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by @levelsio

Three Startup Ideas

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The startup is a spin-off of a company called Hint, which was founded in 2015 to help people make better decisions about personal finance. The data can be used to help consumers identify opportunities for savings and investments, and Hint says one in three Americans don’t have enough money saved.


A startup that lets people create VR content using their phones. The company has already raised $8.2 million to build three apps that use different VR hardware.


A three-sided marketplace helping employers recruit, screen, and hire employees.


A startup that uses artificial intelligence to predict where companies will be in three years. They’re based in Philadelphia but working with clients around the world.


This startup is looking to make organic food shopping for the Whole Foods shopper a little easier. They’re working with farmers to create an easy-to-use app that allows users to buy produce from their smartphones. They’re currently working with three farmers in the Midwest and hope to add more in the future.


This company is building a way to use the cloud to power next-gen B2B products that can adapt to changing customer needs. Three enterprise customers.


A platform for letting people work remotely from anywhere. Currently working with three companies, including one in New York City.


A platform that lets restaurant customers rate their experience and recommend nearby businesses. The startup, which has raised $400,000 from investors in three rounds, says they currently cover the Bay Area and Los Angeles.


This app wants to help you find a good plumber for your house, and helps you book them before the job, so you’re not standing in the rain for three hours waiting for a plumber to show up.


A team of three has raised $1.4 million from investors including First Round Capital, HLM Ventures, and Mayfield Fund. The company is building an AI-based software platform to help businesses optimize their supply chain operations.


building a tool to help small businesses manage their paper files, like sales invoices, in a way that’s really convenient for everyone. The startup’s CEO says that they’ve already sold their product to three big companies.


A platform for companies to facilitate “experiential learning” programs. They’re currently working with three startups, including one in the YC batch.


A company that helps companies build software infrastructure that allows them to handle three types of data (user, table, and document) in a single data source. It’s currently being used by a large multinational company that has 7500+ employees.


These three startups are designing software for financial institutions and insurers to make it easier for them to help their customers.


This SaaS platform helps hospitals reduce medical errors and increase patient satisfaction with their medical appointments. It’s already been implemented at three hospitals in the U.S. and is at 25 others now.


The startup’s name is an acronym for the first three letters of “I Would Give Up”, the fourth letter of “Shit”, and the fifth letter of “Happiness”. The app lets users share stories anonymously that relate to the first three letters.


This startup is building a three-dimensional, animated animation tool for clients in media and entertainment.


A startup that builds an e-commerce platform for the cannabis industry. The team has been operating in the Asian market for the past three years.


A tool to create chatbots for businesses. The startup is building a chatbot that’s focused on helping companies build their branding. The startup is currently working with three clients.


A three-year-old company building a real-time communication and collaboration platform for businesses and teams. It’s a tool that helps teams stay on the same page, and communicate as they work.


A venture backed brand that makes nut-milk-based drinks and skincare products. The company has three products in the market already, and recently introduced a new product that uses a nutty brown rice protein called “brown rice protein powder.”


Loft, a startup that collects and compiles a range of industry data about startups, has named YC as one of the top three organizations in the world that are "helping to produce the next generation of startups."


An e-commerce platform for zoos and aquariums to sell souvenirs to customers. The startup is working with three aquariums in the United States, and has had over $360,000 in sales in its first year.


A platform for mobile service providers (e.g. cell phone companies, wireless carriers) to manage their business operations, and a business-to-business platform for mobile service providers to engage with consumers. The company has three contracts, all with mobile carriers.


A team of three that has designed a product to bring the ability to see, access and manage all your digital assets in one place.


A company that helps major brands like Target and Chipotle via a “three-second check-in” that lets customers add a fast, simple rating to a product to build a sentiment score for it.


A startup that helps make buildings cool. In the past two years, it’s built a community of more than 60,000 people who have collectively built more than 100 buildings in more than 35 countries. The community is a nice complement to the three office buildings that are open to tenants in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.


A platform that helps companies host events, with a large focus on live events. It has a marketplace through which businesses can advertise their events, custom event tickets, and sell tickets to the public. Three big clients include LinkedIn, Twitter, and Visa.


