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Strategy Startup Ideas

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A startup that helps nonprofits build a social media strategy for their causes


A small business marketing strategy and planning tool that lets small businesses measure their marketing performance across all channels. It started by focusing on social media and has expanded to include web traffic and content marketing, email marketing, and paid search.


An agency that helps organizations “build agile teams, identify and craft the right growth strategy, and build the right retention and customer experience programs.”


A startup that helps companies with their digital marketing strategy, with a focus on mobile.


A startup that helps retailers figure out their pricing strategy for product SKUs. It takes their data on price points, sales, and margin and works out what to charge with an algorithm.


A startup that builds a developer toolkit for chatbots, which also helps businesses to better establish their chatbot strategy.


This company wants to teach people how to be a good entrepreneur. The company’s founder is Anand Rajaraman, who ran a business development and strategy practice at Amazon and Google for more than a decade.


A platform that helps small business owners and startups collaborate on marketing strategy and execute their marketing campaigns with greater efficiency.


A tool meant to help companies create and execute a mobile marketing strategy.


A content marketing startup that wants to make customers more aware of their own credit card data. The company’s strategy is to make the customer’s credit card data more transparent by showing customers a breakdown of their expenses and a way to lower them.


A startup that helps companies who don't have a clear strategy for their data, or whose data sets are too big, make sense of it.


A value-added reseller that helps small businesses with their marketing strategy. The startup aims to help small businesses that don’t have marketing budgets.


Helps companies manage their customer relationships, including payments, strategy, and communication.


A personalized video strategy for people with diabetes, including training and materials. The company is looking to build a community of users to help them monetize the platform.


A mobile app and web-based platform that simplifies the process of building and managing a digital strategy for marketing and sales.


A startup that helps businesses find tactics to help them engage with their customers through social media. The company has built a database of over 200,000 customers that it uses to get a sense of emerging trends and social media strategy.


A SaaS company that helps brands build a digital commerce strategy with a focus on maximizing efficiency, revenue, and ROI.


A game of strategy that’s similar to the popular board game of the same name, but with all of the complex rules of video games. Players will compete to collect the most points by trading, farming, and battling each other.


A startup that offers digital marketing, tools to help optimize existing channels, and help with marketing strategy.


A web-based version of the popular strategy game “The Settlers of Catan”.


A tool for managing your business’s mobile strategy, whether that’s using your phone to order food, barcode scanning inventory and tracking sales, or conducting business from your phone.


A startup that helps retailers and brands create a more targeted and personalized marketing strategy.


A marketing platform for small businesses looking to grow, pitch, and manage their marketing strategy. It’s a place where they can manage their marketing campaigns, track their goals, and see their progress in a dashboard.


A data strategy toolkit for teams at different stages of product development.


For companies that have been around for a long time, a digital strategy is often easier said than done. But a new startup called Dacora is looking to make sure these companies can maintain their digital presence for as long as their business does.


Idea: A startup designed to help businesses with their strategy, marketing, and organization. It’s currently free to use.


Cloud strategy and migration software