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by @levelsio

Traffic Startup Ideas

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A small business marketing strategy and planning tool that lets small businesses measure their marketing performance across all channels. It started by focusing on social media and has expanded to include web traffic and content marketing, email marketing, and paid search.


This is a photo sharing app that lets you send your friends a “snapshot” of whatever you’re looking at. The startup monetizes via selling advertisers the ability to target specific geographic areas or high-traffic areas.


A software product that helps publishers track social media traffic.


A tool that helps companies convert web traffic into revenue. It’s an example of a promising tool that will help democratize data.


A startup that wants to repurpose drones to help monitor traffic patterns and street corners for the police, fire department and other public safety agencies.


A startup for large companies to control the traffic of individual employees.


A navigation app for drivers that uses data from real-time feed from traffic cameras to give you turn-by-turn directions.


A platform that tracks traffic, parking, and sanitation data from businesses to help them make better decisions about where to open new locations.


A tool to help people figure out the best way to get from point A to point B, based on cost, time, and traffic patterns.


A small business loan, based on factors like location, team, and amount of traffic. It also offers business owner coaching to help them grow their business.


A tool for measuring traffic patterns in real time and making predictions


A company that tracks network traffic to help ISPs and other web services optimize their infrastructure.


A startup that works with publishers and aggregators to help them track and monetize their website traffic.


A way to pay for parking and city transit in order to reduce traffic and keep cities green.


A startup that builds apps based on data from the real world. For example, the startup has a tool for data scientists to visualize the conversation of a crowd and see what words and concepts are trending, and a tool for the government to monitor traffic.


A software company that provides a platform to help people, companies and organizations enter and manage their POCSAG traffic data from their existing mobile phone.


A platform that lets you see the “live” traffic on a website, so you can see how long a user is on your site before buying and/or cancelling a subscription.


A ride-hailing app that combines peer-to-peer carpooling with the convenience of Uber. The startup wants to build a system that lets people get around for less money while reducing traffic and pollution.


A tool that helps cities build an API for companies to be able to monitor traffic and respond quickly to incidents.


“The world’s largest decentralized flight management system”, helping pilots and air traffic control systems coordinate location and navigate flights. The startup says that its technology is already replacing “50% of an airline’s total operations” with a fleet of more than 30,000 aircraft.


A tool for managing a company’s fleet of self-driving cars. The startup is building a system for letting a driver take control of a car during a traffic jam, or for when a driver wants to take a longer break.


This startup is building a system to monitor traffic at work sites and automatically send alerts to employees if a problem is detected.


A startup that collects data on your phone and then turns it into a map of crowdsourced traffic conditions along major roads and highways.


This startup helps identify fraud in the ecommerce industry by identifying network traffic patterns that indicate a high level of fraud.


A platform that helps companies generate traffic and leads, which it uses to sell its own lead generation services


A company that hopes to bring a new type of wireless router to market with a design that makes it easy to keep up with mobile devices and handle more traffic.


A tool for finding the best route for a drone, including data on traffic and obstacles


A team of former Google engineers are building a “SEO suite” for e-commerce platforms that includes keyword research, sitemaps, and other tools. It helps brands rank better on search engines and direct more traffic to the site.