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Targeted Startup Ideas

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A platform for employers to send out offers in bulk, targeted towards a group of people.


A company that helps nonprofits and local governments hire digital marketing agencies that are more targeted to their needs. They’re currently offering 5 hours of consulting and digital marketing services for $200.


A consumer-targeted business that allows the user to share and rate products, and build a community around them.


An API that can help publishers send out targeted emails to their subscribers.


A startup that helps online publishers generate revenue by allowing them to create targeted ads based on the content they are reading


A new platform that creates targeted ads using the data from your social media. It’s not clear how exactly this would work, but the startup is hoping to “dramatically change the way brands target customers”.


A platform for creating and selling e-books, but targeted at high school students


A targeted social reach tool for businesses that allows for an insight into their customers.


A company that wants to help companies track whether they are being targeted for insurance fraud.


Shopping cart software designed for retailers who don’t have a large inventory. It’s targeted at mom-and-pop shops. The startup is in the early stages of building out its business.


A tool that enables you to create custom groups of contacts on your smartphone and send targeted messages to them.


A credit card for young people, targeted at millennials for whom traditional credit cards don’t suit their habits. The company has a physical card with a magnetic stripe that customers put on one side of their phones to pay their bills.


A software company that helps companies like restaurant chains track and improve customer loyalty, as well as use the data to segment customers into groups that can be targeted with different marketing.


A provider of high speed Internet for small businesses. Its service is targeted at small businesses, who can get a gigabit speed for $40 per month.


This is an email marketing company that uses a mix of AI and machine learning to create targeted email campaigns for customers.


A startup that’s been using AI to help companies make better financial decisions, allowing them to make “retail-like decisions” that are more targeted and make better predictions.


A way for companies to create and store data about their customers, so they can be targeted with personalized advertising.


A platform that helps you find a loan faster and at a lower rate. The startup is developing a unique platform for personal loans that is targeted at consumers.


A SaaS company that provides software to allow brands to send targeted text messages to customers with an opt-in, in order to acquire new customers. The startup is currently working with a number of marketing programs around the world.


A startup that helps retailers and brands create a more targeted and personalized marketing strategy.


The startup’s goal is to help hospitals build relationships with their patients. The company works with the hospital’s existing marketing team to develop a set of engaging patient experiences that are targeted to each patient.


Idea: A solution for sending out targeted marketing messages to specific segments of a customer list, or the entire list


A startup that provides targeted advertising opportunities for businesses through a large database of local businesses and customers’ social media profiles. The startup aims to reduce advertising costs and increase ROI for businesses.