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A mobile app and site that helps people to find places to jog and run, and then connect with other runners and trainers.


A tool for online booking of flight, train and bus tickets in India, with a free mobile app.


A startup that wants to turn every conference room into a training room, and track fitness progress for employees.


A virtual reality startup that aims to help healthcare professionals train and collaborate. It’s a VR app that lets doctors, nurses, and other medical staff practice together in a virtual environment before they need to go to the hospital.


A startup that provides a service where people can book a trainer to come to their home and workout with them


Allows people to book free trips on flights, trains, and buses.


A program that trains and supports people to become entrepreneurs. The startup has raised $1.35 million.


A platform for the creation of community-driven training videos.


A SaaS business aimed at helping companies create online training programs for their employees.


A software company that makes it easier to train learning machines. The company is building an “AI-powered note taking” system for students.


A startup that is building a platform for training teachers in the US public school system. The startup wants to make school more attractive and profitable.


A startup that provides a service for people to schedule a call with a personal trainer so they can lose weight


A startup that hires and trains drivers to deliver groceries and other items within a 20-minute window.


A startup that trains drivers for rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft.


A SaaS platform that helps businesses manage HR processes: onboarding, payroll, leave, benefits, training, etc.


A social platform that helps athletes manage their training, nutrition and recovery plans.


A virtual reality performance studio. The company is building a virtual reality-based studio that provides training to help companies bring their ideas to life.


 A company that helps companies hire and train in-person apprentices. The company works with a network of companies to match up novices and experienced businesses, creating a system of apprenticeships that lets companies save money and still have their hands on the newest tech.


Founded in 2015, Flyfree is an SEO agency based in London. They provide digital marketing services and run their own SEO training academy.


A social enterprise that trains and provides jobs for refugees, and which also works to provide food and shelter to those displaced.


A startup that’s building a tool to help companies create an online studio for virtual, remote teams. The startup wants to help companies have a team wherever they are. It’s a platform for companies without 3D graphics talent to create virtual environments and use them for video conferencing, live training, and more.


A personal trainer who has a special love for the Danish language. The startup is building a mobile app that helps people learn Danish, then helps them reach new goals through quizzes and gamification.


A startup that creates a directory of people who are trained to do repair work on a variety of things like plumbing, electrical wiring, and AC work


A startup that helps workplace wellness with activities like yoga, personal training, team bonding, or even leaderboards for photos of employees’ healthy lifestyles.


The company provides company-wide training and staff development. It works with employers to provide employees with the tools and resources they need to be successful in their jobs.


A platform that allows companies to build digital training programs for employees.


Ona is a mobile workforce management tool that helps companies and employers manage their employees’ work schedules and attendance. Ona helps companies save money by reducing the amount of time they have to spend on payroll as well as on training new employees.


Providing a way for athletes to train in real-time via web cam.


Cloud-based software for hiring, training, and managing employees


An employee training platform, aimed at helping small businesses manage their employees with more efficiency.


A company that develops curriculum and training courses for dog owners


A startup that provides mobile training to employees, with a program that offers employees the opportunity to collect feedback on a mobile device about their interaction with customers.


A sports mobile app that enables users to track their fitness, schedule training sessions, and sync with their coaches.


A company that lets the corporate legal department take direct control of hiring, firing, and training new employees.


A tool for training, building, and maintaining drone fleets.


This startup is building software that allows you to “conduct a live call with a doctor”, a process that can be helpful for medical consultations as well as for tele-training and coaching.


The startup wants to create a platform for “inclusive, scalable, and affordable” virtual reality training.


A platform for businesses to manage their HR — hiring, payroll, training, and more — from the cloud. The company’s pitch is that the platform can be used by all kinds of businesses, not just HR departments.


This is an online video training marketplace for startups looking to grow and hire. The company is hiring a head of sales and has a $30,000/month business already with a handful of startups using it.


A company that helps athletes train smarter and reach their performance goals faster.