The world of finance is changing dramatically, and there’s a lot of confusion around how new technologies like fintech will impact financial services. Fintech can take the form of apps, startups, and platforms, or it can be composed of a mix of all three. Fintech is a catch-all term that can include everything from cryptocurrencies, to artificial intelligence, to machine learning, and more. Fintech startup solutions help companies navigate these changes.


 This startup is building an app that will help people find cheap flights for a flight that’s longer than three hours.


A Chinese startup that wants to help people learn English faster and easier. The startup writes questions and answers on cards and puts them on a string, which people can play around with. And their idea is proving popular in China, with a million cards sold in three months.


This startup is building a tool that helps you connect with lenders who can provide you with capital for your business. Notable for being a woman-founded startup (two of the three founders are women).


A startup that wants to bring the conversation around current events to the next three billion online users.


A few years after launching in NY, the startup has expanded to three conference markets.


A company that aims to improve the process of buying insurance and getting it reimbursed by insurance companies. The startup claims they can save companies $2,600 in one-time expenses, and up to $2,000 annually within three years.


The 2018 edition of the Y Combinator Demo Day featured 41 startups in three different tracks: Hardware, Software, and Networking & Events. The startups were chosen from 5,000 applicants by Y Combinator.


A three-way partnership between a university, a local government, and a private company that connects local governments and non-profits that want to find funding to their projects in a more efficient way.


The startup is building a platform for users to share their “likes” and “favorites” across all social media channels. Nuzzel supports Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and offers a way to see what is trending across all three services on one page.


A B2B company in the middle of a three-year contract to acquire a VC-backed app in the healthcare market in the UK.


P2P insurance for small businesses, which claims to be able to get the same coverage at lower rates than insurance provided by large companies. The startup plans to provide coverage to half a million businesses in its first three years.


A team of three full stack engineers, two graphics designers, and a marketing lead, Capital’s goal is to disrupt the legal sector of the marketplace by providing a full service legal shop. Capital is a firm that represents individuals and small businesses in a variety of legal matters. The team is currently focusing on the representation of individuals, but also does work for small businesses.


In addition to the main list above, a number of companies that were not selected for the finals were chosen for a special list of honorable mentions in three categories: Technology, People and Process. The Bottom Line is the only company that was not chosen for the finals from this list.


A startup that helps medical practices find and book patients online. It’s offered in three pricing plans: the free plan, the $100 per month plan, and the $1,000 per month plan.


A startup that wants to take the pain out of booking a flight. The cofounders, who hail from three different continents, say they’ve been able to eliminate the pain in booking a flight by combining the data from various travel sites.


The app will make it easy for customers to book trips and delivery orders by selecting from a shortlist of the three most popular services, such as Uber and Postmates, and using a booking code to complete the purchase.


A web-based service that helps small businesses manage their people and payroll. The company has $1 million in funding and has been serving 35,000 employers in the US and Canada for the last three years.


A platform that helps companies manage, track and monetize their content. They have three enterprise customers on board, including T-Mobile and a law firm.


Idea: A startup that helps people in the US save for international travel by converting their credit card rewards into cash. The startup is focusing on helping people who are about to travel abroad in the next three months.


A credit reporting platform designed to make it easier for borrowers to understand their credit scores and learn from their spending. It was built by a team of three grad students from MIT and TWC Labs, and was launched in July.


A seed-stage seed fund that invests in startups in Latin America. The fund is building a $300 million fund with the goal of underwriting $100 million in deals over the next three years.


A business that creates on-demand marketplaces for three things: furniture, decoration, and travel. The startup wants to allow people to rent and sell their stuff in one place.


A software company that helps B2B accountants manage the entire end-to-end accounting cycle. It currently has contracts with three companies and is looking for more.


Idea: A startup that’s trying to make it easier for large companies to do product placement in film and TV by providing a single platform for all their deals The startup was founded by three Hollywood veterans


Idea: A platform for getting the most out of your coffee. The startup offers three products: a coffee subscription service, a coffee maker that brews a single cup at a time, and a French press. Their subscription service offers 12 different types of coffee every month.


Idea: A software company for e-commerce inventory management, currently working with three large customers and 15 small ones.