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Together Startup Ideas

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A startup that helps students and other young professionals find other people their age who want to live together


“Together, dreamers and doers can do more than ever before.” It’s a “startup for humanity” that wants to provide rapid solutions that “help change the world for the better”


A platform designed to help people and companies save and invest together.


A virtual reality startup that aims to help healthcare professionals train and collaborate. It’s a VR app that lets doctors, nurses, and other medical staff practice together in a virtual environment before they need to go to the hospital.


An online platform for hiring and managing temps. The company wants to be the platform that bring together the world of temp agencies and temps to make it easier for employers and employees.


The startup is building an ecosystem of connected devices that’s meant to make the kitchen smarter. It’s a modular system, with sensors such as a thermometer and a oven that work together to track food and cook times.


A video platform for independent artists to record online, edit videos together in real-time, and share with their fans.


A “smart storage solution for doctors” that brings together a doctor’s clinical data and their patient’s medical records.


A search engine for fashion companies to find clothes and accessories that go well together, cut for a specific body type, or are made with sustainable materials.


A "social media for food" that brings restaurants and chefs together to create new menus and recipes.


A tool for business owners and employees to take meetings together, with a calendar view and comments feature.


A startup that creates a platform for people to get together and work out by doing things like hiking, biking, etc


A tool that helps developers build apps for the fitness and health industries. The company aims to build a platform that helps all the different parts of the industry work together.


A company that wants to offer a “new kind of personal relationship” by getting people to know each other on a deeper level and then do things together.


A tool to help teachers identify students who need extra support, and groups them together so they can receive help and support.


A startup that helps women and men work together to grow their careers, by helping them find each others’ LinkedIn connections.


A startup that helps creative teams work together on building their ideas.


A platform that helps couples plan the next 10 years of their lives together.


 A “kind of Tinder for hiring”, matching people who want to work together and those who might not be a good fit with each other. Its goal is to help employers find and hire better talent, while helping job seekers find the perfect fit.


This is a new kind of tool that lets people create and edit videos together, and helps them collaborate on what they’re doing.


A company trying to bring together auto repair information from different sources into a single, searchable place.


The startup is looking to help small businesses grow by connecting them with customers, and bringing them together.


A company that’s building a detailed map of the world’s supply chains, put together using new satellite technologies. The startup wants to create a more efficient and transparent supply chain for all manufacturers.


A network of companies that want to connect their products and services together.


A company that helps navigate the current system, pulling together information from all of the different systems that we use to live and work.


A “remote company” that makes it easier for teams to work together.


This startup is building a platform for sharing pictures of food. It’s simple and turns the act of eating into a social activity. It’s a way to get people together around food and helps businesses promote their products in a way that’s both fun and useful.


A tool for financial advisors that brings together data to help them make more informed financial decisions. It was launched as a beta in October.


A platform that allows people to purchase and sell real estate together in a safe, transparent way.


A company that brings together a community of people with the same interests. Its main community is focused on cooking, but it also had an early-stage fitness community.


A platform that helps small businesses manage their finances by bringing together all their bank accounts and credit cards into one dashboard for employees, and for employees to request payments.


 A two-sided marketplace for artists and clients to make work together. The idea is that artists can make money while building their client list, and clients can get access to a large network of artists.


A startup that helps developers build apps that can be shared, with a focus on grouping events together.


A company that helps people make their own clothes, using a design platform that puts together collections of patterns, fabrics, and accessories.


This startup wants to be the Netflix of dating. It wants to connect couples by matching them based on what they’re looking for in a partner. It also wants to keep track of everything couples do together.


The startup has developed a way to help employers manage their employee recruiting process and streamline subsequent onboarding. The platform allows organizations to put together a recruiter roster, create a template for their job description, and see who’s interested in the job.


The app helps put together a picture of your life, from your health to your home, and lets you share it with family and friends.


"Idea 2.0 is a tool for entrepreneurs to help them learn about new technologies in the market and network together. It’s the Uber of technology conferences. The conference is in its second year and has had over 1,000 attendees and 300+ speakers from 45 countries. The conference’s format is based on the model of Airbnb, where the host gets to pick the guests. The guest list is highly curated and the speakers are handpicked by the company’s CEO. The conference has been very well received by attendees and has been named a Top 10 conference in the US in 2018.


