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Talent Startup Ideas

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A company that helps small businesses find tech talent, with a focus on recruiting developers and designers in cities where they are based.


A startup that is building a platform for onboarding new talent at small- and medium-sized businesses. The startup looks to make the hiring process much easier and more efficient by connecting employers with freelancers via an online marketplace.


A startup that helps retailers “find the right kind of people to hire” for their stores. The startup is also building out a talent platform for retailers using job data from LinkedIn to help them find the right people to hire.


A startup that helps companies find and hire talent from the right countries, for the right price.


A tool to help companies manage their talent, helping them find and engage with prospective hires.


A solution for startup founders to find and hire technical talent.


 A “kind of Tinder for hiring”, matching people who want to work together and those who might not be a good fit with each other. Its goal is to help employers find and hire better talent, while helping job seekers find the perfect fit.


“An online platform that provides the opportunity to discover and hire top talent from around the world. They are already generating $4 million in annual revenue with a team of 8.”


A tool for companies that want to bring in talent and help them fit into their company.


A “mobile-first” enterprise software platform that helps companies manage talent, HR, and employee engagement.


A self-serve platform that connects independent contractors and clients across North America. The startup says their platform helps to reduce the overhead of managing a workforce, while providing an easy way for employers to find talent.


Building a platform for talent recruiters, which shows them exactly how much they should be paying for a new hire.


A startup that’s building a tool to help companies create an online studio for virtual, remote teams. The startup wants to help companies have a team wherever they are. It’s a platform for companies without 3D graphics talent to create virtual environments and use them for video conferencing, live training, and more.


A platform that helps companies evaluate talent by tying in all of their online and offline data via APIs.


A company that helps companies find and hire top tech talent. It has a network of experts and a pipeline of candidates that it can invite to interviews.


Helps small business owners find the right talent, like accountants, lawyers and consultants. Things like word-of-mouth, LinkedIn, past client referrals and referrals from the company’s own customers are used to get business owners to the right talent.


An AI-driven platform that comes with a team of data scientists, software engineers, and designers, and which wants to help companies find talent in India.


A business that wants to help companies recruit top talent by connecting them with job seekers.


This startup is building an on-demand talent platform that lets businesses easily find and hire employees.


A platform for employers to create a job marketplace to connect them with the best talent in a given region.


A tool to help people make a living using their talents. They have $2,000 in monthly revenue.


A software company that brings AI to the process of hiring software talent, to help businesses make better decisions.


New York - New York City is home to the largest financial district in the world, but the cost of living for interns in this area is so high that it’s difficult for companies to entice young talent to stay. This startup, known as Give, wants to make it easier for companies to hire interns.


A startup that builds software that helps businesses onboard their employees to talent management systems like Upwork or LinkedIn Talent.


This is a digital tool to help employers with recruiting and talent management.


Changing the way companies find and hire talent. Based in London, the startup is building software meant to give companies a better idea of who’s available that can make them more open to hiring candidates. They have a large set of clients in the UK.


This is a startup that wants to help small and medium-size companies connect with local communities. The company provides an online platform to help companies find local talent, and has a built-in business development tool to help build relationships between companies and local businesses.


A company that connects retail stores with talented baristas. The startup offers the ability to get coffee from the comfort of one’s own home, and pay with a credit card.


A platform that helps recruiters find and schedule talent for in-person events. The startup wants to be the “LinkedIn for recruiters.”


A startup that helps companies find new talent. It helps scale traditional recruiting with its chatbot.


A design agency that connects design talent with brands, allowing it to bring out the best in each other.


A company that helps hire talent for nonprofits and charities.


A monthly membership service that helps companies identify and recruit technical talent. The company boasts $1 million in recurring revenue and says it has already grown its team from 10 to 30 people.


A platform that helps recruiters find talent and verify that they’re a fit for companies.


A platform for meeting planners and event organizers to book freelance talent for online event production.


An online marketplace for freelance talent. They’re building a pool of talent, via an online marketplace, for brands to use.


A startup geared towards recruiting talent in the US. The startup wants to help people find remote jobs in the US and abroad, and connect them with recruiters for employers.


This startup is building a system that helps companies recruit and retain high quality talent. With a $100,000 investment from Andreessen Horowitz, the company is working with companies like Hubspot, Zendesk, and The New York Times to do so.


