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Taking Startup Ideas

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A data-driven tool that helps companies build better websites by looking at the user journeys they’re taking across the internet.


A rewards platform that lets people earn points for doing things with their phones, like taking a photo, following accounts and businesses, and more. Bunch can be redeemed for cash, merchandise, or travel.


A software company that makes it easier to train learning machines. The company is building an “AI-powered note taking” system for students.


A startup that helps health care workers get better at taking care of patients.


A software that automates the process of taking high-quality photos of products for online stores and catalogs


A drone that can follow you around on land and in the air, taking photos and video and providing a 360-degree view of your surroundings.


A smartphone app that helps patients help themselves. The app helps users manage their prescriptions, so they can take medications at the right time, and refill them before they run out. It also serves as a reminder to patients that they’re taking their meds, and will remind them when their prescriptions are about to expire.


A platform that helps big companies manage their supply chains, taking on the role of a middleman between suppliers, distributors and consumers.


This startup is building an online platform that gives sellers a way to sell their wares without needing to handle payment processing or risk taking customer service.


A startup that wants to let you take a selfie of yourself, and send it to a friend who’s also taking a selfie, and then you two can see each other’s faces in real time.


A second-screen app for creating, managing and distributing podcasts, taking on a market dominated by hosts. The company is also building an app for the live video market, aiming to be the first to tap into the VOD market on the cheap.


A tool to enable employers to create and manage their podcasts. The company is taking a very dry subject and making it fun, like “How to be a great manager”


A B2B company that helps property managers and agents manage rental properties by automating tasks like invoicing, collecting rent and taking care of repairs.


A startup for financial advisors to offer financial planning services to businesses, taking a commission on the fee. For instance, the advisor might charge $150 to help a company with a financial budget.


A software for financial advisors that helps them fish out bad investments and clients that are taking too much risk.


A B2B company that helps people sell their homes by taking photos, sending listings, and handling payments.


A startup that hires people to run errands for you, like getting groceries, taking out the trash, or picking up your dry cleaning


Idea: A startup that wants to help hotels automate their check-in and check-out process, using a self-check-in mobile app. They’re taking on competitors like Vogue and Rezidor.


A startup that helps companies like Amazon and Google better understand their customers. The startup is taking a deeper look at the data that companies have about customers in order to optimize their products and services.


A startup that helps American companies sell to consumers in China and other Asian markets by taking over the process of getting a Chinese partner to buy their product.


What happens when you start going to boring networking events A startup that sells tickets to events in a non-standard format, taking the pain out of organizing and selling tickets.


A company that provides a platform for businesses to build and promote their own e-commerce stores. The company acts as a clearinghouse for inventory and shipping, taking a commission on each sale, plus a minor fee for each product.


Platform that helps you build your own personal brand, including a social network to help you make connections with others. The startup is taking the “personal brand” concept to a whole new level.


This startup is building a better way to find local services. The company is taking a data-driven approach to finding services for residents in a given city and helping them find what they are looking for.


A startup that wants to help retailers and brands find new customers by taking their email lists and feeding them into an algorithm that matches them with potential customers.


PetMD is a vet-tech startup that helps pet owners with a range of services, from consulting to pet care. It has a “pet concierge” service to help owners with questions like what to feed their pets when taking them to the vet, and what food to pick up on the way home.


New York based startup that is taking the stress out of managing your own private cloud, allowing you to manage your own servers, backups, and other essential infrastructure.


A startup looking to make the world’s best desktop security software, and taking advantage of the increasing need for it as the world becomes more connected.


Taking a modern approach to the marketing automation software that companies use to manage their Facebook posts.


People are still not taking advantage of the benefits of peer to peer lending in the US, so Peervest is trying to change that through a marketplace that compares the best rates at peer to peer lenders in the US to traditional bank rates.


A startup that provides a service where you can hire someone to do grocery shopping for you but the twist is that they will only buy one of everything so you don’t have to worry about extra stuff taking up space in your fridge


This startup specializes in taking the hassle out of home security.


A tool that can be used to create “mini apps” that can be used to run tiny tasks on a business’s phone, like taking a picture with a tablet, or looking up a restaurant’s location.


A tool to help nonprofits do their fundraising. By taking in donations and giving them out to their clients in a direct, transparent manner, the startup wants to help nonprofits grow their donor bases and improve their bottom line.


A company that lets you build a personal financial plan in the cloud by taking a quiz.