A startup that provides a mobile app for group bookings, with a smart algorithm that learns how guests prefer to travel together.


A startup for remote work in the US. It’s building a marketplace for remote workers to work together, with plans to expand to other markets.


This company is building a way to sell tickets to events. The startup works with event producers to book locations and pull together tickets.


A startup that brings together the best deals from Groupon and Yelp.


A toolset for managing the design process of a single website, allowing multiple designers to work on a single site together


A platform for co-working, with a focus on helping remote teams work together.


A tool for bringing together the various employees in the supply chain of a product. The platform is meant to help manage the complexity of supply chains, which include multiple suppliers, and to keep a closer eye on the supply chain.


A platform that brings together the local food community, including farmers, chefs and restaurants.


A startup that brings together suppliers and customers in a community for shared resources, helping people get the best prices and services.


A startup for groups to build online communities, with the goal of saving money on travel and bringing people together in more meaningful ways.


A startup that makes it easy for non-programmers to spread their own ideas together with others in real time. The company has been building a community of online users to ask and answer questions in a Q&A format.


A web app that brings a person’s social media accounts together into a single interface, for use with Slack or email.


A new vending machine that brings together other vending machines to sell you the items you want.


A startup that wants to help people book last-minute flights and hotels by bringing together factors like price, travel time, and flight delays.


Open-source data visualization tool that connects together email, web, and desktop. It also integrates into Slack and other tools.


 This startup wants to replace the traditional broker model with a commission-free, network-based system that brings together buyers and sellers. The startup says it already has several dozen clients.


A health technology platform that aims to bring together doctors and patients in a single platform.


A SaaS that lets people collaborate and work together on inexpensive, low-power devices. The team is working with a handful of clients, but more are in the pipeline.


A tool for cutting together short, animated GIFs on Macs and PCs.


A new startup that aims to bring the popular online chats of Twitch, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter together into a single video-based chat platform. They’ve built a Chrome extension that lets you embed Twitch, Reddit, or Twitter into a video chat.


A crowdfunded fundraising platform for startups. The startup wants to help startups get better funding, and wants to do it by bringing together investors and startups.


A tool for insurance brokers to track which agents have been working together to win new business. The startup is looking to provide “a better ROI for insurance brokers”, by cutting out the middle man.


 A startup that brings together the digital and physical worlds to make sure you’re prepared for any situation. Exos is a communications platform that will help you be ready before an earthquake hits, a hurricane hits, or a tsunami strikes.


A company that brings together the wide range of services that people have to install to get a TV to work. It currently has 300,000 active users, with plans to launch in Canada and the US.


A platform that brings businesses together with other companies in similar industries for collaboration and support.


 A platform for smart homes that puts together a bunch of different sensors into one device that can control all the lights and appliances.


A platform for bringing together all the parts of an event — from venue, to catering, to security, to entertainment — into a centralized dashboard.


A company that makes it easier for people to work together and exchange ideas. The startup is in stealth mode.


A platform that helps people make music together using the tools they’re already using. The startup has raised $1.6 million in seed funding from investors including Union Square Ventures, SV Angel, ZipCar founder Robin Chase, and Dropbox founder Drew Houston.


A platform that connects freelancers with companies that need extra work done, allowing them to work together in a single place.


A “time travel” app that brings together a bunch of people to make a movie. They can then share their experience, edit it, and share it online.


A platform to connect business development teams with software engineers, with the goal of improving software quality by letting teams work more closely together with a smoother onboarding process.


A startup that helps people buy inexpensive, discounted tickets to live music, theater, and sporting events. The new company’s founding team is from Ticketfly, a platform that brings together event tickets and other forms of entertainment.


A startup that brings together top doctors and nurses in an app, which lets you book appointments, or video chats with doctors and nurses remotely.


The world’s first interactive robot taxidermist. It combines 3D scanning technology and a robotic arm to automatically fuse together a stuffed creature out of real animal parts. The startup says the process is simple for consumers to use, and can be done from their homes.


A platform that brings together investment opportunities from the public markets to the private markets, and vice versa.


A platform that links together online marketplaces, shopping carts, and inventory management. The startup’s founders say it’s a better fit for small businesses than existing solutions.


A platform that brings medical students and doctors together for consultations via video calls. The company says it has more than a thousand doctors signed on, and that in its first six months it had $300,000 in revenue.


