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Style Startup Ideas

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 This startup wants to bring a lot of the Nintendo-style collectible card game experience to startups, allowing them to create teams and battle each other in person or online.


This startup is looking to bring Airbnb-style home sharing to the US.


A SaaS tool for finding and booking open-ended, immersive style tours in any city. The startup also offers a booking platform for short-term travelers and an app that lets you book tours in advance.


A tool to make managing Salesforce-style customer lists easier for small businesses.


It’s a lifestyle music service, where you can access your library from any device and listen to the music in whatever order you want. You can also pay for a subscription to get access to a wider library.


ShopStyle is a subscription-based visual merchandising platform that allows retailers to create branded shopping experiences. ShopStyle gives retailers a way to create different streaming layouts, video ads, and product displays that are tailored to each individual customer.


A startup building a Facebook-style social network for the fashion industry


A startup that offers an API for users to create their own online quiz-style tests.


A startup that helps workplace wellness with activities like yoga, personal training, team bonding, or even leaderboards for photos of employees’ healthy lifestyles.


A platform for companies to hire, manage, and engage their freelancers. They are looking to introduce a marketplace of sorts that allows companies to post and search for the service of a specific individual. They are also looking to launch a marketplace-style app for freelancers and clients to find each other.


Helping people find the right home by matching them with builders based on their budget and lifestyle.


AI-powered machine learning platform for the fashion industry that helps brands measure product fit and recommend products for different sizes and styles.


A software that creates and curates content for sponsors, styled after a magazine.


A startup that helps users book Airbnb-style rentals, which is still a very new industry in the U.S.


This startup is making lifestyle capture devices that help people remember what they’re doing and where they’ve been at all times. It’s like a Fitbit and a Misfit combined.


This startup will help people create powerpoint-style presentations with built-in live video.


A healthy, fast, and affordable way to get food delivered. It’s a millennial company, with the founders calling themselves a “health-food lifestyle brand”.


Causes that want to communicate with people on Facebook and other social media platforms can now do so through a Facebook-style private messaging platform that will allow users to send and receive messages through a growing list of apps and services. The company says the community is growing rapidly and has over 200,000 members.


A company that brings internet of things-style technology to the previously non-internet-connected, like home appliances. It’s a home monitoring hub that allows you to control things like your lights and heating from your smartphone.


A simple blogging platform for creating media in the style of Tumblr or WordPress.


A book publisher. The company plans to publish books in the style of Harry Potter, which will include a “magical” performance.


A tool that curates content from a user’s favorite publications, including news and lifestyle


A platform that helps users pick out furniture and decor that’s appropriate for their age and style.


An OS that uses Windows-style metaphors and a desktop-style interface to make it work like OSX, but with Windows-style applications.


A “next-generation” keyboard for Android that can “adapt to your preferred speed, style, and keyboard layout”


A “Call of Duty-style” shooter game that lets players earn real money playing the game.


A digital health company building a lifestyle product to help people create a healthier lifestyle.


The Social Home is a new way to think about home security. It’s a combination of a security system and a smart home that’s meant to be a “set it and forget it” lifestyle.


A news network for gay men and their allies, including news, events and lifestyle coverage.


Humanized AI, a website that walks you through how to change your habits for a healthier lifestyle.


This startup is building a platform to help journalists write better. It’s best for longer writing, and it lets you know which writing styles and topics are best for you.


A game show-style app that lets you experience NFL football as a fan in real-time.


A platform for fashion & lifestyle influencers to discover brands and get paid for sharing their style


A company that builds and maintains a digital kitchen and dining guide (think a Yelp-style app for food).


A startup that provides all-in-one software for shoppers who want to compare prices on goods. It’s an Amazon-style price-comparison engine, but with a focus on regional stores and local prices.


A startup that wants to bring Facebook Messenger-style voice calling to the desktop.


A Facebook-style messaging platform for sharing photos, videos, and live streams. The startup is only looking at the US for now, as they want to avoid the potential regulatory and legal issues in other markets.


This startup is building an app that helps you browse and buy clothes in a world where it’s hard to find a style you like. At launch, the app will feature over 1,000 brands from across the world, but the plan is to expand to everything.


A platform that helps users find and buy clothes that suit their style, based on data about their taste, body type, and more. The app is meant to complement existing fashion data from the likes of Google and Yummly.


A product that claims to help people transition from a full-time to a part-time lifestyle. It’s working with about 10 clients in the US.


A startup that wants to capture the beauty and lifestyle of cities through photography.


