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Streamline Startup Ideas

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A tool that helps people collaborate and streamline the creation of digital content.


A New York-based startup that’s building a tool for health insurance companies to streamline claims processing and increase speed for submitting claims.


A platform that makes it easy for restaurants to streamline the food order process for both customers and their back-of-house staff.


A company that allows people to streamline financial transactions by providing a simple interface to pay bills.


A start-up that allows employers to streamline HR processes via a mobile app.


Idea: A scheduling app for hair salons, meant to streamline the process of booking appointments and also to provide a better customer experience by allowing customers to book their appointments directly through the app


A networking tool for engineers that streamlines the process of deploying and managing distributed systems.


A company that wants to streamline the hiring process for employers, letting them post jobs and give applicants a chance to respond. It’s been used by companies like Lyft and Warby Parker.


This startup is building a platform for organizations to manage and streamline their workflows, building a “digital hub” for teams.


A B2B platform that helps SMBs automate and streamline accounting


A marketing and PR automation platform that helps businesses streamline their media relations and social media efforts.


A tool that helps small businesses streamline their operations via a cloud-based tool with CRM and marketing automation. The startup wants to help companies set up their own platforms, which they claim can help save 15% to 40% of costs.


A startup solving the student loan default crisis by letting borrowers streamline the repayment process.


A startup that helps people streamline their personal finances. The startup helps users organize their finances and get a budget. They currently have $6,000 in monthly revenue.


A product that helps businesses streamline email management to be more effective, efficient and transparent.


A company that wants to help streamline buying and selling of artwork and collectibles on eBay.


The company wants to build a tool to quickly and easily streamline and automate ad campaigns across social networks.


A platform that allows businesses to streamline the design, procurement, and delivery of their supplies.


An AI-powered service that helps streamline the process of buying, selling, renting and managing a fleet of vehicles.


This startup is building an automated ERP for wholesalers and distributors to streamline operations and keep track of inventory.


A company that helps non-profits and foundations streamline their operations by using software to connect their various databases and systems.


A tool that helps HR departments streamline hiring.


A tool for running your business through a more efficient, streamlined process that gets the information you need to inform your decisions and meetings more quickly. Tailspring is a software company that helps companies set up recurring meetings and manage those meetings more efficiently.


The startup has developed a way to help employers manage their employee recruiting process and streamline subsequent onboarding. The platform allows organizations to put together a recruiter roster, create a template for their job description, and see who’s interested in the job.


A tool for using the internet to create and sell video content. It functions more like a go-between for videographers and content owners, creating a more direct, streamlined process for rights and payments.


A startup that wants to compete with the likes of Yelp and Uber with a streamlined, all-in-one platform for restaurants and small businesses. It’s a one-stop shop for everything from customer scheduling, to sales and marketing, to communication between staff and owners.


A startup that aims to help businesses streamline their SaaS efforts by making it easier to onboard customers.


A DC-based software company that wants to help members of Congress find more efficient ways of working. The company wants to help lawmakers streamline their day-to-day by helping them track and report their progress. It’s currently focused on the DC metro area.


A software company that helps financial advisers and insurance carriers streamline the process of dealing with individual clients.


A solution for companies to streamline the billing process for their customers. Avastas has signed up 20 customers in the past month, including one of the 10 largest banks in the US.


A company that provides a way for users to streamline the process of submitting and managing insurance claims.


A B2B company that provides “easy-to-use, but powerful” software that streamlines the data entry process of customer data, with plans to launch in 2020.


A software company built to help streamline the process of creating marketing messages and tracking the results. Its software can make it easier for companies to share their messages on social media, help them track how effective their marketing messages are and allow them to better understand what customers are saying about them.


A startup that works with the insurance industry to help streamline claims procedures, saving companies from having to send thousands of paper denial letters every year.


A tool for finding better vendors for the workplace, to help companies save money and streamline processes.


On-demand software for human resources (HR) teams. It automates the hiring process, removes the stress of finding the right people, and streamlines data collection and reporting for HR teams.


This startup’s business is taking the laborious process of logging in to a website and making it more streamlined. Sola does this by creating what it calls a “lazy login” which says, “If you’re not logged in, you don’t need to log in.” Sola has raised $500,000 in seed funding.