A note-taking app that has a tab for the pen you’re using, making it easier to switch from pen to pen, and to save lists and sticky notes.


A company that is developing an app to help low-income families save money on their energy bills by taking advantage of the government’s Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).


This startup is building a tool that lets companies charge their employees for taking time off or for using the company’s own time. The service is meant to make work more flexible while also giving companies a way to track time.


Taking the speed and agility of the mobile web and developing a platform that can be used on any device, including desktops. The startup, which was started in 2013, is one of the few startups creating a truly mobile web application.


A startup for digital goods, taking a page out of the Apple model of selling new iPhone apps on the day of release. The startup is selling digital goods like digital photographs and videos that have already been processed.


A startup that analyzes data from email and group chat to create a visual map of how conversations are taking place within a company.


A space-saving, eco-friendly, solar-powered tent that's built with bamboo and recycled plastic. It's also waterproof, and when the time comes to move, it folds up into a waterproof bag, taking up less space than a cooler while still providing a dry, protected space for outdoor camping.


A startup that’s building a marketplace for people to buy, sell, and trade used cars, taking a commission of each transaction.


This startup’s business is taking the laborious process of logging in to a website and making it more streamlined. Sola does this by creating what it calls a “lazy login” which says, “If you’re not logged in, you don’t need to log in.” Sola has raised $500,000 in seed funding.


Taking a more “on-demand” approach to healthcare than traditional apps, with a goal of reducing cost and improving outcomes


A platform for sharing and sharing experiences, taking the “sharing economy” to a new level. Share.ly is a platform for sharing experiences. Share.ly is a platform for sharing experiences. Share.ly is a platform for sharing experiences. Share.ly is a platform for sharing experiences. Share.ly is a platform for sharing experiences.


A project of the World Economic Forum, the Global Shapers Community is the largest global network of entrepreneurs, young professionals, and innovators. The network’s purpose is to connect the global network of young professionals with the global community of entrepreneurs. The network was founded by the World Economic Forum and Swiss Re in January 2016, with the first annual Global Shaper Summit taking place in Davos, Switzerland. Over the summer of 2016, the World Economic Forum announced that it would be partnering with the Global Shapers Community to create the World Economic Forum Young Entrepreneur Council, which completed its first meeting in October 2016.


A company that aims to create a unified market for global enterprises to buy and sell global inventory. The startup is taking a basic model of eBay for sourcing global products and turning them into a full-service marketplace.


Blackbox is building a user dashboard for the design and operations of data centers, taking a “security first” approach to the process.


A mobile app that allows customers to directly order products online from brands, with the retailer taking a cut of the sale.


An AI-enabled accounting platform for the travel and hospitality industries. This startup is taking a hybrid approach, using AI to make the process more efficient, and also manually coding the interface so it’s more intuitive.


A tool that lets users convert any type of PDF into a markdown file for use with Notability, an iPad note-taking app.


A company that’s building a platform where you pay a monthly fee to use a service to manage your contractors. The startup is taking a page from the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system, which lets banks settle payments between banks.


A health insurance, retirement planning, and investment platform. The company is building a full stack product, taking everything from claims to investment management out of a user’s hands.


A startup that is taking the place of virtual assistants and is meant to be a more natural way to interact with devices.


This startup is building a tool that breaks down the complexities of taking a picture of your receipts for tax purposes, as well as breaking down the process into a series of steps. It also aims to help you automate the process.


A platform where users can earn cryptocurrency for taking surveys, answering questions, and posting content. The Maven team says they’re already making $200+ per month on the platform.


A tool to ensure that employees or students are taking the right amount of time off, based on company policies.


The company is taking a best-of-breed approach to the B2B market. They’re creating a SaaS solution that allows companies to collect and organize customer data, then use it to make better product decisions.


A company that helps food trucks get paid for food that was previously ordered but never delivered, taking the hassle out of money transfers and payments.


A company that helps small businesses get off the ground, with a library of tools that help companies with marketing, accounting, and sales. Company founders started it after seeing that many small businesses are launching on Facebook and taking on extra expenses to grow.


A app that helps you read and watch long-form content without it taking over your day.


The startup is building a service that helps companies like consumer goods companies like L’Oreal, Unilever and Nestle create products that can be customized for local tastes. The startup works with companies to create their own version of the company’s product that is customized for the consumer by taking it to market.


An API for taking pictures of your food (and health) and uploading it to the company’s platform for analysis.


A financial app for students that helps colleges accept payments directly from a student’s bank account, instead of charging fees or taking checks.


