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Taken Startup Ideas

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A platform that helps businesses share their data and information with other businesses by sending out data feeds. The startup says it has taken in $1.5 million in funding to date.


A wearables startup that wants to help people run more efficiently and exercise better. It says its product is worn like a wristband and tracks things like steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled, and sleep.


This is a company that wants to help companies keep an eye on their employees. The company launched in late May and has already taken over $100,000 in seed funding.


A startup that helps to ensure that you’re not being cheated by local taxi drivers. The startup offers a database of pre-vetted taxi drivers, helping to ensure that you’re taken to the right place, and not taken to a dodgy place.


A startup that provides a service where people can pay to have their trash and recycling picked up and taken away


This startup wants to make it easier to get a headshot taken in an interior studio — anywhere in the world.


An eye exam app that provides a digital photo of the eye taken from a smartphone camera


A company that makes a system for keeping track of the things that need to be taken care of while you’re on vacation


A digital platform that aims to make it easier for investors to invest in start-up companies. The venture has taken in $105 million in investments so far, but it’s still looking for its first customer.


This startup is building a business that connects real estate agents with people looking to rent a room, and vice versa. It works as an escrow service for landlords and tenants, with a small fee taken by the service when a transaction completes.


The name of the service is taken from the Latin word “diaspora”, which means “dispersed” or “dissolved.” The company is building a platform for businesses to offer their customers a daily or weekly service, such as cleaning, cooking, or laundry.


A flash drive that can be taken to a kiosk and used to pay for goods.


A company that helps small restaurants and cafeterias provide food for their employees. The co-founders say they have taken on $1 million in orders in their first year.


A tool that makes it easy to work with photos taken with a smartphone


A tool that automatically scans photos for copyright infringement. The startup wants to help potential infringers to make sure their photos don’t get taken down due to false accusations.


A tool for school districts to track their student populations, including how many absences are being taken and whether those absences are needed.


This startup does a reverse image search for a person or a company, and can tell you when a photo was taken, where it was taken, and the person or company who was in the photo.


A company that sells photos taken by its users to other companies like Coca Cola, Microsoft, etc., for use in advertising.


A tool for streamlining the entire process of building a website. It aims to provide its customers with a turnkey web builder service meant to reduce the time taken to build websites with one-click tools.