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Streaming Startup Ideas

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A video streaming app that lets users watch live events like concerts and sporting events.


A subscription streaming video service that’s aiming to be the Netflix of food shows, with a focus on the culinary arts. The company is currently in the business development stage.


A tool for streaming live video and building community around it. Trying to build a “Netflix for Live Video”.


An OTT platform for live streaming.


ShopStyle is a subscription-based visual merchandising platform that allows retailers to create branded shopping experiences. ShopStyle gives retailers a way to create different streaming layouts, video ads, and product displays that are tailored to each individual customer.


A simple way to track and manage the money you’re making on various streaming services, like Spotify or Grooveshark. It’s currently in stealth mode and has raised $3.1M.


A streaming TV app for college students that manages a library of TV shows.


A portfolio of music and lecture channels that are available for 24/7 streaming.


A company that will allow you to stream your favorite TV show to any TV device in your house. The company is building a platform to stream video from any streaming platform to any device, including TVs, computers, game consoles, mobile phones, tablets, and anything else that can play video.


A subscription-based music streaming service for independent musicians.


PlayIt is building a platform for streaming, gaming, and esports events, it’s a platform that allows users to create and manage tournaments in real time.


The startup is building a platform for event hosts. The app is aimed at small to medium size events, and includes features like group chat and live streaming.


A company founded by ex-Googlers that offers a platform for sharing and selling real-time video. The company is also working to provide tools for live video streaming.


A platform to simplify and enhance streaming for live music events.


 A music streaming service that doesn’t limit users to its own catalog.


A gaming and entertainment company that builds audio and video streaming MMORPGs for connected devices.


A team that says it’s building the “Netflix for video game streaming”. The startup is building a platform that allows game developers to sell their games through smart contracts that can be easily integrated into other platforms.


A way to allow people to get paid to play games. People earn money by playing games online or via streaming.


The company is creating a new model for live-streaming video, designed for companies and clients to create live broadcasts at their own pace.


A live-streaming tool meant to be used for video interviews. The company is also building a subscription-based premium service that will allow users to conduct live-streamed interviews.


In an interview with TechCrunch, the company said it was building a “mobile first,” “on-demand” fully-distributed video streaming platform.


A music streaming service that helps you better discover new artists and tracks


 A live-streaming app for the same kinds of things that Livestream does, except for video and the focus is on live events such as concerts and conferences.


A live-streaming platform, focused on video games.


A music streaming service that focuses on music discovery. Co-founded by former Rdio and Spotify engineers, the startup will offer a curated “radio” experience, as well as a social experience where users can follow artists and share what they’re listening to.


A startup that wants to build a real-time streaming video platform for the news industry. It wants to help news organizations deal with the trend of short attention spans and a shortened news cycle.


A music-streaming app that encourages users to make their own playlists.


A streaming video platform for live sports events


A music-app that wants to be the Spotify for anime fans. The startup makes deals with anime studios, streaming their music exclusively on the app.


 A blockchain-based solution for streaming Chinese TV to the world


A real-time, live-streaming video platform that lets content creators promote their content while it’s being streamed.


A $50 monthly subscription for unlimited streaming on Spotify and YouTube


A live-streaming community for teachers to share lessons and questions with the world.


Video game streaming service that helps customers play their own game against other users, using “bots” to create artificial opponents.


An on-demand movie streaming service that aims to make using video on demand (VOD) more like using a VHS tape store. The startup wants to lay the groundwork for a business model that rewards users for sharing their own videos.


A company that helps hoteliers manage their housekeepers, in much the same way that Netflix manages its streaming content.


A device that combines a smartphone and a projector into a single streaming device.


A community-based streaming platform that allows users to host live events from their homes that you can view from the website or mobile app.


Idea: A mobile game that runs in-browser for the browser-based game streaming service The startup basically wants to make a mobile game but instead of building a native iOS or Android app, it can run inside the browser and be streamed to a phone


Idea: A solution for managing a company’s video streaming infrastructure. The first product is a video player that allows companies to put videos on their website and have them work on desktops and mobile devices.


Idea: The startup has developed a way for people to share live video with each other while also seeing what others are seeing in real-time. It’s an app where viewers can see what’s happening, but the creator of the video is in control of what they see. It’s modeled a bit like Instagram Stories, but the app wants to become a hub for live video streaming.


Idea: A startup that wants to build a “Netflix for e-sports” video-game streaming platform. It says it’s currently been in beta for a year and has 10,000 users.


Idea: A live-streaming service for Facebook and Instagram. The startup wants to make it easier for people to livestream events and add social features like polls and Q&As.