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Toolkit Startup Ideas

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A toolkit for schools to build and maintain their own websites.


A toolkit for companies to build their own digital marketing and content strategies.


A toolkit to help non-profits build and manage websites. Its pre-built themes include a person-powered fundraising site, an environmental website, and a donation-based site.


A toolkit for marketers to create and manage social media campaigns.


A toolkit that helps people avoid the pitfalls of modern technology and stay connected to their loved ones.


This startup is building an AI toolkit for content creators. The idea is to help people be more precise in their work and to help content creators get paid more for it.


This is a toolkit for healthcare organizations to manage their operations, like billing, all from one location.


A startup that provides an online toolkit for building ecommerce storefronts.


A toolkit for programmatic buying of ads on Facebook. The startup is pitching the tool to agencies and advertisers as a way for them to automate Facebook ad buying.


This company is building a toolkit for managing and monitoring your content marketing campaigns. The goal is to make it easy for companies to build and manage their content marketing programs.


A company that helps companies manage highly distributed teams. It provides a toolkit for companies to build chat, file sharing, and collaboration tools.


The platform is building a toolkit for designers to build custom user interfaces for their mobile apps.


A company that provides a toolkit for self-storage facilities to manage their inventory. The startup was developed by former YC founders.


A crisis management toolkit that helps companies respond to and manage incidents.


A toolkit that allows developers to add in-game social features to their games and make them more accessible to players.


A startup that builds a developer toolkit for chatbots, which also helps businesses to better establish their chatbot strategy.


A tool for recruiters to help them find and hire candidates for their job openings. The startup has built a toolkit that helps recruiters automate their hiring process, with the help of artificial intelligence.


A toolkit that helps people create their own apps, web sites, and software products.


A toolkit for employees to manage their tools, allowing them to manage their tools better.


A company that helps companies build their mobile presence using a toolkit that allows them to add HTML5 to their sites.


This startup is building a toolkit that allows users to take screenshots of videos and images and then add annotations to them, allowing the annotated media to drive sales.


A toolkit for creating your own custom content marketing.


A toolkit focused on helping startups make the transition into the U.S. market. The startup helps startups look for a U.S. office space, open a U.S. bank account, and hire U.S. staff. They currently have over 50 companies on their platform.


A startup that wants to make it easier for companies to launch crowdfunding campaigns, with tools like interactive video and a toolkit that helps people run their campaigns.


A toolkit that lets companies through its own platform to administer their own payroll and benefits programs.


A startup that’s building a toolkit for the entire apparel ecosystem to do proper A/B testing on its products.


A toolkit for high-school students to create their own data science applications.


The Startup is developing a toolkit for city governments looking to bring internet to poor places. The company is building it using the latest smartphones and is working with the government of Kenya.


A toolkit for scaling a company’s website. The toolkit helps companies build a site for their business from scratch.


A developer’s toolkit that lets you build apps that work across all the major operating systems. The startup was founded by ex-Google employees.


 The startup is creating a toolkit for small businesses to help them create custom, optimized content for their marketing campaigns.


A toolkit for building AI-powered chatbots using Node.js.


A toolkit for companies to bring EHS up to speed with compliance regulations, including a way to assess which regulations might apply to them that they otherwise wouldn’t have known about.


A toolkit for managers to help them understand and talk about the problems that their employees are having. The toolkit is designed to help managers understand their employees better and fix problems faster.


A startup that is building a toolkit meant to help companies develop applications for the web, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.


 A tool for building mobile applications for iOS and Android. AppLocale bills itself as the “Swiss army knife of mobile.” It is a full-stack UI toolkit with a drag-and-drop builder, APIs, and SDKs.


A toolkit that lets you embed a “conversation” into a website, like a chat in a forum or a message board.


A toolkit that helps companies train their employees on how to work together to become more productive.


A toolkit for software developers to build cloud-based websites or apps for their employees.


A company building an open toolkit for building virtual reality games.


A toolkit for remotely controlling the heating and cooling of buildings. The startup is focused on the East Coast, but has no specific geography in mind for its expansion.


IdeaPaint is building a platform for people to create their own art, with a toolkit for people to create their own pixel art.


A product management toolkit for companies to support their small business development efforts.


A tool for real estate agents to help clients make smart decisions about buying houses. The startup is building a toolkit for agents to help their clients follow the market, understand the value of different homes, and make smart decisions.


A toolkit to help small businesses determine the best lease rates for their businesses, regardless of location.


 A toolkit to help small businesses manage inventory. The company recently took in $775,000 in angel funding.


A developer’s toolkit that allows businesses to build automation and monitoring tools for their apps. The company claims it has started over $1 million in monthly recurring revenue.


A data strategy toolkit for teams at different stages of product development.


A toolkit for building online courses. The startup is using pre-built templates and templates specific to the type of course.


Idea: A toolkit to help machine learning engineers build their own ML models


Idea: Startup that has built a toolkit for turning any website into a chatbot The startup wants to take the friction out of building bots by providing a visual interface and developer tools


Idea: A self-service toolkit that helps companies organize their internal product development process so they can more efficiently build new features and fix bugs


Idea: This startup is building a toolkit to help you build your own chatbot. Users can build a chatbot that works


Idea: A toolkit for creating custom voice apps for companies and brands. The company says it’s already working with $20 billion worth of companies and it’s now trying to add more enterprise customers.


Idea: This startup is building a toolkit for people to build their own chatbots. It wants to become the go-to platform for people who want to automate their businesses, sales, and so on.