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Trip Startup Ideas

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A startup that’s building a social network that connects strippers with clients


Allows people to book free trips on flights, trains, and buses.


Y Combinator has funded a wide variety of companies such as Airbnb, Dropbox, Stripe, and Reddit.


A tool for coordinating a group’s shopping trip with a single destination by using an app to do the driving.


Idea: A new luxury travel brand that sells experiences like a cooking class in Marrakesh, a private beach in Bali, or a safari trip in Africa. The company is targeting high net worth travelers with up to $3 million in investable assets.


The first YC-backed startup to reach unicorn status was Airbnb, in 2009. Airbnb was followed by Dropbox, Stripe, Uber, Instacart, and Wayfair.


A startup that helps travelers plan their trip, determine the best route, and book the cheapest fare.


A startup that enables users to create a story about a short trip online, using photos and maps. The app has been in beta for two years now, and has over a million photos and videos.


A payments company that lets users of services like Stripe and PayPal process recurring payments like car insurance or mortgage payments in a few clicks. It has raised $2.9 million from investors including Y Combinator and is currently in private beta.


A mobile app that helps a person use a credit card that does not have a magnetic stripe. Instead, it uses a special card reader that reads the information on the card, and sends it to the app.


A $1 cloud-based road trip planning tool that allows users to plan and share their travels.


A product that makes it easy for people to plan their trips and book their flights.


Builds a platform for businesses to share and compare information about their products, services, and employees. It has partnerships with companies like Linkedin, Mailchimp, and Stripe, allowing employees to upload their resumes, manage their accounts, and receive paychecks directly within the platform.


A startup that’s building an online marketplace for visual artists to sell their work to the world, with payment handled by Stripe.


This startup wants to use its data to help people decide where to vacation, and where to live. It’s a bit like other startup like TripAdvisor — but it’s also a concierge service that wants to help show people the best places to vacation and live.


A startup that is a directory of places to go on vacation and where you can do activities (IE A startup like TripAdvisor but for all sorts of activities)


 A little like Twilio and Stripe, this API makes it easier to build new kinds of voice-controlled software.


A wearable that helps you find the best places to park during a trip to the grocery store.


A startup that helps you find a ride share for a trip by using a variety of technology to help you choose a car that’s right for you. The startup has raised $3.5 million in two rounds of funding.


A mobile app that helps people plan their trip to see the world’s best art. The app comes with a network of over 1,000 locations of art museums and galleries from around the world. The startup is profitable.


A new way to book travel. Instead of booking a flight, the travel planning app lets users plan their trip route and pick the times they want to travel.


An automated subscription service that promises to send you a box of the best things it finds on the internet for you — and it’s free. It’s based on a Reddit post from early January in which the founder said he was “unemployed and bored” while on a trip.


A startup that helps you plan your trip to the beach, from finding the cheapest flight, to finding the best hotel.


A platform that connects people with people who want to take independent trips.


A startup that allows customers to order food and snacks to be delivered to their hotel room in advance of a trip.


A platform for online retailers to sell products, primarily on Amazon, Shopify, and AliExpress. The startup wants to provide more of a full platform for e-commerce companies, allowing them to accept payments, manage inventory and payment processing, and integrate with Stripe to get paid.


Online discovery service focused on solving the problem of finding the right home for your next vacation. The startup uses data and algorithms to help vacationers find the right home for their next trip.


Ex-Google engineers are building a new living room device they call the “Echo” that’s essentially a giant voice-controlled speaker. The device is a stripped-down, Google-made version of the Google Home, and can be controlled by voice, music, and TV apps. It’s set to launch in November.


A company that aims to mitigate the need for business travel by allowing employees to schedule business trips for any day from their desk.


A startup that lets people book rideshare services, place trips, and get suggestions from the app. It’s already working with over 5,000 drivers.


A road trip app that helps you find activities across the country, put them on the calendar and remind you when to go


A software startup that helps businesses subscribe to services like Slack, Stripe, Microsoft Teams, WeChat, and more.


A company that makes software to help manage large group trips. It helps groups of people communicate itineraries and organize everything from hotel reservations to transportation to food.


A platform for building mobile applications for small businesses, with an easy-to-use dashboard. The startup is looking to compete with popular platforms like Square and Stripe.


A new startup that wants to provide a way for investors to connect with companies in the early stages of development, with a focus on B2B companies. The founder said it has around $24 million in funding so far, and has already worked with companies like TaskRabbit, Instacart, and Stripe.


A credit card for young people, targeted at millennials for whom traditional credit cards don’t suit their habits. The company has a physical card with a magnetic stripe that customers put on one side of their phones to pay their bills.


Ideas is organized by YC staff and features the companies that have been accepted into the program. Past speakers include the founders of Airbnb, Stripe, and Reddit.


A software company that helps people plan trips, like booking flights and hotels.


A startup that provides a service where people can buy single-use items like baby wipes and toilet paper for their next camping trip


A platform for connecting electric vehicle owners to people who can take them on longer trips.


An online lending platform that provides loans to local businesses. The startup says they have “tripled their revenue as we scale to help more businesses grow.”


A “street level” mobile app that helps users select a local driver to take them to their destination, and pay for the trip via the app.


A data-driven platform for B2B businesses looking to make smarter hiring decisions. The company says they have over 10,000 customers, including YC partner Stripe.


This startup wants to be the Airbnb of after-hours travel for dentists. Dentists can use the service to help students and interns for practice trips, and offer their own services to travelers looking for a dentist while on vacation.


A startup that helps users find, purchase, and rate accommodation for their next business trip.