 A way to streamline the process of getting a loan for a startup (or other company in need of financing). The company provides a marketplace for financing and a loan application, with providers ranging from big banks to crowdlending sites. They’re currently in the process of raising Series A funding.


A platform to streamline the process of donating to refugee camps.


This company wants to replace the often-painful experience of filling out a tax return with a more automated process. The startup is working on a software program that will work with H&R Block’s online software to take the pain out of filing a tax return and streamline the process. The company says it has $1.5 million in monthly revenue.


A platform for B2B e-commerce companies to streamline their processes.


A tool that helps streamline managing relationships with your customers, suppliers, and partners. They’re also working with a few government agencies to help companies build better products.


A startup that helps small businesses in the US and beyond streamline their sales and HR processes, with a focus on increasing customer engagement and reducing costs.


A startup that helps employees streamline their use of corporate IT resources.


A startup that wants to build a streamlined enterprise mobile application. Its platform lets businesses choose from pre-built mobile apps or customize them from scratch. It’s built on the Salesforce Chatter API and is targeting the C-Suite.


A startup that wants to help retail businesses streamline their shipping operations. It’s working with major retailers like Walmart, Walgreens, and Kohls.


A platform to help you streamline and optimize the way you use your phone and its apps. It provides features like a dashboard to track your battery life, and a recommendation engine to help you get the most out of your phone’s capabilities.


A software product that helps companies streamline the procurement process by creating a digital dashboard that aggregates supplier performance data.


A company building a unified communications automation tool for companies to help streamline messaging and reduce paper. The product aims to make messaging easier and more effective.


A startup that helps companies sell on Amazon.com, providing tools for a more efficient and streamlined product sales process.


A startup that helps streamline the process of finding people to hire for customer service, sales, and other roles at a startup.


A company that makes a “smart” computer that can be programmed to watch for health alerts in real time. The startup wants to use the “watch” feature to alert doctors to any health issues, and then streamline the diagnostic process.


A way to streamline patient care for doctors and nurses.


A tool that streamlines how companies and governments can track and monitor their employees' data and activities through their devices.


A startup that makes the process of making a college application more streamlined and effective, by providing free tools and support to students.


A platform for meal-kit delivery designed to eliminate the “kitchen limbo” where people lose track of how much is left in the fridge and need to go buy more. It streamlines the process of sending the meal components to the client, then doing the cooking for the client and keeping track of when it needs to be delivered.


A “cloud-based platform” allowing companies to “streamline their feedback loops”. This is a relatively new startup, having only launched in February of 2019.


A way to streamline the legal process for selling patent rights.


A process that makes it easier to ship and track packages, for both consumers and businesses. They aim to use the same technology that's in most FedEx and UPS sorting centers to create a more streamlined process for businesses and delivery agencies.


The startup helps businesses streamline their operations, process payments, and cut down on errors by using AI-powered chatbots.


This startup wants to streamline the college application process by letting students manage their entire application through a single portal, with the goal of making the process easier and better for students.


A decentralized network of health and medical devices that can connect to each other to streamline health data gathering and data sharing. The network is designed to be a completely decentralized, non-profit network, and is currently in talks with the NHS.


Idea: this is a design tool to help businesses automate and streamline their customer support processes


A startup that streamlines the filing of patents and trademarks into a single, easy-to-use platform.


A platform for restaurants to streamline their entire food supply chain from farming to delivery. They’re a bit like a cross between a restaurant registry, a restaurant marketplace, and a logistics warehouse.


Idea: This startup helps restaurants streamline operations through an app that lets customers order their meals on a tablet and then pick them up at a counter inside the restaurant


Idea: A startup that helps e-commerce businesses set up an online shop and streamline their payments processing, with a focus on offering recurring billing options for SaaS businesses and subscriptions


Idea: A startup for building apps for in-store devices to streamline purchasing and inventory management


Idea: A platform for building custom apps for drug trials, allowing researchers to quickly develop and deploy apps that streamline trials.


Software that helps companies manage sales leads and streamlines the sales process. The startup wants to be a one-stop shop for sales teams who are looking for a new way to manage leads.