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Targeting Startup Ideas

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A new, blockchain-enabled peer-to-peer lending platform that is targeting the global student debt crisis. The company is expanding internationally and looking for investors.


A cloud-based platform to enable people to easily run their own on-demand marketplaces. The startup is targeting people who sell products on eBay and Amazon.


A location-based service that aims to bring the real-time chatter of restaurant reviews to the table. It’s targeting customers with $25 meals or more that don’t have a reservation.


 A platform for connecting ridesharing services along with their drivers. The startup is targeting the US market, but has already expanded into Europe.


A next-gen ad-tech company that’s building a content-targeting tool for online publishers.


This is a satellite company, which wants to provide connectivity between islands through satellite tech. It’s targeting the Pacific, but it’s also in talks with other remote parts of the globe.


A company that wants to build a tool for automating retargeting campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


A platform that allows consumers to rent out their homes. The B2B platform is targeting real estate agents, who the startup says can earn up to $100k per year.


A company that helps online businesses with online marketing by targeting their customers with specific video ads and other creative content


This startup is building a machine learning service that helps other companies quickly create and execute campaigns without the need for a huge staff. The startup is targeting startups that need marketing help but don’t have the time or the resources to build it.


A hamburger-focused delivery startup targeting the Bay Area, with a goal of having a minimum of $20 million in revenue by the end of the year.


Provides an SaaS platform for financing and investing. The company is currently targeting small business owners in the US.


A chatbot that helps people eat better. The startup is targeting the $20 billion global market in the next 5 years.


A startup for students and recent graduates to find jobs. The company is targeting recent graduates in the US who lack jobs experience, but are in the midst of college.


A startup that helps you build your own custom bow ties. The startup is targeting the millennial market with a more tech-savvy way to wear a bow tie.


A startup focused on getting more people onto their “right-sized” compact cars, with a focus on the East Coast. The startup is focused on targeting Millennials who are interested in driving small cars but don’t want to spend a lot of money.


The team is building a way to automatically and transparently recommend the best employees for an open position. The startup is currently only targeting startups in Silicon Valley.


A startup run by former Microsoft employee Jason Pelczer, that’s developing a system for companies to accept crypto payments for their enterprise software. The company is targeting companies in the financial services sector.


A startup that’s building an ecommerce platform for the toy industry, targeting a market that’s worth $100 billion by 2025.


A platform that helps people find the best and cheapest healthcare, based on the best information available on what treatments are effective, and what providers are best. HealthMap is targeting big cities in the US that have good healthcare options and are currently underserved by them.


A startup building a platform to let people find jobs in their own community. It works a lot like other platforms like Upwork, but the company says it’s targeting the jobs market, and does not require fees to post a job.


A platform that helps small businesses grow with the help of AI and machine learning. The startup is targeting the B2B market, and already has over 100 customers.


A content incentive platform that rewards employees for sharing and spreading content. It’s currently targeting the hospitality industry.


A startup targeting people with diabetes, to help them improve their quality of life by giving them medical advice and tools to manage diabetes.


A developer API that lets developers create chatbots with specific features. The startup is targeting enterprise businesses.


A startup that wants to make it easier to find and share data sets from different sources. It has raised $3.3 million to date, and is targeting enterprise customers.


A startup that wants to build a streamlined enterprise mobile application. Its platform lets businesses choose from pre-built mobile apps or customize them from scratch. It’s built on the Salesforce Chatter API and is targeting the C-Suite.


A cloud-native, multi-tenant application platform that focuses on making it easier to manage a company’s backend infrastructure. It’s the company’s first product, and the company is targeting $100 million in revenue as it adds new features.


A company that helps brands communicate with their customers in a more personal way. The startup wants to make a “human social media network” that works in a more organic way, where you can reach people with specific interests without the need for any kind of targeting.


The other factor is the service-based nature of B2B companies. B2B companies typically spend on services, such as accounting or legal services. The most common B2B service businesses include accounting, banking, and legal services. B2B marketing startups are therefore more likely to be targeting B2


A “tapping service” for restaurants that allows them to tap-in the orders that come in over their phone line. The startup is targeting restaurants and catering companies that don’t have a phone line.


Idea: A medtech startup that aims to help people with their insulin needs The company says it’s already working with over 1,000 people and has a real-time insulin dosing calculator for people to use online The company’s COO points out that this is a $7B market and the company is targeting the $45B of people who aren’t able to take insulin as prescribed


Idea: A startup that helps people who are new to a city find places to live. The startup is targeting international students, new workers and the like, and aims to partner with landlords to make a profit.


Idea: The startup is building a tool to help companies integrate their internal processes into a single workflow. The SaaS business is targeting other business software providers with a workflow platform for those who are building out B2B solutions.


A platform that lets businesses manage their online presence and marketing efforts. The company is targeting small and medium-sized businesses.