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Toolset Startup Ideas

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A toolset that helps small businesses receive updates from the government and other stakeholders in an organized and timely fashion.


This startup is building a toolset for software developers to quickly create more secure apps.


The startup is building a toolset to help people in the UK understand their personal finances and see how they stack up against the national average.


A digital marketing platform for small businesses, pitched as a toolset to help companies reach their customers.


A way to get more data from your marketing toolset, and make it more actionable.


This company is building a toolset to help small businesses manage their online reputation.


The startup aims to make managing web apps easier with a toolset that evaluates the security of a website, then automatically sets up a SSO for a developer to use.


The Startup is building out a free, open-source toolset for managing your GitHub project.


This is a toolset that makes it easy to integrate artificial intelligence into customer service interactions. They’re close to launching and have raised $12k in seed funding.


This startup wants to build a toolset to help create a global network for small farmers.


A company that’s building a toolset for automating the process of sending out invoices. Their product helps companies like “hiring managers” send invoices to their clients, track payments, and get paid.


A toolset for managing the design process of a single website, allowing multiple designers to work on a single site together


A digital-first finance company with a trading platform that lets investors share portfolios across accounts and invest using multiple currencies. The startup wants to compete with traditional brokerages by using a similar toolset.


A startup that’s meant to help employers manage their employee benefits and compensation. It’s currently a SaaS business with a free tier that offers access to a basic toolset including a tool that helps employers calculate a person’s hourly wage.


Koku is a tool for people to build their own subscription-based service. Koku is meant to be a one-stop shop for all of a person’s subscription needs, with a toolset designed for ease of use. The startup is a Y Combinator company, and has over 200,000 users and is profitable.


A new way of coordinating and selling tickets for events. The company’s product is less a ticketing platform and more a toolset for event organizers to use.


Drawing on the insights from the most-read articles on Medium, this startup is building a toolset that lets writers and other creatives see who’s reading their work and how.


This startup is building a toolset for HR managers that lets them manage their company’s “Human Resources” from anywhere in the world.


This company is going after the $1.5 billion USD market of people who have a ton of receipts, but can’t manage them. They’re building a toolset that uses artificial intelligence to scan receipts and automatically categorize them by month or a year to help people use them for tax filing.


The team behind the app GrowthBot is building out a toolset that helps companies examine where they’re losing money in their sales process. GrowthBot wants to help companies figure out where they’re losing money, and what they can do to optimize their sales processes to increase revenue.


A startup that is looking to build a toolset for e-commerce and inventory based on the principles of the game “Magic: The Gathering”.


The company is building a toolset for building and selling items on Airbnb. The company is already working with a few startups in Silicon Valley, and says they’ve raised $1.2M but aren’t disclosing their valuation or amount raised.


A toolset for companies to set up a custom, easy-to-use digital product. Rely on a team of consultants who are literate in your industry and can build a custom product within 48 hours.


This startup is building a toolset for identifying fake news and hoaxes on the web. It’s a service for news organizations, who can use it to filter out fake news stories and prevent them from appearing on their site.


A company that does data collection for nonprofit events. The company is going to help nonprofits run better, faster, and cheaper events through a better toolset.