A system that helps people make and share lists, with the goal of creating more shared lists than the traditional email/Google Docs/etc. style of list-making.


A salesforce.com-style product that helps companies automate their sales process. The company currently has over 50 customers on the platform, and says it has made more than $1 million in sales.


A web app that helps users find the best online courses to take based on their goals, learning styles, and learning preferences.


A social network for Snapchatters, with tattoo styles and styles that can be shared with friends.


An iPad app that helps you find a matching style for your home and then shows a 3D model of your home in 360 degrees.


A startup that allows people to make local videos, and then sell them to advertisers, essentially turning them into a YouTube-style video creator.


A millennial-focused startup that wants to create a locally-sourced and craft beer-friendly alternative to “traditional” craft beers. LocalBev will work directly with a brewer to create a unique beer style, with each batch brewed on an on-site system.


A health service that allows users to monitor their health and share data, with plans to eventually tie in treatments, lifestyle changes, and other health information.


A dating app focused on people who want to date people with the same lifestyle as them, but don’t want to date someone who’s too far out of their comfort zone.


A startup that’s building a “book-making app” for creatives and writers, with a focus on lifestyle and self-improvement.


A Slack-style team chat app for small teams working together in the same office.


A group of engineers building a simple way to convert between different styles of engineering drawings.


A startup that wants to build a building management system to help buildings adapt to sharing economy demand. It monitors energy usage and billing, to help buildings adapt to the Airbnb-style short-term rental.


This is an AI-powered chatbot that will help you find the best products for your personal style.


A shopify-style e-commerce platform for online gambling.


This startup is building a platform that supports the creation of “lifestyle podcasts” by giving creators a way to get their own podcasts up and running in just a few hours.


A maker of arcade-style games for iOS, with games including “Paintball” and “Dodgeball”.


This startup says they’re building a Facebook-style news feed for people to read news stories. It’s a way to let news sources share stories without having to pay for a platform.


A software platform for high school students to build interactive, video game-style apps.


The idea behind the startup is that most companies have a “secret” culture they don’t want to share, so they hide it. It’s a way for employees to anonymously share a picture of a prospective employee’s work style and culture.


Allows users to send an eBay-style message (“buy it now”) to other users who are already selling the same item.


This startup aims to to bring a more curated experience to a site like Etsy by helping customers discover and buy items from designers based on their style and personal taste, rather than browsing a wide array of products.


A platform that helps people find a stylist to help them choose a style that fits their personality and lifestyle, while helping them find and book a stylist.


A start-up that connects farmers with CSA-style marketing platforms.


A tool for easily building and sharing custom styles for your Google Sheets. Available on Windows/Mac.


A startup that wants to use machine learning to predict the next trends in fashion. The startup uses machine learning techniques to predict everything from what style will be popular next week to what brands will be the most popular in 3 years.


A company that provides a tool that helps people find the best home care providers that match their lifestyle and needs.


A company that tracks fashion trends and provides a service to help consumers know which styles will be popular in a given season.


A startup that helps people make smart purchases based on their personal style. The app uses a proprietary algorithm to recommend items based on presented trends, using a “personality profile” to make purchases.


The startup will use AI to match individuals with the right job or career match for them. The startup will also conduct “academic-style job fairs” for employers.


A Facebook-style media sharing app for the enterprise, which it says is more efficient than the likes of Slack.


A paid subscription service for people looking to take their homes to the next level, with plans starting at $399. They want to create a “designer” lifestyle for people that want to buy a house but don’t want to do a lot of the hard work.


A startup that helps businesses make lifestyle decisions for their employees. It wants to help companies set up “lifestyle” plans for their employees, and build software for employees to make their own decisions.


Payment app and Points-style rewards platform for mobile gamers.


A digital marketing platform for lifestyle brands, creating an app for brands to manage and grow their digital presence.


A tool for recruiters and hiring managers to put together a headshot portfolio of their candidates in their own style and feel.


The goal of this startup is to use AI algorithms to combine a person’s genetic information with their lifestyle and health data to predict their risk of diseases. The company is currently in stealth mode.


A startup that helps people adopt a more plant-based lifestyle


Idea: A business that provides an experience platform for making and organizing all kinds of lifestyle plans Co-founder Dan is the former head of product at Maker’s Market, the private label division at Walmart


Idea: A B2B company that helps pull financial data from multiple sources and makes it available inside a CRM-style interface. The founders say they’ve already worked with a few dozen companies.


Idea: A text-based social network in the style of Twitter. Currently in private alpha, it lets users post text-based statuses that can be seen by other users who follow you.