A software platform that allows businesses to build loyalty programs by taking a snapshot of a customer's loyalty points balance and automatically applying them to a product or service.


A solution for taking a photo of a damaged license plate, then automatically attaching the license plate number to that photo.


A digital insurance startup that wants to help people find doctors and medicines. The startup is taking on the large insurance companies that they say don’t always have the best interests of their customers in mind.


A startup that wants to make it easier for big brands to take photos for Instagram. They’re building a new way for brands to create Instagram content without having to go through the process of taking a photo.


A platform for students to request tutoring, with the company taking a 20% cut from tutors’ earnings.


A technology that helps lower-income people from taking out loans to pay for college


A startup that helps small businesses use their phone to do basic accounting. The company is working with complex micro-payments, inventory management, order-taking, and invoicing.


A way to help people take notes digitally, with a note taking app that also offers pro-level drawing tools.


 A platform for people to make money by taking pictures of what they’re eating. It’s faster, cheaper, and easier to use than Instagram.


The startup is building a full-stack platform to help companies manage their own internal customer service, essentially taking the customer service team out of the sales cycle.


This startup is building an on-demand platform for insurance brokers to compare rates and buy/sell policies, allowing them to integrate the service into their phone apps. The company is taking a partnership approach to selling to brokers.


Sends a reminder to a person’s phone to take a pill at a certain time, and also tracks how many pills they take. The startup is planning an update that will include an app that will help people keep track of what they’re supposed to be taking.


A startup that uses AI to tailor your work environment by taking the psychology of your job and the company you work for into account. TRACE, which launched in early 2019, has found that when you work in a “high-energy” job, your brain feels more alert and focused, but that when you’re in a “low-energy” job, your brain feels more relaxed and unfocused.


A staking platform for the cryptocurrency market


A startup that’s taking a data-driven approach to building a model of who people are and what they like. They say that if you know who you are, you’ll be able to reach more people.


A software company that aims to help people sell their used goods by taking their old goods to auction sites.


A tool for handling the note-taking process in meetings. The note-taking app helps teams organize meetings, store meeting notes, and store the notes in a database.


A platform that helps craftspeople work with brands to create custom goods, taking commissions


An iOS app by the founders of the popular Evernote business note-taking app that allows users to write and save notes on their phones.


This startup is building management software for apartment buildings, taking them from paper records to a digital management system.


A platform that helps organizations plan, take, and share notes on a computer running Linux. Comes with a desktop app and mobile app so you can do all your note-taking on the go.


A platform that enables teams to build and deploy their own software and services, taking care of all the back-end and infrastructure.


A design and development studio that says it’s “a team of designers, engineers and startups” that helps “build and manage large scale web apps”. It’s interesting to see a startup that’s taking on the very same tasks that larger companies have historically outsourced to larger consulting firms like Accenture or PwC.


This startup allows companies to book movie tickets by simply taking a screenshot of the movie’s IMDb page.


A startup that helps you reduce the risk of taking out a loan to finance your business.


A company that helps people take online surveys, with web-based software for taking surveys and reporting results.


A startup that aims to bring the convenience of Evernote-like note taking to PowerPoint presentations.


A startup that helps users with low-wage jobs to save money on food by taking advantage of quick, convenient, and inexpensive lunch options.


A software company that builds a web portal for businesses to track and manage their finances. It’s currently taking on clients, with clients like Allianz and Morgan Stanley.


A Milwaukee startup that’s building a platform to help firms like Lyft and Uber make sense of the data they’re collecting on their customers. It’s a tool for taking real-time information and turning it into data models and visualizations.


Idea: A startup that allows users to create and sell their own video courses. The service is free, and it makes money by taking a cut of any courses that users sell.


Idea: A startup that’s building a tool for online tutoring, but its focus is on the digital-first approach it’s taking: the startup sees the future of education as a lot more digital, and so it’s building a teaching platform that works with students’ tablets and phones.


Idea: A startup that connects pro developers to people looking for help building apps, with the developer taking a cut of the project.


Idea: A startup that makes it easy for US consumers to buy Mexican avocados. The company is doing this by helping consumers order avocados online, then providing a service that ships the avocados to them from Mexico, taking care of taxes and other details. It’s already working with several large grocery chains, including Costco.


Idea: A startup that wants to make shopping more convenient for consumers by personally taking pictures and videos of items on a store’s shelves, and allowing shoppers to buy the items immediately.