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by @levelsio

Sustainable Startup Ideas

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A search engine for fashion companies to find clothes and accessories that go well together, cut for a specific body type, or are made with sustainable materials.


A startup that provides a “free and sustainable” alternative to plastic bags


A design company building a more sustainable way to build better building


A company that helps companies achieve sustainability in the workplace by encouraging sustainable procurement and waste management.


A startup that wants to build a “green” power plant designed to burn trash. They want to build sustainable power plants, using waste as fuel, and keeping energy costs low.


The company’s goal is to be the most socially responsible fashion platform on the web. “We’re like the Etsy for buying sustainable products,” says CEO Rami.


A startup for single-use disposable products, with an emphasis on the sustainable consumption habits of its users


A company that wants to “create the next generation of architecture” with “sustainable, sustainable” buildings. The company uses the idea of “architecture as a verb” to help people think about their buildings as the sum of the parts, not just the whole.


A startup for sustainable tech goods


Dedicated to helping tech companies build more sustainable products, it’s a platform for tracking products’ carbon emissions and life cycle, and helping companies figure out what to do to reduce them.


This startup wants to build a new, more sustainable way to build roads for autonomous vehicles.


A startup that connects farmers with buyers. The startup helps farmers find buyers with the goal of making agriculture more profitable and sustainable.


A startup that helps a customer create a sustainable business model, and a product that helps a company sell a sustainable product.


This startup is building a system for making food trucks more sustainable by allowing them to buy in bulk directly from suppliers.


A fashion e-commerce startup that sells affordable fashion with an emphasis on sustainable fashion.


A startup that provides a platform for farmers to manage their crops and sell produce in a more efficient and sustainable way.


A “pay as you go” media model, allowing content creators to provide a service they provide a portion of the revenue from, allowing them to build a sustainable business


A tool that enables employers to give workers a percentage of their salary for a certain period of time, allowing them to build a sustainable business.


Idea: A more sustainable and affordable apartment building for college students


Idea: A startup that connects consumers with local, sustainable food products The startup says it’s already working with over 50 local food producers, and has customers in New York City, San Francisco, and Montreal