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Trade Startup Ideas

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A startup for selling and buying used computers from other people. Users can sell their old computers in exchange for cash or trade them in for newer ones. The company provides a platform to help people sell their old computers and also offers a buy credit option.


is a platform that allows users to buy, sell, and trade gift cards for a small fee.


A “social network for crypto users”, allowing them to share their investment and trading strategies with each other and follow other traders.


A company that wants to take stock trading to the next level with an AI-powered app that can trade stocks with the same confidence and speed as a human.


A platform for people to buy and sell cryptocurrency. It’s not a brokerage, more of a marketplace for buyers and sellers to trade crypto.


A startup that helps people find and review the best electricians, plumbers, and other tradespeople. They currently operate in the UK and US.


An online marketplace for the trade of used books, trading them through a trusted system.


A platform for internet trolls to sell and trade their hatred. It allows people to create "troll profiles" and then sell and trade posts.


Polite.com is building on the idea of “time banking” — people who trade their time for other people’s labor. They have a number of products that do this, including a new one that pairs people with tasks and then allows them to track their work.


A startup that aims to help you become more productive by helping you learn the tricks of the trade that will help you get more done.


A company that provides a way to buy and trade crypto at the best prices. It’s an app for iOS and Android that allows users to use crypto to pay for things.


A barter system for small businesses to facilitate trade with other small businesses.


This company’s goal is to organize global trade data in one place. It wants to be the Amazon of global trade.


A startup that wants to be a consumer-facing for the trade-only ICOs.


A digital marketplace where businesses can trade services with each other. Dutch startup has already built one app for this.


A startup that wants to create a “Global Economic Graph” with a database that will track international trade.


A platform for businesses to use and manage their international trade finance more easily, helping them avoid the costs and delays of traditional financing.


A startup that sells a service where they will help you figure out what to do with your old car when it’s time to trade it in


A platform that lets home buyers and sellers trade home inspections.


This company wants to make it easier to sell people's old cars for them. The startup uses a site to sync with a person's social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and then finds their car on VIN-based sites like CarGurus and AutoTrader.com. Then, they'll take a significant cut of the sale price to buy back a car.


A company building a blockchain-based trade finance platform that uses its own token to make the process more efficient. It’s currently in a pilot phase in Europe.


An online marketplace that facilitates trades of digital goods and services for physical goods, between buyers and sellers.


A tool for high-frequency traders to help them build algorithmic strategies. The startup also wants to make the process of building algorithms easier for researchers to understand.


A publicly traded company that provides a platform for people to make money from their photos and videos by selling them on their platform.


A startup that lets you compete in a virtual world against other players to become the best trader


A startup that helps small businesses use big data to improve their operations. The company’s software helps companies make accurate trade-off decisions between labor and capital in order to optimize their operations.


A startup looking to help high-risk traders get access to the tools they need to manage their portfolios.


A mobile application that lets you trade money via peer-to-peer, similar to Venmo and other P2P apps. The startup is currently in development, with plans to launch in Q1 2019.


A platform for smart contracts, where developers can build, monitor, and trade code.


A startup that’s building a marketplace for people to buy, sell, and trade used cars, taking a commission of each transaction.


The idea is to build a service that enables you to trade your Apple Watch and iPhone data with other people. The company wants to build a directory of sellers and buyers of Apple Watch and iPhone data.


A program that helps people trade in their old textbooks for credits to buy new ones. The startup is working with publishers to get its new textbooks a little cheaper than new ones.


A startup that helps small businesses by organising and managing all their local events, from local meetups to trade shows.


A startup for professional foreign exchange (forex) traders. The startup wants to disrupt the industry’s outdated, fragmented approach to trading, and provide a platform for trading 24/7.


A company that offers a platform that allows people to trade their old smartphone for a new one. The idea is that people can trade their used phones for credits that can be used to purchase a new one.


A company that helps people find and hire local contractors and tradespeople.


A solution for loans that are backed by corporate stocks, allowing their holders to be traded like stocks.


A startup that wants to build a marketplace where people can trade used computers. It’s already started in Brazil but wants to expand into other countries.


A company that helps students pay for tuition with a prepaid debit card, available to any in the US. The startup has built a “pay to school” system that works with any college, university, or trade school. The startup doesn’t operate in Brazil.


This company encourages people to trade in their old phones for a new one that’s refurbished and refurbished again.


A company that helps companies make sense of data generated by their sales leads, stock trades, and invoices.


A new way to sell and trade real estate, with an app that provides investors with “around-the-clock access to property information, data, and search results”.


Idea: To provide a central platform for people to sell and trade used goods, and for brands to directly connect with consumers


Idea: A peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange that lets you trade without a centralized exchange


Idea: An ‘online gym’ for high frequency traders


Idea: An online marketplace to trade used and broken smartphones The startup is currently focused on the UK but is looking to expand to other countries


Idea: A startup that makes a lightweight, mobile-friendly way to trade options for retail investors, promising a user experience similar to Robinhood.


A startup that finds the right tradespeople and helps them get to the right jobs in time.