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Stuff Startup Ideas

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This startup aims to help people around the world donate their excess stuff to the needy. The startup helps people donate excess stuff to those in need by finding charities that accept donations.


A platform that aims to be the Uber of errand work. The idea is that an employee can tap into the service using a smartphone, and then an app will ping them for errands that will help them get stuff done.


A platform where you can sell your used stuff to others.


A startup that provides a service where people can buy a box of random stuff for $100 and see if they can sell anything on eBay If they sell it, they get a portion of the profit If they don’


This is an online marketplace for people who want to sell their old stuff. It also wants to be a marketplace for people who want to buy used stuff.


A startup that helps people organize their stuff


A platform that lets you sell your stuff in minutes, without leaving the house. It’s currently in private beta.


A company that wants to re-create the good old days of the local neighborhood hardware store for modern consumers. They want to build a modern version of the mobile app that lets people buy and sell their stuff in a local community.


A startup that sells a service where people can sell their old stuff and have someone deliver it to a store for them


A platform that lets anyone easily create, sell, and buy stuff from Amazon, with no fees and no inventory.


A tool that helps you buy and sell stuff on Craigslist.


A startup that provides a service for people who want to sell their stuff The service will come to their home and photograph their stuff and list it on online marketplaces


A startup that lets independent creators on Amazon sell their own products Amazon already offers this feature to big businesses, but this startup lets individual sellers sell their own stuff


A startup that provides a service where you can have a professional take pictures of your possessions so that you can easily take inventory of your stuff


A payment platform for people who want to buy and sell stuff online but don’t have a bank account.


Postmates is a delivery service for local goods. Postmates is trying to build out a delivery-only service for people who have a car or bike, and don’t want to own a car or bike themselves, but don’t have anybody to give their stuff to.


A startup that allows people to buy and sell stuff with cash they don’t have. It’s a bit like the Venmo app, but for people without Venmo accounts.


A startup that sells stuff from Amazon but drops it off at your house


A way to automatically sell your old stuff on eBay, using big data to determine what you’re likely to buy again.


A platform that aims to build a “bespoke” container for goods between any two ports in the world. They’re working on building a tool to help ship companies quickly and cheaply move stuff across the ocean.


A platform that helps developers of internet of things devices get their software into the hands of end users. The startup is focused on the “Internet of Stuff”, or the internet of things — a technology that allows everyday items to be connected to the internet and have their state monitored.


A startup for people to sell stuff, and a way to help the buyers and sellers find each other. A similar marketplace exists today called eCohort, which launched in March of 2019.


A startup that lets you rent out rooms for your stuff. The startup is based in San Francisco.


 The startup wants to be a marketplace for people to sell their used stuff. Its focus is on new-to-market products, but founders say they’d be open to selling used products as well.


Subscribing to offers you can share on your Facebook feed, and then a “curated” feed of other people’s stuff you might like.


Idea: Online marketplace that allows people to rent out their unused stuff


Idea: A startup for helping companies sell stuff through Facebook and Instagram


Idea: A web app that makes it easy for people to sell the stuff they don’t want anymore. It’s an “eBay for the rest of your stuff”, meaning it’s not just for things with a high value.


A startup that provides a service for people to help them get rid of stuff they don't need


A startup that helps people find their lost stuff and get a reward if they return it