The software lets employers manage the careers of anonymous employees. The startup is using the data to help companies recruit talent from candidates who have the best qualifications.


A B2B platform for finding and sharing freelance technical talent, with a focus on Germany.


Uncover is a program that helps smart, talented people make a living from their interests.


A digital service that let’s you connect your job in the digital world to your real world job. The startup helps HR departments better manage the digital talent they’re hiring, and helps companies that are hiring use the digital world to recruit better. The startup has raised $110,000.


The startup is a service that connects brands with people who are interested in working with them. The startup wants to create a digital marketplace for brands to find the talent to help them.


A platform for the entertainment industry to showcase talent, with a focus on both live events and social media stars. The company is looking to build out a 20,000-person network for talent.


A software company that helps HR teams with all aspects of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding. They strive to be a one-stop shop for talent as well as a human resource management solution.


A platform for recruiters, meant to help them find talent. The startup, which was founded in May, already has 2 paying customers.


A startup that helps clients hire talented developers with a team of coders that can help answer questions.


A platform that allows businesses to identify and hire the best talent for any job they’re hiring for.


A career search platform that helps employers find local talent.


A startup that aims to help companies find the best talent for each job. They are based in New York City.


A startup helping small businesses create their own, more profitable, online marketing campaigns. The company helps small businesses with organic content creation, on-page SEO, and paid advertising. It’s currently looking for top-level talent.


A company that tries to get people over the old corporate fence by transforming talent management into a more human experience.


A sharing platform for freelance talent that’s already helping companies like Time Inc. and MailChimp hire.


This app helps employers and candidates find each other in a process known as telecommuting. It uses the same technology that’s used to find talent at LinkedIn.


A startup for hiring talent. The company’s team was made up of former recruiters for established companies.


A platform for recruiting tech talent for local startups


A platform designed to help startups with the process of finding and hiring talent.


This startup is building a platform to help companies find and vet talent. It’s based on “The Apprentice” format, where candidates are selected by a panel of experts and then compete in a series of challenges (e.g. an improv comedy show.)


A tool for search and discovery of technical talent


A platform that matches employers and talent, allowing recruiters to tap into a large pool of candidates via social networks.


A startup that aims to help match talent with companies for remote work.


A platform for connecting local businesses with local talent at the point of need.


This startup aims to make the process of hiring software engineers easier for smaller teams, and to do so by merging multiple applicant tracking tools. The startup offers a single dashboard for recruiting, applicant tracking and talent management.


A platform that helps companies find and hire talent. The company wants to be the LinkedIn for the hiring process, allowing companies to do a search for their needs and then being able to find candidates who match the roles easily.


A startup that helps companies find and recruit talent anywhere in the world. The company says they have over 1,000 clients ranging from top Fortune 500 companies to startups to large AIs.


An HR startup that wants to help companies optimize their HR workforce by giving them a better understanding of their talent pipelines.


The startup helps recruiters from different backgrounds find the right talent to fill a job. It currently has a $1.3 million seed round, and is looking to scale after a recent push.


The startup's founders say they help companies in the $50B+ technology industry find top technical talent and make sure they spend the right amount of time and money on the right people.


A startup that wants to help companies find the best talent in the US and India, and help them hire more effectively.


A new way to hire talent in the media industry that connects companies with freelancers and connects companies with talent agencies.


A startup that uses data science to help companies find new talent. The Startup is currently working with the YC SaaS alum and YC Alumni Wayfair.


A tech-enabled market for finding and hiring high-quality freelancers. The company’s aim is to help small businesses expand their reach and have access to a more comprehensive pool of talent.


A startup that helps small businesses around the world hire employees and find talent.


A digital marketplace that links businesses with freelance talent.


Idea: A platform to help companies find exceptional talent


Idea: A startup for business to get on-demand access to human talent for things like sales, marketing, and customer service


Idea: The startup behind this idea is a marketplace for programmers to find jobs and businesses to find talented programmers


Idea: A company that wants to help businesses refine their hiring process by looking at past candidates. Specifically, they want to help companies discover talent in their town without having to go through the costly process of headhunting.


Idea: A startup that helps companies discover the talent they need. It’s the middleman that does the work of finding jobs that need to be filled.