A brain training app for people who want to improve their focus and memory. The app is currently free for users in the US, UK, and Germany.


A company that helps recruiters and hiring managers find, select and train the right candidate for the job.


The startup provides software, training and data to help consumers achieve their fitness goals. The company’s software, which is built on the premise that “it’s not about the number of times you go to the gym, it’s about how much you get done when you go”, has won the Best Startup Award at the Philadelphia Startup Weekend.


A platform for sharing and tracking your workouts with your friends, family, and exercise trainers.


Digital training for self-driving cars, with courses that teach people how to become better drivers.


A startup that helps users find and pay for public transportation in the UK, and lets them know when their bus or train is on schedule, and lets them track where they are on their route.


A company that helps athletes and other team members make sense of their training data. The startup was founded in November and is currently available in San Francisco, New York City, and Boston.


A tool to help companies build and manage training programs. The startup wants to compete with other SaaS solutions by giving companies the ability to customize their programs.


A startup that connects you with a local trainer for a one-on-one workout.


Works with companies to provide non-technical training, like how to write a resume, how to respond to an interview question, or how to talk about your experience.


A program that matches and trains mentors with students in the Bay Area.


A tool for keeping track of and improving the quality of speaker trainings and events.


A system that gathers cannabis-related data and allows users to search it in a single location. The startup is focused on helping people find strains that will help them with specific ailments, and aims to build out a robust strain database.


This startup is building a set of software tools for recruiting, training, and onboarding software engineers.


 Silent Doctor helps medical professionals find a trained professional to perform a medical procedure remotely.


A tool to help at-risk youth in the US get training for jobs.


A “HR SaaS” for companies looking to manage employee training by creating custom courses, delivering them to an employee’s desktop, or by hooking up with an instructor.


A tool to help employers and HR teams manage the onboarding and training of new employees.


A startup that allows users to choose their own fitness programming based on their own goals and schedule, with an emphasis on strength training.


A product for athletes that helps them train smarter and more effectively, using breathing exercises, temperature monitoring, and other data.


A new way to store and manage your digital media. The team at Briefly is building a platform that enables users to “train” their computer to automatically organize and discover their files, and then creates a “smart folder” that’s a digital representation of the physical one.


A personalized video strategy for people with diabetes, including training and materials. The company is looking to build a community of users to help them monetize the platform.


• A startup that wants to sell a concierge service that helps people with their health and fitness, like a personal trainer


A platform that helps people manage their coaching, mentorship, and training needs so they can be more productive.


A group of former software engineers and developers who are building an automated dog-training platform to help pet owners train their pooches.


A mobile application that allows the user to create and share movement plans and trainings. The startup wants to help people share their workout plans with their friends, allowing them to track progress.


A startup that’s built an online platform for booking training sessions. The company wants to help companies get more customized training for their employees.


A startup that helps long-distance runners “train like an athlete.”


 A new way to train employees for logistics and sales


A personal concierge app for hiring and scheduling personal trainers. The company takes a 20% commission on all sales.


A company that builds software for warehouse management, enabling warehouses to manage their inventory according to various business needs and constraints.


A tool that helps with all aspects of booking training and events. It helps you find venues, speakers, and attendees, and generates an end-to-end proposal for pricing and payment.


Works with retailers to provide VR-based training for customer service and merchandising


A platform to help you find the best transportation for your needs, including flight, train, ride sharing, and car.


A startup that helps small businesses find and train new employees. It’s sort of like a LinkedIn for small businesses. In the past year they’ve hired over 300 people through the job board, and have a waiting list for others.


A mobile app that helps to train employees and managers on how to work effectively in teams.


A startup that’s building an online training program for people who want to learn to code, but don’t want to go to school.


A digital platform for training and mentorship, founded by user-experience designers. A platform to foster a community of designers, technical writers, and marketers who share their expertise.


A SaaS app that manages the process of hiring, training, and managing your staff.


