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A company that is building a compensation plan for teachers, based on productivity and engagement.


A startup that creates online courses that teach people how to do common home repairs


A startup that wants to create an online-only community for teachers, and eventually other professionals.


A startup that provides a service for someone to come to your house and teach you how to cook a meal


A company that helps teachers who don’t have access to iPads and other education technology tools.


A startup for teachers and parents to create an after-school program that takes place during the school day and aims to save money on travel and out-of-school costs.


A platform for people to learn their own personal finance. The startup uses gamification to teach users about their finances and to promote financial literacy.


A startup that wants to put technology in the hands of complete beginners, in order to teach them how to use the internet.


This startup is trying to teach users how to use tech to do more good.


An online marketplace for teaching corporate employees to code


This is a game that teaches players about the history of transportation, from the earliest days of the wheel to the present. The game has been played over 100 million times.


A startup that is building a platform for training teachers in the US public school system. The startup wants to make school more attractive and profitable.


A tool to help teachers identify students who need extra support, and groups them together so they can receive help and support.


A web-based, collaborative platform for teachers to give and receive feedback.


This startup is building a chatbot app for dental patients. It will teach patients about their oral health and the best way to maintain it.


A community of teachers with a chat room for discussion


This company helps middle schoolers learn about social justice by teaching them about the history of slavery in the US, how it intersects with other historical events, and what we can do to fight it now.


A startup that aims to help parents get their kid’s homework done. The company builds a platform for teachers to provide online computing to students via web-based apps.


A platform for online tutoring with a focus on helping teachers and parents out of school. Tutor-to-tutor videos are on-demand, and the startup is also working on a way to make the private video chats public and shareable.


A tool to help teachers grade homework by grading it automatically, in real time.


This startup is building a self-learning platform to help teach people the fundamentals of coding. The startup’s founders say that the product they have built is already powering over 20,000 students in 300 schools.


A startup that helps people who are blind navigate their way through airports by teaching them which gates to use


A company that makes a video game that helps teach people about mental health.


People who want to start a company but don’t know how to do so can learn to do it from this startup. They teach entrepreneurs how to raise small amounts of money, how to run a team, and how to keep track of their business.


An education platform that teaches women about safety in the home. It’s currently in private beta with select customers.


A way to track and pay for university teaching gigs in India. The company says they already have payment processing partnerships in place in India and are looking to expand to other countries. SENSEI is one of the only companies that offer this kind of service in India.


A startup that provides access to education for people whose parents don't have the time or inclination to teach them.


Allows teachers to create lesson plans for their students, and customize them to their unique needs. The founders are hoping to recruit teachers to be the company’s first customers.


This company wants to teach people how to be a good entrepreneur. The company’s founder is Anand Rajaraman, who ran a business development and strategy practice at Amazon and Google for more than a decade.


This is a startup that wants to help people find their ideal yoga teacher, and help them hire them for a low monthly fee.


A tool to help teachers with their lesson plans, giving them the ability to use the app to create lessons and share them with their students.


A tool for teachers to visualize and understand the student body


A mobile app that helps teens, parents, and teachers learn how to talk to each other.


A community for teachers to connect and share resources.


A tool to help teachers, librarians, and parents find textbooks and other supplies.


An online learning platform for students, whose teachers are given a stipend based on student enrollment.


A startup for music that gives people access to new releases for $4.95 a month. The startup is also building music-based learning tools to help teachers integrate music into their curriculum.


This startup is building an interactive platform for teachers, parents, and students to communicate and collaborate.


This startup is building a tool that allows teachers to share school content with parents at home. Teachers can use it to video and text share, saving time and money.


Notebook, an online service for learning and notes, has a self-serve platform, through which users can send handwritten notes to their favorite teachers for grading.


A platform for online learning, with tutoring and mentoring services. The startup is behind the new iPad app, which they say “enables teachers and students to practice and learn in real time from each other, with the help of a learning coach.”


A startup that makes it easier for universities to use virtual reality to teach students.


A “disruptive” startup that uses artificial intelligence to teach robots how to sort and adopt new behaviors.


The company offers an online tool that lets users manage and track lessons for teaching English as a second language.


Digital training for self-driving cars, with courses that teach people how to become better drivers.


A web-based tool meant to help teachers connect with parents of their students. The startup has $1.8 million in funding and a $5 million valuation.


A startup that makes a mobile app that helps you understand the legal troubles of your friends. The company hopes to teach people how to manage their legal problems via a mobile app.


A startup that wants to teach young people in the developing world about money management and financial literacy. It hopes to do this through written workbooks, games, and a messaging platform that supports peer-to-peer learning.


A startup that bills itself as the “Uber for teachers”.


A micro-app that helps teachers (and students) create and share lessons online. Zoono is currently in private beta, and is designed to help you teach, review, and grade lessons more efficiently by providing a single platform.


A way to give teachers the ability to share video lectures with their students.


A startup that offers a way for teachers to create custom lesson plans for their students.


A startup that helps teachers track students’ progress, in a way that can be used to incentivize or sanction students. They had an initial launch at the beginning of October.


This startup is building a video platform that allows teachers to share lessons with students and get feedback from them.


A company that helps teachers teach their students about the impact of their smartphones


 A digital textbook and learning platform that makes it easy for teachers, students, and parents to create and share digital content.


The Y Combinator summer school is a four-week program that teaches computer science fundamentals to top-tier high school students. The program was launched in 2010 by Paul Graham, the founder of Y Combinator.


