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Transparency Startup Ideas

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Idea: A startup for tracking and keeping tabs on the cost of a medical procedure. The idea is to allow patients to shop around for prices, and also to provide a level of transparency that many hospitals don’t have.


A startup that aims to bring the transparency of online voting to the world of online retail, where many retailers don’t always do their best to represent their products to their customers.


A way to bring transparency to the hiring process, as well as a way for candidates to vet companies and find out who’s looking for them.


Provenance is a food tracking app, that has been billed as a startup that’s trying to get food to the same level of transparency as it has in other industries like banking or ride sharing. It’s a bit like the app Just Eat, but for food.


A platform that aims to bring transparency in the consumer data industry with a set of tools that help customers understand what data is being collected about them


A startup that helps small businesses gain trust with tools to increase security, privacy, and transparency


A startup that wants to help people find and hire home cleaners who are local, and who have the right experience. They want to help the market for home cleaning, which often lacks liquidity, by bringing order and transparency to the market.


A tool designed to bring transparency to the loan origination process, helping to prevent fraud, identify the best loan products, and save lenders money.


A bank account that the founders say is “like a personal investment account with 100x the transparency of other accounts and no fees.” The account is meant to be a savings account for small businesses or freelancers.


This startup, which is a subsidiary of a government agency in Brazil, is focused on building technology to provide transparency into the country’s elections.


A startup that helps schools and universities establish open data programs to promote transparency and accountability.


This startup wants to bring more transparency to online rental listings by creating a search engine that sorts and ranks homes based on their location, amenities, and price, as well as the number of reviews they have.


A company that wants to have more transparency about the daily spending habits of its customers.


A startup that’s building a platform for online consumer engagement campaigns. It also aims to bring more transparency to the online advertising industry.


A company that is working with local governments to help them use the power of social media to bring transparency to city hall.


A startup that wants to make payroll and HR admin easier, and provide more transparency into how much time people are spending on the job.


A startup that aims to bring more transparency into the sharing economy by bringing more accountability to on-demand services.


The startup has a novel approach to tackling the problem of a lack of transparency in the oil industry. It’s a tool that allows users to track the source of their oil, and take it from there.


A utility token for the global ride-sharing and car-sharing sector. The startup wants to bring a new level of transparency and collaboration to the industry, by creating a platform for drivers and riders to manage all their accounts on one platform.


A company that brings transparency to the healthcare industry, helping patients organize their medical records.


A decentralized prediction market, looking to use the power of the blockchain to bring more transparency to public wagers. The startup already has a partnership with the NBA to use data on player performance to create more stable markets.


A startup that gives users the ability to manage and store their personal data, giving them control and transparency over their data.