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Touch Startup Ideas

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A startup that’s building a web browser with a “no-keyboard” feature, simulating a “touchscreen” experience for people who can’t use their hands.


A motorized, wearable device that can put you in touch with your employees when you’re away.


A cryptocurrency exchange that focuses on private investors. It uses a system of “certified wallets” with a touchscreen interface to allow investors to manage their holdings.


A platform for the self-storage industry that allows customers to share photos of their storage units, enabling renters to get in touch with customers and find out about the facilities.


The company believes the camera app should become a “mobile photo studio” where you can easily retouch and adjust your images.


A startup that wants to use AI to create a more natural color palette in fashion. The company’s founder says that the color palette industry is “a $20 billion market, and it has been a very low touch market.”


A startup for people who want to stay in touch with their friends and family by having them send them text messages. The company's patent application describes the service as a “person-to-person messaging system.”


A “high-touch customer service concierge”, providing inbound customer support and on-demand service.


A way to stay in touch with a company long after they’ve been acquired.


An automated customer service tool that helps businesses stay in touch with customers and manage issues.


A startup that wants to help you build your own social network, but for animals. The startup wants to draw in fans and breeders of different pets like dogs and cats and help them stay in touch with each other.


A group of engineers is building a Cloud-based service that wants to help companies with internal and external security. It’s designed for companies to manage their security operations and provide a single place for customers to get in touch with their security teams.


A startup for managing customer service and technical support conversations, with the goal of reducing the amount of time it takes to get in touch with a company.


A networking app that helps users meet one another, make connections, and stay in touch.


A tool that helps team members at any level of an organization stay in touch, with tools like group video chats, a team calendar, and more.


A company that makes it easy for small businesses to get in touch with consumers. The startup is making it easier for companies to market to a large, specific group of consumers by creating a one-stop resource for companies to find and contact consumers.


 A social network for bloggers, publishers, and readers to keep in touch and share content.


An on-demand recruiting platform that targets college students who are also looking for jobs and put them in touch with employers.


A company that makes notifications for mobile workers, helping them to stay in touch with clients and customers via text, email, and phone, and communicating with them in real time.


A device that can act as a second screen for your smartphone, beaming to your TV or a projector. The startup is focused on the touchscreen issue, as the screen is often the weak link in smartphone use.


A company that turns smartphone screens into touch-enabled, virtual room controls


 A startup for buying and selling home appliances. Their current focus is on selling used appliances, which they want to make a one-touch online purchase process.


A company that helps managers and employees to communicate effectively. It’s a private messaging app with a long list of partners that is easy to use and lets people stay in touch with coworkers.


This app is built to make it easy for business leaders to stay in touch with the people who make their businesses work, allowing executives to communicate with their teams via text.


A startup building a platform to help people stay in touch with their loved ones when they’re deployed overseas.


The startup is a service that helps you find out who your neighbors are, and helps you get in touch with them. You can use the service to find out where they live, what they do for a living, and how well they get along with their people.


A startup building a platform for the food industry to track food safety data. It’s a way for food producers to stay in touch with their customers and keep a finger on the pulse of the industry.


A platform that allows a user to stay in touch with a social network without using the internet.


A platform for curating and distributing mobile games. The startup is focused on games that are designed for touchscreens, though they reference other platforms, such as Facebook’s Messenger and Apple’s iMessage.


A startup that aggregates and delivers news and information to users on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The company is also building a “beacon” for iOS users to receive notification of deals at nearby retailers, using a combination of GPS and Wi-Fi to track users’ location and then send notifications for deals on nearby merchants. The startup is also in the process of building a deal site for Android users.


The startup is building its own 2-way messaging service for local groups in the U.S., which it says will help groups organize their events and events organizers get in touch with people.


A company that provides a central point of contact for parents to reach out to teachers. It’s not a replacement for the school but rather helps parents stay in touch with the teacher.


A developer of touchscreen keyboards for touchscreen devices.


The startup wants to build an app that allows your phone to act as a touchscreen monitor for an iPad, letting you run apps on one screen and videos on the other. Coming soon to Android.


A company that makes a computer with a touchscreen for people who have difficulty with a mouse. The touchscreen operates in a similar way to a touchscreen phone, with a stylus for more precise input.


A company that helps get you a loan from a bank or credit union. The startup uses a crowdsourced approach to identify customers who are in need of a loan, and then gets them in touch with a lender.


a company that helps a company’s employees stay in touch, and a single app for all their needs.


Idea: A startup for entrepreneurs who want to get in touch with investors Early users say it’s helped them raise $50,000


Idea: A machine-learning service that helps companies build products that are customized for their users. The company says it’s built for high-touch, high-volume businesses like ticketing, travel, and e-commerce.


Idea: An AI-powered email platform that integrates with Gmail, with a focus on the “personal touch”. The startup’s founder says there’s a generation of people who grew up on AOL’s chat interface and have since forgotten how to write emails (because they’ve been using chat).


Idea: A home security company that is turning your door into a touchscreen


Idea: A soft-keyboard for mobile devices. The startup says their product is meant to make it easier to type on touch screens, leveraging a 3D-touch feature that allows users to press in harder on their mobile phones.


Idea: A new kind of ecommerce platform for physical goods, where every product page has a video embedded. The company calls itself “a new kind of ecommerce platform for physical goods, where every product page has a video embedded.” Users can watch videos to hear the story behind the product, or if they want, can touch the screen and hear the video narrated by a voiceover.