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A fake account that updates you on trending topics and stories that others are talking about, but are too boring or too niche to actually care about.


A SaaS business that takes the pain out of talking to a doctor online, allowing patients to schedule appointments and communicate with their doctors 24/7.


A travel app that claims to be fully integrated with Airbnb. The startup’s founders say they’ve already been in talks with Airbnb about using their platform.


A company that helps businesses call in to talk to prospective clients, and vice versa.


A startup that does “personalized” financial planning for people who have a lot of money So, clients pay a fee and the financial planner talks with them and then helps them set up their investment portfolio


Giving Demo Day startups advice can only go so far. So Y Combinator does a bit more to help startups. YC has created a forum for startup founders to share information and advice with one another. They also host “Ask-Me-Anything” sessions for founders to talk about their companies.


A chat app for book lovers and library users. The startup wants to make it easier for library users to talk about books.


A tool for helping people collaborate and communicate via text, email, and phone. The startup’s product is a Slack chatbot that helps users talk about topics, track conversations, set reminders, and so forth.


A platform that helps people share and talk about their interests, helping them find new friends and meet new people.


A peer-to-peer lending company that focuses on college students. The company says it’s in talks with a few large consumer finance companies and would like to see itself included in student loan refinancing programs. They’re based in Delaware.


A video conferencing app that allows people to talk with their team members and clients, while also watching each other’s screens so they can see how they look and react.


This is a satellite company, which wants to provide connectivity between islands through satellite tech. It’s targeting the Pacific, but it’s also in talks with other remote parts of the globe.


Ability to locate and talk to friends and family who are in the same place as you. The startup is building functionality to make phone and messaging more like texting, with the ability to send and receive emojis, stickers, and photos.


A chatbot to help with small talk and get to know people you’re meeting with in person.


A software company that brings “conversational” UI to the web, allowing users to simply talk to a service to get things done.


A translator that translates the voice of a user's phone into text. The startup, which was founded in May, says that a lot of the time people are talking to themselves, and that voice-to-text software works great but is hard to use.


This startup sells an Android app that lets you quickly record notes/talks about an item you are selling on eBay. The startup is also building out a platform for selling on eBay.


A platform with a web-based portal for doctors to access patient information, allowing them to talk to patients or patients’ families remotely through video conferencing, or call them into their office.


A new app that turns your phone into a high-tech thermostat so you can set it and forget it. The app talks to the temperature sensors in your home and adjusts your system to your energy usage and comfort level.


A mobile app that helps teens, parents, and teachers learn how to talk to each other.


A startup that has an online forum for people to talk about their problems For example, they would help people going through a divorce or would help people who are going through a hard time at work


Loose talk among friends and coworkers about work and life. You can learn a lot about people by what they’re discussing, and what they’re saying is more than just idle chatter. This startup wants to make that sort of content available to employers and HR departments.


A startup that uses an IoT platform to automatically manage the delivery of goods in the same way that Amazon and Uber do. Founded in early 2019, they’re currently in talks with logistics companies in the US, Canada and Mexico.


A platform that enables companies to talk to their customers in a more natural and personal way.


A software company that aims to help employers and HR departments manage the cost of employee benefits. It aims to make it easier for employers to understand what they’re paying and how to improve it. They’re currently in talks with banks to offer a new product.


A tool to give employees a simple way to talk to their bosses and coworkers at work and on the phone.


A startup that provides a tool to help small businesses quickly launch their own mobile apps. The company says it’s currently working with 1,000 businesses and is currently in talks with several others.


A system that helps people connect the dots between their physical and digital lives, that helps them understand the world around them. People can use the app to find out if someone has talked about them on social media, see if they’ve visited a particular location, and snap a photo of an item they want to buy and see if they can find it elsewhere.


A tech company that makes digital services for the public health sector. They’re focused on getting government agencies to talk to each other.


Nimbix is a startup creating a platform for employees to give better feedback on their managers. The company is currently in talks with several companies to use its platform.


Ride-sharing for the elderly. The startup is working on a ride-sharing service for seniors, called Seniorly. The company is also in talks with the US Department of Transportation to develop a pilot program for a level of autonomous driving.


"It’s in the works," said Guy Kawasaki, a venture capitalist who has invested in the company. "We’re thinking about a lot of things that I can’t talk about today."


A venture-backed, data-driven performance marketing company that helps companies find out what people are talking about, what they’re talking to each other about, and what people are saying about their brands.