A tool that helps educators find free, on-demand software for teaching various subjects, and is also a tool to help teachers find free software to use to teach their students.


A new startup that helps students learn how to do their own repairs by teaching them the basics of repair.


Vela is an online tool that helps teachers organize and track student progress in their courses and subjects, in an effort to improve how teachers teach and students learn.


A technology company that helps doctors manage and teach medical students and residents.


Online teacher to teacher platform


This is a tool that help teachers and school administrators find and manage volunteers. The company says they have over 1,000 people in their database.


A gamification startup that wants to take the traditional business school process of teaching sales techniques and make it more gamelike.


A developer of software that teaches programmers how to be better at data visualization, developing and releasing new courses in the field.


A tool for teachers to collaborate and review lessons with students, built as a web application.


A team of young women who are building an artificial intelligence system to help teachers teach students.


A startup that allows freelance tutors to teach online, and is building a platform that will allow them to monetize their services.


A tool for teachers to create and manage lessons. The startup has been building the platform for about a year and has about 6K users.


A not-for-profit that’s building a platform to teach girls to code.


A web app that helps teachers organize their lessons, then share them with colleagues. The startup’s founders are veterans of the education sector and the product is meant to serve as a kind of “Google Docs for teachers.”


A tool that helps teachers and students create and share lesson plans.


A platform that helps universities and colleges create personalized online learning programs for students and teachers.


A video game that teaches how to drive a car. Players control a virtual car and drive around a course, following the rules of the road, and avoiding obstacles such as other cars and pedestrians. The game is meant for the very beginning of novice drivers, teaching them to drive without the risk of crashing.


They teach people how to live healthy, how to save their money, and how to make their own clothes.


An online learning platform that uses computer vision to teach people how to code


An education startup that teaches users how to interact with smart TVs in order to manage their Netflix, Amazon, and other videos.


An AI that can teach itself to write new code.


 A group of women who teach other women how to be more confident in being sick. The founders say that their videos have over 1 million views.


A startup platform for students to find tutors, teachers, and other school professionals. It has already been featured on the Showcase Stage of Startup Battlefield.


A tool that teaches people how to be more productive, launching in the fall of 2019. The founders describe their product as a "Netflix for productivity".


A company that provides a central point of contact for parents to reach out to teachers. It’s not a replacement for the school but rather helps parents stay in touch with the teacher.


A video-based learning platform where students can ask questions to their teachers, while the teachers’ answers are displayed as video lessons.


A platform for teachers to create and share interactive lesson plans with other teachers.


A company creating a platform for teachers to communicate to parents and students in a more effective way.


LinkedIn for teachers, connecting teachers with schools, schools with parents, and parents with schools.


A tool to help teachers identify and meet the needs of their students.


This startup is building a platform for teachers to build their own learning resources and organize them on their own. The startup wants to build a set of tools for teachers that make it easy to build, publish and share their own learning materials.


A startup that teaches you how to code HTML in your sleep with its platform called “Nootropics”


A mobile app that helps individual teachers track and manage their students. The company is headquartered in New York and has over $5 million in funding.


A tool that teaches you how to read an oil change and how to order parts


A mobile app designed to allow teachers to pair student collaboration tools with social media.


A startup that’s helping to teach 4,000 students a month in the Bay Area how to code.


A live-streaming community for teachers to share lessons and questions with the world.


A company that helps teachers all over the world teach students about animals in the natural world outside of school.


A company that helps teachers get better at teaching. The startup is currently in a pilot with a few hundred teachers in Philadelphia and New York City, and has been in Y Combinator since November. It aims to take out the headache of grading papers and lesson plans.


A micro-purchase tool for students to pay a particular school a specific amount, and also a tool for teachers to track the progress of a group of students. The startup was founded in July.


Idea: A game that teaches you how to code


This startup wants to teach bartenders how to mix drinks. To that end, it’s developing a machine that mixes drinks by measuring the amount of liquor, spirits, and mixer that goes into them.


A video-based training software that lets instructors teach interactive video courses to anyone via a mobile device.


A startup that teaches people how to make money blogging


A startup that teaches people how to play a musical instrument and then sells tickets to their concerts


A startup that provides a service where a person will come to your house and give you a makeup/skincare consultation and teach you how to apply makeup


A startup that provides a service for students who are starting a business to teach them how to apply to accelerators, which ones are best and what to expect


A startup that provides a service where you go to someone’s house, eat with them, and they teach you how to cook one of


Idea: Online courses for teaching the basics of programming


Idea: A startup that wants to bring online tutoring to India It’s working with teachers and tutors, and aims to provide a marketplace where teachers can list their services


Idea: A platform to help K12 teachers market their services, and help parents find the teachers they are looking for


Idea: A startup that wants to teach students music through digital lessons


An online marketplace for hiring tutors and teachers


Idea: A startuplication that helps people learn how to code apps. The startup is focused on teaching people how to make apps for iOS and Android.


Idea: A startup that’s building a tool for online tutoring, but its focus is on the digital-first approach it’s taking: the startup sees the future of education as a lot more digital, and so it’s building a teaching platform that works with students’ tablets and phones.


Idea: A startup that’s building a professional development platform for teachers, with a focus on helping them find and communicate with other teachers they can learn from.


Idea: A music education startup that wants to provide teachers for music students in a Snapchat-like interface.


Idea: A financial education platform that teaches users about credit cards and loans


 A startup that sells a subscription service to teach people how to use their smartphones