This startup helps businesses manage their supply chains by using machine learning to predict how business will flow and allowing businesses to better manage and reduce trips to the office.


Founded by a pair of former Stripe engineers, this startup helps companies store and deliver their data in a way that is accessible to developers.


A startup for planning a family trip that you can then sync with your calendar.


As of 2018, YC has graduated over 2,000 companies, including some of the most well-known startups in the world, including Dropbox, Airbnb, Stripe, Reddit, and Lyft.


Expense sharing for travel is a growing trend, but Expense Buddy aims to do it better than others by creating a “predictive expense engine” that creates a bill for your trip before you leave, and serves it to you via email or SMS.


A platform that lets businesses sell directly to their customers – similar to services like Shopify or Stripe.


A platform that allows online and offline retailers to charge products to users’ cards. The company says it can boost conversion rates by 35%, but might also be seen as a competitor to Stripe and PayPal.


A platform for managing and tracking intellectual property. The startup’s founders say they have “tripled their revenue as we scale to help more inventors create and protect their inventions.”


A platform that helps you build and save customized travel itineraries for your next trip, and then allows you to share them with your friends to help them get a head start on planning.


A platform for “telling your story”. For instance, you can write a story about your business trip to China, dump it into their database of a million other stories and have it created as an infographic.


A micro-insurance platform for the Southeast Asian market that wants to make sure that medical expenses, trips, and other events are covered.


A mobile app to help tourists book trips in real time, in a way that’s similar to using a mobile app to book a ride-share or a hotel. The company has a large following of users, and a potential to build a global brand from the ground up.


A travel service that leverages machine intelligence to anticipate your needs better. It takes into account past similar trips and predicts your next trip in real-time.


A platform that allows you to book your next vacation, find a place to stay, and find other travelers to share the trip with.


A startup that provides a service where you can rent out your car to someone for a day so that they can make a distance trip but don’t want to pay for a plane ticket


This startup is building a “digital” tool to help people with things like vacations, travel, or spending money. The startup is on a mission to make saving money as easy as booking a trip. They have an Android application and a web app.


The startup’s goal is to create a “travel agency on steroids”. The idea is to use AI and AI-powered services to plan trips and recommend hotels and activities.


A trip app, built to connect travelers with local hosts to get them a place to stay.


A startup that arranges travel-to-work commuter trips. The company’s main idea is to help people save on gas, and in a press release said it was already saving customers $150 million in gas.


A tool that helps businesses manage their cashflow. The startup currently has over 100 customers, including Shopify, Stripe, Stripe Connect, and more.


A startup that helps you create a travel itinerary for your trip, with maps, reviews, and hotel bookings.


Idea: This startup is helping to launch a product called “Tinder for travel” where users can pick and choose flights, hotels, transport, etc. and then a concierge arranges the trip for them.


A data scientist-powered machine learning platform for the retail industry, enabling retailers to serve customers with personalized, real-time recommendations for their shopping trips.


A startup that lets people earn money by helping their friends book trips. At present, the company has partnered with Airbnb and Kayak to help people book their own trips.


This startup, which launched in May, is building a tool that allows people to take on the role of a travel agent by offering to book their trips online.


A tool that lets users share their photos and stories from a digital experience on a social network. It’s a way to create a digital scrapbook from a trip or event. It’s been used by celebrities like Pamela Anderson and Jack Black, with a team of four people.


A platform for creating travel packages, with a focus on weeklong trips


A local delivery business that can pick up your groceries from your local grocer, or your mail order from Amazon, and bring them to your doorstep. The service is geared towards people who are too busy to make their own shopping trips.


A startup that helps people with travel planning For example, I need a hotel for my trip to New York, so I go to a travel planner and tell them that I want to go to New York and they find a place for me and then they also find me a flight and maybe even a rental car


The app will make it easy for customers to book trips and delivery orders by selecting from a shortlist of the three most popular services, such as Uber and Postmates, and using a booking code to complete the purchase.


Citizen is building an app that helps people plan trips, make reservations, and book hotels online.


A travel concierge service to help people book trips, whether they are traveling or are booking stays for others. It currently has over 1,000 people signed up.


A startup that helps people plan their visits to a doctor by breaking down the cost of a trip in different currencies.


This is an app that helps people plan trips based on similar stats to Yelp.


Idea: A startup that wants to connect travelers with locals The idea is to enable people to go on trips and connect with locals who can show them the top things to do in a given city


A startup that lets companies send employees on business trips and have them pay for their visits to restaurants, bars, and other places on their own dime


Idea: This travel startup helps travelers book group trips, like tours and cruises The startup is focused on building a marketplace that helps small businesses find customers


Idea: This startup is building a low-code application development platform. It’s currently used by companies like AppDirect, eero, and Stripe.


Idea: A platform that connects to the APIs of a variety of e-commerce services (Stripe, Shopify, etc.) to help them better manage and analyze customer data. The founders say they have $1,500 in monthly recurring revenue.


Idea: An AI-powered marketing platform for small companies. The startup plans to launch a tool that can help companies like physical therapists and yoga teachers market themselves to nearby customers who are looking for similar services. The startup claims that their AI-driven marketing campaigns have a double or triple digit ROI.


Idea: A startup that helps SMBs in the UK manage their payments. The startup wants to go beyond Stripe and Paypal into something more similar to Xero for SMBs.


Idea: A startup that wants to become the Stripe of Brazil. It has a payments solution to help anyone accept payments online and in-person.


Idea: A Brazilian startup that wants to be the Stripe of Brazil, helping e-commerce companies accept credit card payments.


A startup that helps people plan trips to vacation destinations


A startup that gives people a platform to post everything from their trip to the grocery store and how they spent their money