A startup that wants to build an AI-powered chatbot that allows your Facebook friends to talk to your bot for all the things.


Works with companies to provide non-technical training, like how to write a resume, how to respond to an interview question, or how to talk about your experience.


This is a messaging platform that works with Slack and Google Apps so you can talk about deadlines and collaboration from any device. The startup says it has already helped over 250 companies and is looking to scale.


A tool for CEOs to talk to their employees, and give them access to a variety of tools to help them work.


This is a SaaS application with a question and answer format that allows people to talk about ideas and their progress. The startup wants to build out a content management platform to help people publish their work.


An online hub for people who are visually-impaired and hard of hearing. The site’s founders say that they’re currently in talks with hearing suppliers to help them build a suite of apps for users.


The Startup Grind Philly Meetup is a group of local entrepreneurs, investors, and other startup enthusiasts who regularly gather to talk about entrepreneurship, funding, and startups in Philadelphia. The event is organized by a variety of organizations including the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, The Foundry and the Philadelphia Technology Alliance.


A way to automate the sales process, with software to help companies be more effective in talking to prospects.


A company that sells custom-made T-shirts for its customers, and has partnered with a number of companies like Coca-Cola, McDonald's, and Tapatalk to offer exclusive designs.


A music subscription service that pays artists based on how much music people listen to. The company is already in talks with artists to create original content and bring it to their platform.


A platform that brings the power of social media to event promotion. The startup helps event organizers manage their social accounts, invite people to the event, and encourage them to talk about their experience on social platforms.


The startup wants to help companies meet the needs of their customers with a new tech platform that lets users talk directly to their bank services, like the automated teller machines of the future.


The startup is building a platform for online poll creators. It’s a company that’s already in early-stage talks with buyout funds.


A company that helps companies in developing countries get banking services. They’re currently in talks with several banks in India.


This startup makes the most of the fact that employers like to have their employees on the same location. It connects employees with other employees in a private chat room, where they can discuss work and ask questions. It’s a more efficient use of time for employers who don’t want their employees talking to each other.


A “one-stop shop for credit” that aims to help people from underbanked backgrounds to get access to credit. The startup is currently in talks with banks and credit unions to work out a partnership.


A company that wants to help businesses manage their customer data. They’ve been in stealth mode for two years and they’re already talking to more than 500 Fortune 500 companies.


A way to bring the B2B world back together in the form of a platform for companies to manage the sales process. Proposer uses a local sales rep to act as a “gatekeeper” who can then go out and talk to customers on behalf of the company.


A toolkit for managers to help them understand and talk about the problems that their employees are having. The toolkit is designed to help managers understand their employees better and fix problems faster.


An anonymous messenger for LGBT teens, aimed at the Mormon community. The startup’s founder says the startup’s customer base is made up of LGBT Mormons who feel the need for a safe place to talk about their sexuality.


There are two ways to get around the city. The first is the conventional private vehicle. The second is a bicycle. EcoBike wants to connect users to their bicycles via apps, and provide a software platform to allow the bikes to talk to each other.


A platform for connecting readers to products and creators. The company says it’s currently in talks with publishers, and has letters of intent from five publishers to launch the product in the next few weeks.


The company wants to solve the startup funding process. They are currently in talks with investors.


A decentralized network of health and medical devices that can connect to each other to streamline health data gathering and data sharing. The network is designed to be a completely decentralized, non-profit network, and is currently in talks with the NHS.


Idea: This is a startup that makes a “smart” doorbell. It has a camera, a microphone, and a speaker. Users can talk to delivery and service providers through the doorbell, and the device can be used to monitor and intervene in domestic abuse cases.


Idea: A home security company for Latin American households, primarily in Mexico. The startup is focused on providing internet-connected cameras that allow users to see and talk to visitors while they’re away from home.


Idea: A platform to send short audio clips with a text message The startup wants to make texting more like talking


Idea: A bot that can talk to any company’s customer service line


Idea: Instant audio recording via simple push-to-talk app


Idea: A startup that turns your cell phone or computer into a walkie-talkie. The receiver is a physical device you can carry around. The startup is selling the device for $99, with a month of service starting at $5.


Idea: A way to buy and sell phone numbers, with the team saying that a lot of people are talking about retiring their phone numbers because of changes in the current contact system.


A startup that helps employees stalk their managers without having to leave the office.