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Testing Startup Ideas

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A startup that provides crowd-sourced human testing on new products and software. They have built an internal tool to help the company evaluate software and services that it wants to launch.


A web-based platform for building and testing APIs meant to be easy to deploy on multiple platforms.


An automated system for testing web application performance.


A startup that wants to create safety measures for autonomous vehicle testing.


A cloud-based approach to testing software


A startup known as “The Human Body on Demand”, which aims to be the Airbnb of medical testing. The company is currently testing a system which allows you to get a blood test on-demand, with the possibility of charging for the service.


A food delivery app that lets restaurants offer free delivery on orders over $25. It’s testing this in Nashville.


Postmates for the well-to-do is a new startup that’s launching in Chicago in September looking to deliver food and beverage at a higher price point than its delivery competitors. It’s currently testing out its service in the area around Lincoln Park, Chicago.


A platform for sharing science/tech knowledge that goes beyond just classrooms. The platform aims to break down the barriers between academia and the next generation of scientists and engineers. It’s currently in the private beta testing phase.


A free digital interface for app developers, allowing them to create virtual machines for testing. It was crowdfunded by the company’s own customers.


A startup with a tool that allows beermakers to test their beers without having to brew their own. The startup, which has been around for about four years, says they have 10 customers that are testing its pre-brewed beer.


Another startup in the European market, DocDoc is a software suite that manages the entire process of building a website, from finding a domain name to building a site and testing it.


A startup that wants to make it easier for employees to work remotely. The company is testing with small and medium sized businesses, and says it’ll be available for everyone in 2020


A startup that is trying to build a platform for real-time user testing. Users browse a website, click on a button, and record their experience. The startup has raised $1.5 million to date.


A single platform to help companies understand and engage with their customers, and act on that data. The startup is testing out a platform designed to serve the needs of small-to-medium-size companies, and then help them scale as they grow.


Focused on improving the user experience of people who travel internationally. The company brings together a private messaging platform for travelers with a photo-sharing feature. The company is in the testing phase and will be available in the U.S. and Europe.


A startup that helps you find people who want to buy from you, and who want to buy from you. The company is currently in closed beta testing on a small group of users.


The startup aims to make complicated environmental accounting and reporting for companies easier, with a platform that helps companies track their carbon footprint, water use, and other environmental data. It’s currently testing with a few companies in the energy and manufacturing verticals.


A water quality testing and service startup, with plans to start in Puerto Rico in 2020


An AI-powered product recommendation platform that helps users find and shop for products across Amazon and other retailers. The startup wants to build the first recommendation platform for consumers in the US, where it’s been testing.


A startup that wants to help users find the right parts at the cheapest price. It’s currently in testing with parts retailers.


A “creative software platform” that allows users to create their own customized voice coaching. The startup is currently testing with individuals.


A Canadian startup that has been testing a new way to deal with the waste of Canadian food waste by using what they call “a great bed of lettuce”.


A startup that uses machine learning to help businesses automate the process of recruiting, testing, and tracking candidates.


A tool for e-commerce merchants to build out a customer relationship management system. The company is currently in private beta testing.


This startup is building a product that can make any physical object like a car, a laptop, a camera or a phone, into an IoT device. It’s currently testing products with big-name brands like Apple and HP already.


A company that says it is building an “ideal testing environment”, something that could replace the traditional lab environment.


A tool for automated testing, with the startup touting their “5x faster” speed to find bugs.


A digital platform that helps people take exams for jobs, and that then prepares them for the job. It launched in June, and after a few weeks of beta testing, is now up and running.


A company to help online retailers in China tackle the country’s ever-present counterfeit goods problem. The startup offers services such as in-store analytics, product testing, and education.


A company that wants to use the concept of a “community of practice” to help small businesses get funding in the form of peer-to-peer network. It’s currently in testing phase.


This company wants to make the process of getting a business loan easier for the unbanked. It’s currently testing in the US, but they’re looking to expand internationally too.


A tool for independent artists and entrepreneurs to get a head start on their next business idea. The startup has been testing through its own internal network.


A software company that helps people craft more effective pitches by providing an A/B testing feature.


An online-only testing service that helps companies evaluate software and websites.


A startup that’s building a toolkit for the entire apparel ecosystem to do proper A/B testing on its products.


A company that lets companies test new products on real users. It aims to be a “Uber for product trials”, allowing companies to have an in-house lab and focus on product design rather than testing. It currently has over 50 customers, and has raised a $3.1 million seed round.


A card that can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs in over 200 countries in the world, with no fees and no limits on how much a person can withdraw. The startup is currently testing in the UK, and wants to go worldwide. It’s a competitor to non-native cards like the Delta SkyMiles card.


A real estate startup that helps customers find the best value on homes. It’s currently testing a model where customers can set their own price and get paid 20% of the difference between that and the property’s actual value.


The startup aims to provide an A/B testing platform for websites, letting users test different colour schemes and layouts.


A digital locker that lets users give personal keys to their valuables to family, friends, and other trusted people, and have them get access to the item in their personal account. The service is still in beta testing and has yet to be released.


Visual Search is a tool that lets you create and share visual search results, like a game of connect the dots. The app lets users create their own visual search queries by dragging and dropping different images. It’s currently in private beta testing in the UK.


The startup is building a platform to allow small business owners to keep track of their inventory, and make it available to their customers via online ordering. It’s currently testing a free app for iOS and Android.


Idea: A startup that takes information about a company’s users and uses it to customize the in-app experience based on that company’s products For example, if the user has a subscription box service, the app might show them relevant articles or tips The startup says that, in testing, they’ve seen an average of 10% more engagement for the companies they’ve worked with


Idea: A tool for testing infrastructure changes, based on the idea of “canary deployments”


Idea: A tool for testing data and API endpoints


Idea: A platform for multiple companies to share one A/B testing platform


Idea: A software platform for making app development and testing easier and faster


Idea: A tool for creating an “instant button” for a webpage, which lets a user add a button to a site that makes a purchase or opens an account. Also has a free tier for testing your button.


Idea: A startup that is building an “A/B testing for infrastructure” tool to help companies test their cloud setups, security, and performance.