A tool for bringing employees together. The tool allows you to add tasks by dragging and dropping from an online spreadsheet to a shared Google Drive.


A group of founders from NYC, San Francisco and Mumbai came together to solve the challenge of securing data in the cloud. The startup provides a way to encrypt and decrypt files and data in the cloud that’s compliant with HIPAA and GDPR standards.


A company that wants to help companies and their employees work together after hours, whether that’s an early morning meeting or a weeknight hack.


A way to bring the B2B world back together in the form of a platform for companies to manage the sales process. Proposer uses a local sales rep to act as a “gatekeeper” who can then go out and talk to customers on behalf of the company.


A platform that helps hospitals and labs design and manage patient schedules. They’re looking to bring together patients, doctors, and other healthcare professionals to improve care.


A platform that brings together a variety of different service providers, like lawyers, CPAs, and consultants, to provide a single interface for a company, improving their efficiencies.


A tool that brings together a person’s social graph and their budget to help them create goals, track progress, and receive rewards in a single app.


A startup that brings together businesses from different countries to help each other with shipping.


A tool that helps teams work together in real time, across the world.


A startup that wants to give young adults a place to nurture their entrepreneurial spirit. The company looks to bring together startups and would-be entrepreneurs to help them make the leap.


A Hong Kong-based startup that is doing a joint venture in China with a Chinese partner. The two companies will work together to build a consumer product in China, and then later in Hong Kong.


A platform that brings together all the health data of a single individual into one place, to help them better understand their health.


A toolkit that helps companies train their employees on how to work together to become more productive.


A collaborative task management app that connects teams from different companies together.


This startup is building an automated, scalable social network that lets employees communicate, share files, and work together.


Smart WiFi is building a platform that lets users control their home WiFi networks with an app, allowing users to adjust their devices’ bandwidth to network-appropriate levels, and to turn the network off altogether.


A company that is building a platform for app developers to build a more active community around their apps. The company hopes to build a platform that brings together developers who have similar apps and allows them to build a community around them.


A platform that brings together employers and job seekers, helping both sides stay informed of opportunities and manage their careers through an online dashboard.


Project management software for groups of people who don’t work together frequently.


A startup that wants to build software that helps companies create products that are more collaborative, helping people work together more easily.


A startup that helps couples stick to their goals, boosting their productivity by having fun and working together.


A network of startups working together to build a new ecosystem around distributed ledger technology. The goal is to build a platform that spurs the creation of startups that can power an ecosystem built around blockchain.


A data science startup that helps small groups of people get together to solve specific problems.


A workplace culture survey system. The startup is building a platform that helps recruiters recruit better by pulling together data from a variety of sources, including surveys, transparent reviews from past employers, and social media.


A digital tool for businesses to make their data work better together.


A company that helps chefs easily sell directly to customers via a mobile app that brings together a range of products from a variety of restaurants.


A startup that helps people who are going on a cruise put together a packing list and guides them through the packing process


A startup that provides a service for matching up people who are moving so they can check out apartments together


Idea: A startup that helps people go into business together Say you have a friend that's a lawyer and another that's an engineer A collaboration tool could help them communicate, share files and bill clients more smoothly The company is currently bootstrapped, and has a 10-person team


Idea: An online marketplace for buying and selling 3D-printed objects. The startup aims to be a marketplace for a new generation of makers, with a platform to bring together designers, engineers, and 3D-printers. They currently have 500 open-ended jobs, and a $1k average order size.


Idea: A startup that is building a real estate investing marketplace where individual investors can connect with each other and do deals together. The company charges a fee on each transaction, and says it is profitable.


Idea: A co-working startup for remote workers who want to work together and work in the same place. The company has over 100 members who pay $300/month for access to their


Idea: A platform for video collaboration, for example to make a video call with a bunch of people at the same time, along with a tool for editing the video together.


Idea: A professional network for the service industry, meant to help service professionals find jobs and work together.


Idea: A social network for engineers that brings them together to discuss engineering problems and solutions.


Idea: A startup that’s building a service for the Australian market that brings together different automated and intelligent financial advice into a single website.


A startup that wants to make it easier for companies to build and manage their own apps. It is offering a set of tools and APIs that can be used to help connect apps together.


A startup that provides a service to help a person plan and put together a dinner party