A company that helps HR departments with the onboarding, training and development of their employees.


This is a company that looks for freelance copywriters, and then trains them to be better at communication.


A company that makes virtual reality experiences for medical training and education, and has already trained over 50,000 people on its platform.


A software platform that helps determine the most efficient way to train employees. It’s a web-based platform that lets employees log in and choose their training options, which are then ranked by an algorithm to find the most efficient way to train employees.


A web-based personal trainer that creates workouts on demand for people who want to do it in their own homes


A B2B company that helps companies create online training programs that are adaptive to different kinds of learners.


A startup that offers training and certification to job seekers to prepare them for entry-level jobs at startups.


A B2B startup that uses artificial intelligence to train machine learning models to help companies predict demand for their products.


A solution for companies to hire, manage, and train remote employees, who can then do their work from anywhere. They’ve raised $1.5M in seed funding.


A toolkit that helps companies train their employees on how to work together to become more productive.


A startup that helps users buy tickets for bus, train, or plane rides, and has partnered with over 400 different transit agencies in the US. The service also has a loyalty program, allowing riders to earn points and then spend them on future tickets.


One of the two startups in the Finalist batch to make the Demo Day pitch, Haptik is another VR system that allows you to create VR-based simulations of the real world. Haptik is targeting the market for VR training simulations, which is an idea that’s already working for real estate agents and other companies.


A video platform for companies to create video training for employees. The startup has more than 1,000 companies using their platform.


A platform that helps small businesses grow by offering training and advice from experts, an event calendar, and a marketplace of services from other small businesses.


The company that makes the "company gym", which can be used by companies for employee training, goal tracking, and more.


A video-based training software that lets instructors teach interactive video courses to anyone via a mobile device.


A company that’s building a toolset to help companies with medical training, which could reduce the amount of time it takes to train people with medical backgrounds.


The startup helps companies build their own personal training programs in order to make in-person training more efficient, cheaper, and more accessible.


A social platform for athletes to share training workouts.


A tool for HR professionals to create training programs on the fly. The company’s co-founder went through a lot of frustration finding training programs for employees, so he wrote his own.


A startup that works with companies to send employees to company-sponsored training in exchange for them using the service.


A new way to get ahold of a new hire. The company offers a service to get your new hires onboarded and trained, and was founded in August


A startup that provides a service where people can get help with their taxes A startup that provides trainings for people to learn how to be better parents A startup


A startup that helps people with MS find a service dog and then helps them train it


A startup that gets people to pay for access to a private training group with a professional


A startup that sells a service for people who want to lose weight and for a monthly fee they get a personal trainer to come to their house and do workouts with them


Idea: A startup that sells personal training services on a subscription basis, with plans starting at $5 per month


Idea: A startup for helping people get a physical exercise plan from a personal trainer


Idea: Get Trained for Jobs You Don’t Want to Do


Idea: This startup is making a wearable device to help train new drivers The device plugs into a car’s OBD-II port and tracks various metrics like steering speed and braking force


Idea: A software company that wants to help businesses hire and train employees for remote work This includes marketing, onboarding, and more


Idea: A software company that is building a platform for providing medical care in developing countries Their technology makes it easier to find and train medical staff who are willing to work abroad, and more affordable for the organizations that need them


Idea: A startup for training and certification courses for Google’s G Suite productivity tools.


Idea: A software company that helps the Philippine government’s DoTCo build out their management trainee program. The startup sets up the trainees with a computer-based learning curriculum and helps the government manage their data.


Idea: Improving the quality of a person’s handwriting by training them to write on a special kind of paper. The startup says they can help 80% of all adults improve their handwriting.


A startup that gives people access to a personal trainer who will go to their home for a one-on-one workout session


A startup that provides a service where people can hire a personal trainer to help them meet specific health goals in a certain time period


Generate a “voiceprint” of a voice and use it to train a remote worker to sound like someone else


A startup that provides customer service training for businesses