be shared on social media.


A company that provides indoor voice commands for Amazon Echo or Echo Dot in the home, including turning on and off lights, opening doors, and playing music.


A software company focused on creating web-based tools for managing the logistics of turning raw materials into finished products.


A startup that allows people to make local videos, and then sell them to advertisers, essentially turning them into a YouTube-style video creator.


A startup that helps merchants manage the process of returning items. This startup is run by CFOs for major retailers.


A tool to help nonprofits create their own call-to-action campaigns, by turning their event pages into a call-to-action page.


One of the most popular products on Slack is the “Giphy Bot.” The bot allows users to search for GIFs, which are the popular Internet meme, and add them to their Slack conversations. Giphy is working on turning the bot into an actual application and is launching it in Slack users’ Slack-ified app stores.


This startup wants to take the pain out of the process of creating a resume for a job, turning college transcripts into a resume that can be shared across the internet.


Idea: Startup that has built a toolkit for turning any website into a chatbot The startup wants to take the friction out of building bots by providing a visual interface and developer tools


Idea: A startup for turning your apartment into a hotel. It allows hosts to rent out rooms via a smartphone app, and comes with features like cleaning, check-in, and flexible cancellations. It’s currently free for hosts, and makes money through a 7% cut from bookings.


Idea: A home security company that is turning your door into a touchscreen